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Minutes: Duran was pre-med and got a kick in the head (07/17/2013)

July 18, 2013

Greeters: Gillian Amery/Joanne Schoenfeld
​Invocation:  Diana Cecala
​Flag Salute:  David Velarde
​Raffle: Susan Klein-Rothschild brought a $50 gift certificate to Fresco North

Visiting Rotarians: Lee Hoffman

​Guests of Rotarians: Geoff Rue

​President’s Announcements:​

  • ​Reminder to the Board members, a quick stand-up meeting will be conducted after the regular meeting today.
  • ​Nominations for District Governor for the year 2016-17 are currently being taken. The candidate needs to have Board approval prior to submitting their application. Application needs to be submitted to Wade Nomura no later than 10/1/13. If you are interested in putting 30,000 miles on your car and having an experience of a lifetime, let Betsy know. She will get you more information and the application. Plus, we have Past DG’s Luz Maria and Joe Clark who are good consultants.
  • ​News from the Group 8 Presidents meeting. The Fiesta Float will be a sailing ship. Walt will need volunteers who are good with hammers and nails starting 7/22. Volunteers are needed to put flowers on the float on 8/1, at the Carriage Museum. Bring gloves and dress warm. More details to follow.
  • The 5240 District Membership/PR/Foundation Seminars took place in Goleta this past weekend. As always, it was well attended by Sunrise:  Luz Maria Ortiz-Smith and Janet Napier were speakers. Dana Goba, David Velarde, Claude Saks, Fred Gaeden, Scott Burns, and Betsy Munroe attended.
  • Betsy learned: The Gates Foundation has posed a second match to Rotary to eradicate polio. For every $35M Rotary raises, The Gates Foundation will match 2 to 1, so they’ll match our $35M with $70M. They will do this over a 5-year period and has a total potential of $525M over the next 5 years (between Rotary/Gates contributions). So there is a big push for donations to the Polio program this year, you will hear about this later. Rotary International hopes to announce at the end of this year that polio has been eradicated, but they must keep watch/keep vaccinating for five years.
  • Other dates/locations: July 20 Thousand Oaks/Aug. 10 San Luis Obispo/Aug. 24 Bakersfield) (register in advance on the website (
  • Jill Van Allen has turned in her resignation as of 7/15 from Rotary due to personal commitments. She’s open to volunteering at events if time permits. We thank Jill for her service to Sunrise.
  • Brooks is looking for someone who is interested in being his backup should he not be at a meeting. Is anyone interested in learning to become the attendance taker and badge manager?
  • Did everyone get a new Rotary theme pin and fine card? Sgt. at arms Bob McPhillips passed them out.
  • Diana Cecala: what did the rendezvous survey tell us? is there a rendezvous this week? There is a small group of people who like rendezvous and continue to go. Those who are enthusiastic about it may set up a monthly rendezvous.
  • Andy Doerr announced that there will be a Fiddlers’ Convention planning meeting on Thursday at 5 PM at the Stow House. They will look at the changes to the grounds. They need a storage facility by August 1. Supplies include things like tables and banners, and they are currently stored in a past member’s facility.
  • Don Bennett announced that the second Sunday in August at 2 PM, the prime time band will perform at the Stow House.
  • Joanne Schoenfeld Orenstein announced the Venoco adventure. Rotarians can go see the seeps on September 14 for $5.
  • Tom Heath announced that the int’l committee met and discussed the trip to Nicaragua. About 10 people will be going. All club members are welcome. He highly recommends it. A physician is joining the trip. They are donating medical supplies, conducting trainings, fixing up two medical clinics, and meeting with government officials about the upcoming water project.
  • Jody Dolan Holehouse thanked the members of the foundation committee for the past two years.
  • Scott Burns brought Fiesta brochures and encourages people to enjoy all the Fiesta fun. Next week’s program will be the Spirit of Fiesta. Also, the first spirit of fiesta, who lives at Garden Court, also plans to join us.
  • Getting to know you:
  • Rotary Minute:  Ed Fleming read about the first Rotary president, Paul Harris, who served two terms.
  • Getting To Know You: Ed Beisser was in choir, student government, and played tennis, surfed, wrestling.
  • Raffle results: Sandra O’Meara won.

Program: Member craft talks.
Jacqueline Duran:

  • She works with Merrill Lynch MGD group.
  • Her family makes her who she is. She has a husband, Alex, and her two kids, Henry and Katie. They will perform during Fiesta. The kids, both under 5 years old, are signed up for about 20 shows.
  • She met her husband in capoeira. They got to know the Brazilian community in Santa Barbara.
  • She went to UC Santa Barbara and studied pre-med. She worked at Cottage Hospital for two years. Then she decided to explore business and finance, which became her true passion.
  • She is originally from Mexico City. She moved to Santa Barbara with her family when she was 12.
  • She has traveled to Germany, England, Spain, France and Italy.
  • Bucket list: She wants to contribute more to international service activities. She wants to go to other Latin countries.
  • Alex is in business development, working with startup companies that create cancer and diabetes drugs.
  • Jacqueline grew up with someone who had polio, and that is a huge part of the reason she is here.

Betsy Munroe:

  • Raised in Andover, MA, which is known for Phillips Academy.
  • She grew up on a farm. Her grandfather was a veterinarian. The area has since been developed.
  • She attended Katherine Gibbs secretarial school. They had to wear hats and white gloves. Their hems had to be a certain length. They were trained to be proper ladies.
  • First job was working for airline industry lobbyists in Washington DC. Her sister worked in the White House. They marched with Peter, Paul and Mary.
  • She received her bachelor’s degree in business management from Leslie College in Cambridge, and began a master’s program in health care management.
  • She worked for a publishing house in Boston. It was fascinating to learn how a book is put together.
  • She went to her sister’s wedding in Hawai’i — and then stayed there for three years. That’s where she met her husband, JIm. They were friends first, and 22 years later they were married.
  • In Hawai’i, she worked for a company building the rail system in Oahu. It was not approved by the people.
  • She worked for Disney in Burbank in the Disney Development Corporation. They wanted to redo Anaheim like Epcot. THey were looking to build another theme park in Long Beach. She reported to Michael Eisner, who was a great visionary, but not a great manager. “It was an interesting experience.”
  • She went on a seven-month trip around the country, also including parts of Canada and Mexico, with Jim. “Texas is a very long state if you’re waiting for the right question — that never came.”
  • They moved back to Hawai’i. They got married on his 50th birthday in Alexandria, VA. They have been married nearly 20 years.
  • “I’m going to be sleeping with a 70-year-old man soon, which just horrifies me.”
  • As a token of our appreciation, it is the Club’s practice to donate 15 dictionaries to local 3rd graders in the speaker’s honor.
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