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Rendezvous Survey Results

July 11, 2013

So the results are in and all that is certain is that there is no clear consensus, just some noticeable, but not overwhelming patterns. Forty one surveys were returned and both the raw numbers and percentages are contained below. What seems apparent is that 51% of the group reported very little or no attendance at the Rendezvous meetings over the past year and 46% reported low personal interest in Rendezvous.  The group was pretty evenly divided about Tuesday or Thursday night and the largest number of people 49% preferred to have the Rendezvous offered only once a month. There were a significant number of people (29%)  who wanted to keep the meetings once a week, but those same people clearly had not  reported attending Rendezvous regularly this year so maybe they were reporting what should be in place as an option for others.  Which leaves us with the question, do we want to do the work of organizing and maintaining Rendezvous meetings based on the small number of those who actually support those get-togethers with their attendance  or the larger number who report a purely theoretical support but do not attend? Good question for President Betsy and her Board.

Results:  N (Total)  = 41  Note: %’s may not goal 100 due to rounding.  Responses for each question may not total 41 because some people left questions blank and/or supplied their own new responses.

1. How often did you attend the week night rendezvous during the past year?  a) At least twice a month 3 (7%);  b) Once a month 2 (5%); c) 3-6 times/yr 16 (39%); d) 0-2 times all year  21 (51%)

2. How would you rate your personal interest level in Rendezvous get-togethers?  a)High 9 (22%);                   b) Medium 13 (32%)  c) Low 19 (46%)

3. Which night is better if you were to go?  a) Tuesday 14 (34%)  b) Thursday 16 (40%)                                         c) Either night 7 (17%)

4. How often should we try to hold a rendezvous night? a) 1/wk 12 (29%)  b) 1/month 20 (49%) c) Quarterly  3 (7%)   d) Drop meetings 1 (2%)  e) Twice a month 4 (10%)

Diana Cecala, Chair, Club Services Committee                                                                                                                    Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise

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