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Minutes: Sweethearts and Love Smarts (08/07/2013)

August 10, 2013

​Invocation:  Steve Kally
​Flag Salute:  Chris Baxter
​Raffle: Ken Beisser brought a $50 gift certificate to Los Arroyos. Thanks, Ken!

Visiting Rotarians: None
​Guests: Boris Alves, Jessica Fougere, Ted Deck, Fabio Barao, Leah Cobb, Pat Hardy, Levi Palencia, Mike Jordan

​President’s Announcements:

  • Fabio brought a Rotary banner from the Rotary Club de Olimpia from Sao Paulo Brazil.
  • ​Thank you to all who worked on the Fiesta Float.
  • ​Thank you to all who worked on moving the stuff from the storage unit to the container, especially including Gary Jensen and Bill Boyd, who organized this, and Tom Heath for allowing us to store the container on his property. Worker bees:  Gary Jensen, Mark Reinhardt, Bill Boyd, Bill Abel, Ed Flemming, Ken Beisser, Dana Goba, Eirik Holm, Levi Palencia, Boris Alves, Andy Doerr and his son Ryland, Chris Baxter, Karen Kawaguchi, and Connard Hogan.
  • There was an email sent to membership regarding a trip to West Africa 10/15-24 to participate in a polio immunization exercise and attend a West African Project Fair.  For more info, see the email and attachment or go to
  • ​August Anniversaries:  Scott Johnson and Chris Baxter
  • August Birthdays:  Colin Stephens, Gillian Amery, Scott Johnson, Don Bennett, Joe Weiland, and Chris Baxter. 
  • President Betsy Munroe may miss some upcoming meetings because she received a jury summons.
  • The club Board has a brief stand-up meeting immediately after the regular meeting.
  • Darren Doi and Steve Kally presented the results from the May golf tournament. Historically, it was easier to raise money when the club hosted the golf tournament during Fiesta. Thank you to all the sponsors and volunteers! Darren and Steve presented a $12,500 check to the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise Foundation. On a related note, the ad hoc fundraising committee is looking at the golf tournament to determine if we have it in 2014.
  • Janet Napier announced that the new Club Foundation Board met for the first time this year on 8/6. The new officers: Janet Napier, president; Sandy Grasso Boyd, secretary; Andy Doerr, treasurer; Bob McPhillips, bookkeeping.
  • Tom Heath reminded the club that a group will go to Nicaragua on August 30. It’s not too late to join the trip. Everyone who reported having gone on an international service trip with this club agreed that it’s worthwhile.
  • Betsy asked Darren, “What happened in the desert this past week during your bachelor party?” Supposedly he played golf in 108-degree weather and sat by the pool.
  • Duties for next week. Greeters: Don Bennett and Joe Clark;  Flag:  Jeff Boehm; Invocation:  Darren Doi;  Raffle:  Gillian Amery;  Sgt. at Arms: Tom Heath
  • Getting To Know You: Betsy asked Joanne Schoenfeld Orenstein, “What was your best or least favorite class subject in college?” In high school, her most horrible class was Spanish. Her favorite college courses were history.
  • Darren Doi read the Rotary Minute about the Rotary emblem.
  • Raffle: Bill Able won.
  • Betsy Munroe shared stories of industrial espionage in the golf ball industry.
  • ​Pay and Tell with Sergeant at Arms Tom Heath.
  • Steve Boehm celebrates his 30th anniversary!!!

​​Program:Joanne Schoenfeld Orenstein introduced our love and marriage program, including engaged members, Darren Doi, Jeff Boehm and Elizabeth Werhane.

But first, the ukelele group performed “Going to the Chapel.” It was upbeat, charming and got everyone singing — except that one guy.

  • Elizabeth Werhane introduced Boris Alves. She was too busy talking about how great he is to take notes about it at the same time. They will be married September 14.
  • Darren Doi introduced Leah Cobb. Darren and Leah met when she was working at Cal Coastal and he had to pick something up, which led to more than an hour or chatting. It all started with a paper jam, and it may have been on purpose. They’ve been together about 5 years. The wedding will be August 24 at Glen Annie.  In November, they’ll go to Costa Rica for their honeymoon. Leah saw a Rotary-sponsored park in the Cook Islands and thought it was pretty cool.
  • Jeff Boehm introduced Ashely Doubleday, although she was not able to be present. Before he met her, he wasn’t sure he could find someone he wanted to be with for the rest of his life. He agrees with his grandfather that who you marry is the most important decision in your life. She has four jobs — two nanny jobs (one for 18-month-old twins) and two bookkeeping jobs. One job is including working with his aunt and uncle, and they met at a pool party. One of her great great (maybe another great) grandfathers invented the baseball diamond. They will be married October 5.

The club members then shared advice from their many years of marriage, which was so good it’s being posted as a separate article.

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