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Minutes: A Dangerous Site and an Historic Light (07/31/13)

August 2, 2013

​Invocation:  Connard Hogan
​Flag Salute: If you remember, say who it was in the comments for 2 points.
​Raffle: Claude Saks brought 2 bottles of wine, cheese and a wine carrier

Guests: Tyler Clemens, Pat Hardy, Geoff Rue, Greg Gorga

President’s Announcements:

  • ​PRLS (Potential Rotary Leaders Seminars) classes are now going on.  Find the schedule and registration form on each table or go to to see schedule/locations/driving directions.  I would encourage all those who haven’t attended to attend the basic PRLS. Find the district schedule here. Reminder: The Club pays for your fee, it’s a great resource.
  • Bill Abel announced that the Fiesta float sailing ship is in progress. Walt Stephens will need volunteers to put flowers on the float on Thursday, 8/1, 6:30 PM at the Carriage Museum. Wear clothes that can get dirty. Bring gloves and pruning sheers.  ​
  • Brooke Sawyer has found a backup for helping with badges/attendance. Karen Kawaguchi has graciously offered to help. Thanks Karen!
  • Joanne Schoenfeld Orenstein announced next week’s program: The  marriage program featuring Darren Doi, Jeff Boehm, Elizabeth Werhane and their fiances. If you would like to share wedding photos, please bring one to display.
  • Diana Cecala announced the holiday party chairs: Kimberly Coley and Amy Clemens. Members were asked to complete the holiday party survey on the table.
  • Jeff Boehm published the first SB Community Builders Book. Copies are available on the tables.
  • Bill Abel said the storage container will soon be delivered to Tom Heath’s space. We need people to help move materials into the new space this weekend — even people who will do it and don’t want to. They may need some shelving for inside the container. Please contact Bill Abel or Gary Jensen to offer your time. Bonus points if you have a truck.
  • Betsy Munroe asked members to please take their weekly assignments/duties seriously. When you get an email from Diana Cecala, please respond to her to confirm your availability as soon as you can. Remember, it’s your responsibility (not Diana’s) to find a substitute if you cannot do the assignment.
  • Betsy Munroe asked Bob McPhillips a question:  Did he shimmy up the greased obelisk structure in the square of the Naval Academy? Bob said that to get to your youngster year, you have to climb up the obelisk and grab the dixie cup. And yes. Yes he did.
  • Getting to Know You question starring Tim Durnin: What would his other career be? A Catholic Priest if he could be married and have kids or an attorney.
  • Rotary Minute: Jacqueline Duran read the Rotary Minute about The Rotary Foundation.
  • Raffle winner is Don Bennett.
  • Mark Reinhardt presented to the RC of Carpinteria about the City of Children.
  • ​Pay and Tell with Sergeant at Arms Bob McPhillips.

Program:  Joanne Schoenfeld Orenstein introduced Greg Gorga, who shared the story of the lighthouse at Point Conception.

  • The largest disaster in U.S. Naval history during peace time happened near Point Conception, sinking 7 destroyers.  You have warm water going through the Channel and cool water coming down from the north. It makes the point messy. The ocean gets so tumultuous that it will come up and hit the lighthouse.There’s rough water and wind.
  • The Point Conception lighthouse could send light 24 miles out to sea. It was lit on February 1,1856.  There were 3 full-time lighthouse keepers and 1 foghorn manager.
  • In 2000, the main light was decommissioned and replaced by a smaller, more efficient light.
  • The lighthouse is deteriorating and being vandalized, because of and despite its remote location.
  • The former Fresnel lens (designed by August-Jean Fresnel) moved to the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum! The Fresnel technology is still used today in other lights — like brake lights, stage lights, etc. The museum will also be getting the fog horn.
  • The public was able to observe the 6 weeks of lens restoration from June 3 to July 6. Jim Woodward was the main lampist.
  • The museum is looking for people to donate to the new exhibit and become “Keepers of the Light.”
  • The lighthouse has not been open to the public. It is a national registered landmark.
  • The U.S. Gov’t thought it had purchased the land from Carrillo, but it did not purchase it until the 1880s. The government has the land on a long-term lease from the Hollister family. The Coast Guard is transferring that property to the Air Force.
  • There are 48 bronze panels in the lens. It is 17 feet tall and 6 feet wide.
  • Today the lens is valued at over $1 million. There are 624 pieces of glass.
  • The light made 1 turn every 8 minutes, sending a 2-second flash of light every 30 seconds. This was the lighthouse’s signature signal.
  • It was not electrified until 1948. At that point, the light range went from 24 to 15 miles. It was automated in 1973.
  • 1.35 million candlepower.
  • “We do want to be able to turn it because that’s pretty cool.” Greg Gorga
  • The exhibit will open September 21.
  • The museum also just opened the Jack London photo exhibit.
  • It is our practice to donate 15 dictionaries to local 3rd graders in honor of our speaker.

Next Week’s Program:  Love & Marriage, a fun program as 3 of our members get hitched this year.

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