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Holiday Party Survey Results

August 5, 2013

So the results are in and there are some noticeable patterns along with the usual individual outliers. Thirty two (32) surveys were returned and both the raw numbers and percentages are contained below.  Many of the commenters stressed they would prefer having the party at someone’s home, but Ennisbrook was a lovely alternative.  The only suggestions were that there were not enough seats last year and the club was difficult to find.

Results:  N (Total)  = 32  Note: %’s may not goal 100 due to rounding.  Responses for each question may not total 32 because some people left questions blank and/or supplied their own new responses.

1. Did you go to the Holiday Party last year? a) Yes 20 (63%) ;  b) No 11 (34%)

2. How would you rate the Ennisbrook Club venue? a) Excellent 14 (44%); b) Good 11 (22%) c) Fair None     d) Unsatisfactory  None

3.  Simpler, cheaper meal or more expensive full sit-down dinner? a)Simpler 19 (59%) b) Dinner 12 (38%) But the comments indicated that even the voters who chose the simpler option would prefer a simple, buffet dinner to finger food and apps. If that is not possible they want heavy apps. The frequent comment was for ample, plentiful food. They want this to be their meal for the night.

4) Price Point  a) 35$  6 (19%);  b) $50  14 (44%);  c)$60 6 (19%);  d) $75  5 (16%)

Other comments mentioned that interaction was very important so the singing and the gift swap worked well. It is critical to have enough seats so everyone can sit down if they want. A number of people mentioned they felt it was always nicer to be in someone’s home if possible, because there is more intimacy there.

Suggestions for venues included Cafe Stella, SB Club, University Club, Glen Annie, Women’s Club, SB Yacht Club, Adobe (free to non-profits) and the Cabrillo Pavilion.

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