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The “He Wasn’t There” One (06/26/2013)

June 29, 2013

Invocation: Gary Jensen
Pledge: Betsy Munroe

Visiting Rotarians: Jim Munroe, Joe Clark, Charlie Mitchell,Barry Enticknap, Walt Stephens,

Guests: Pam Enticknap, Brian Slattery, John Reed, Michelle Velarde


  • Volunteer at the Goleta Fireworks Festival. Talk to Walt Stephens.
  • Maurice Moreno and Kimberly Coley received their blue membership badges.
  • President David Velarde inducted Joe Clark into the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise. Membership Chair David Vo gave Joe his new member kit. Darren Doi will be Joe Clark’s mentor. Joe said our club is a good fit for his energy and interests. Real happiness is helping others.
  • Jim Ruh announced the ad hoc fundraising committee will meet for 5 minutes after the step down.
  • Chaos ensued, also know as David Velarde’s stepdown, also known as “No Rotary Club for Old Men.”
  • Past past president Joe Weiland passed the past president pin to David Velarde. David Velarde presented the president pin to Betsy Munroe. Betsy Munroe passed the president elect pin to Dana Goba.
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