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Minutes: A District Governor Chance and a Fiesta Dance (07/24/2013)

July 28, 2013

Greeters:  E. Russell Smith, Diana Cecala
Invocation:  E. Russell Smith
Flag Salute:  Bill Abel
Raffle:  Sandra O’Meara brought a gift certificate to Los Arroyos restaurant. Tara Stoker was the winner

Visiting Rotarians:  None
Guests:  Mother of the Spirit of Fiesta and the Spirit of Fiesta, Corey Jimenez; Pat Hardy


  • Nominations for District Governor for 2016/2017 – Nominations are being taken now.  Please let Betsy know if you are interested.
  • The Fiesta Float will be a Spanish ship that bought Cabrillo to the Santa Barbara Channel. They will begin work soon, especially with good carpentry skills at the Carriage Museum.  We will also need assistance with painting and flowers.  Assistance is needed every night this week.
  • Show and Tell from Vocational Service.  Tom Putnam is looking for any Rotarian who has a hobby who would be willing to share it with membership.  The Rotarian will be given about 15 minutes to present to the club.
  • Thanks for resolving storage needs! Gary Jensen, Bill Abel, Bill Boyd, Andy Doerr, and Tom Heath helped develop a plan to move storage into a container and keep the container at Tom’s.
  • Back-up for Brooke Sawyer: Brooke is looking for a back-up to do badges and attendance.  We are hoping that one or two people will come forward.
  • Reminder to Board members: There is a Board meeting tomorrow at Betsy’s home.
  • Oil seeps tour – We have been invited to tour by Veneco on September 14.  A geologist will be on board.  It is 8 – 10 AM.  Sign-ups are through Joanne Schoenfeld.
  • District Recognition: David Velarde made a special recognition for Karen Kawaguchi who has given in all avenues of service.  Karen’s service has been extensive and beyond this scribe’s ability to type fast enough!

Program: Spirit of Fiesta, Corey Jimenez

  • Corey is 18 years old and she just graduated from San Marcos High School.
  • It was a difficult and challenging process to become the Spirit.
  • It was her third attempt to achieve this goal.  It is a dream come true for Corey.
  • Corey will attend SBCC in the fall and she hopes to apply for the nursing school.  She is particularly interested in pediatrics.
  • The selection process includes interview and dance portions.  The dance portion is about 70% of the selection process.
  • Corey began flamenco dancing when she was 7 years old.  She practices about 3 hours daily preparing for Fiesta.
  • Corey has met and will dance with the very first Spirit of Fiesta tomorrow.  They have been sharing stories.
  • All of Corey’s shoes and accessories are ordered from Spain.
  •  There are many flamenco dance studios in Santa Barbara.

Submitted by Susan Klein-Rothschild

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