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Minutes: The One with All the Thank Yous (06/12/2013)

June 14, 2013

President David Velarde called the meeting to order.

Invocation: Gary Jensen
Pledge: Susan Klein-Rothschild
Raffle: Graham Guess brought a gift certificate to C’est Cheese

Guests: Le Andra Harris, Ashley Bordelon, Elijah Roselinsky, Austin Escobado, Joseph Lopez, Boris Alves, Mickey Sobel, Brad Hardison, Berta Martinez, Eddie Torres, Alexis Hernandez, Carol Guess

Visting Rotarians: Joe Clark, Kathleen Blake


Most Likely Our Final El Puente Student Of The Month Alexis Hernandez

  • Fireside chat on Tuesday, June 18. It will be at 6 PM at Luz Maria Ortiz-Smith and E. Russell Smith’s home.
  • June 29 district awards at Radisson in Santa Maria at 6 PM.
  • David Velarde, Lucille Ramirez and Eddie Torres presented the final El Puente student of the month award to Alexis Hernandez. He’s heading to Santa Barbara High School as a freshman. El Puente closed its doors June 7 after serving the community for more than 30 years. Eddie wants to thank the community for its contributions.
  • Diana Cecala and Chris Tucker celebrated the completion of the Life Stories project, a collaboration between SBCC, Garden Court, the Guardian Scholars, and Rotary. The team completed 16 senior citizen interview videos, capturing more than 10 hours of interviews. Thank you to Jeff Boehm for his help with the technology. Stories covered walking wight Martin Luther King, being an Angels baseball player, the first Spirit of Fiesta, war veterans and more. The families are also grateful for having these stories documented. They plan for this to become a tradition for new residents at Garden Court. Find the videos on YouTube. Search for gardencourtlegacies. Susan Klein-Rothschild presented each of the SBCC Guardian Scholar students with a thank you gift.
  • Happy birthday to Mickey, Amy Clemens and Elizabeth Werhane. There was excellent singing.
  • David Velarde honored Eric Ryan and Ed Fleming with 5-year anniversary awards. He honored Bob McPhillips with a 10-year anniversary pin, although he originally joined in 1990. Janet Napier’s 20-year anniversary for the club was also celebrated. Sandy Grasso-Boyd has been in the club for 20 years. Bill Ringer and Burt C. would have received honors if they were here.
  • David Velarde honored Andy Doerr with a Paul Harris Fellow +1 for his service.

Thank you to:

  • Sandra O’Meara and Darren Doi for serving as treasurers.
  • Darren, Andy, Judith and Steve for serving as program chairs
  • Liz Werhane for being Club Service Director.
  • Bill Abel for photography
  • Tom Putnam, Tim Durnin and Brooke Sawyer for room setup and attendance
  • Karen Kawaguchi for managing Club Runner, Facebook and all the other things she does in support of the club
  • Jeff Boehm and Julie Joy Stilwell for managing the rendezvous schedule
  • Susan Klein-Rothschild for serving as Community Service Director.
  • Luz Maria Ortiz-Smith, Dana Goba and Janet Napier for helping create the dental clinics
  • Bill Boyd and Mark Rheinhardt for managing the Elings Park work day.
  • Sandy Grasso-Boyd, Chris Tucker, Diana Cecala, Jeff Boehm for the Life Stories project.
  • Don Bennett for Salvation Army bell ringing.
  • Tom Heath for our partnership with the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County and Camp Whittier.
  • E. Russell Smith, Kimberly Coley, Karen Kawaguchi for their service on the Community Service committee.
  • Mark Rheinhardt for serving as International Service Director.
  • Karen Kawaguchi, Bill Boyd, Sandy Grasso-Boyd, Tom Heath, Connard Hogan, Janet Napier, Bill Ringer, Luz Maria Ortiz-Smith, E. Russell Smith, Colin Stephens and Bill Abel for serving on the International Service committee.
  • David Vo for serving as Membership Director, and helping bring in 6 new members.
  • All the members of the membership committee, which is every club member.
  • New member mentors.
  • Chris Tucker for serving as New Generations Director.
  • Sandy Grasso-Boyd, Lucille Ramirez, E. Russell Smith, Scott Burns, Susan Klein-Rothschild, Gary Jensen, Karen Kawaguchi, David Vo, Jeff Boehm for serving on the New Generations Committee.
  • Jill Van Allen for serving as PR Director.
  • Everyone for doing interesting work so that Jill had something to talk about.
  • Karen Kawaguchi for posting content to Club Runner.
  • Bill Abel for photography.
  • Scott Johnson for serving as Vocational Service Director.
  • Gary Jensen, Lucille Ramirez and Andrew Chung for the vocational program.
  • Steve Kally for hosting a vocational mixer.
  • Joe Weiland for serving as vice president and Foundation liaison.
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