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Minutes: The One with Gaetan’s Report (06/05/2013)

June 6, 2013
Invocation – Jill Van Allen
Flag Salute – Karen Kawaguchi
Raffle – Dana Goba brought a pizza  kit, David Velarde won

Visiting Rotarians – Gil Garcia
Guests of Rotarians – Eddie Torres, Daniel Ramirez, Lisa Burns, Ukraine Sister City visitors, Jean Lee Bourdron, Luc Kaffman, Clare Holehouse, Pauline Simes

Club Announcements

  • The Land Shark trip was great!
  • Art Walk – Chris Tucker brought handouts for the 1st Thursday event in June. Garden Court will be participating. The international premiere of the Senior Life Legacies project will be at the event.  The project will also be brought to our next club meeting.
  • Nicaragua –  A trip is being planned in September. Let Janet Napier know if you are interested in joining the trip.
  • Fiddlers’ Planning Committee – Meeting tomorrow at the MTD office. Please come. Ask Andy Doer if you have any questions.
  • Rotary is scheduled – Betsy Munroe informed members that July 3 will be a dark day for the Rotary club.
  • June 18 Fireside Chat – It for for new members to learn more about the club. New members and experienced members are invited to attend.  It’s a place to get more information and ask questions.  Please see David Vo for more information.
  • Ukraine delegation for open road – They arrived in Santa Barbara on June 1. They are hosted by the Santa Barbara Sister Cities Board. Katarina explained it is a 10-day visit to build better cooperation,  mutual understanding and new partnerships. There are 5 delegates who work in various fields (e.g. law, hospitality, journalism, professor). They are from Yalta, Ukraine.
  • It is national gingerbread day.

Program: Gaetan 

  • Our exchange student from Belgium.
  • He attended Santa Barbara High School as a senior
  • A country with rich cultural heritage
  • It has a high GDP
  • Belgium  is at the heart of international decision making
  • NATO’s home city
  • Dedicated to science and technology
  • The highest number of medicines in development per capita in the world
  • Second largest exporter of pharmaceuticals
Minutes submitted by Susan Klein-Rothschild
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