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Minutes: Welcome Geoff and Pat, We’re Glad about That (08/21/2013)

August 23, 2013

​Invocation:  Tim Durnin
​Flag Salute:  Gary Jensen
​Raffle:  Jeff Boehm brought 2 bottles of wine and a bag of kettle corn.

​Guests: Pat Hardy, Geoff Rue, John Reed, Julia Parker


  • Betsy Munroe inducted Patricia Hardy and Geoff Rue with the help of Gillian Amery and Claude Saks. Both are former Rotarians.
  • ​Reminder about the annual District 5240 Conference that is coming up on Oct. 18-20 in beautiful San Luis Obispo. A notice is on each table.  The best place to go for info/registration is Click on “2013 District Conference” link where you can get info about the agenda, speakers and optional activities. You can go up for a day or overnight – Sunrise will pay for your registration. Luz Maria Ortiz Smith and David Velarde will be speaking.
  • Joanne Schoenfeld Orenstein re-announced the seep tour with Venoco on September 14. Space is still available. Tickets are $5. You’ll not only get to see oily water, you may see wildlife and Platform Holly. A geologist will be on hand.
  • Bill Boyd announced that Rotarians at Work vests are still available! The supply is mostly quite large. New members are welcome to get a vest for free. You’ll want one to wear at Fiddlers’.
  • Diana Cecala announced next week’s duties. Greeters:  Dana Goba/Connard Hogan; Flag: Ed Fleming; Invocation: Bill Boyd; Raffle: Bill Boyd; Sgt. at Arms:  Tom Heath
  • Connard Hogan announced the Ralph’s Community Contribution program. Our club is still active. We need to re-enroll as individuals as of Sept. 1 by scanning the barcode he provides. He’ll provide the bar code to scan.
  • Getting To Know You: Andy Doerr was asked, “What is something you want to learn that you haven’t yet?” He wants to learn how to play accordian.
  • Rotary Minute: Pat Hardy read about the $200 million challenge in which Rotarians raised more than $220 million for polio eradication to get matched by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Raffle results: Karen Kawaguchi won the raffle.
  • Pay & Tell with Sgt at Arms Tom Heath.

Program:  Joanne introduced Julia Parker of the Wildlife Care Network.

  • She spent 25 years at the Santa Barbara Zoo. She’s now on staff at the Wildlife Care Network, managing animal care.
  • Her role is Director of Animal Affairs.
  • The Wildlife Care Network officially formed in 1988, although before that, people were caring for animals in need in their own homes.
  • Wendy McCaw enabled the organization to make a down payment on a facility in Goleta. It took six years of permit work to get going. In 2010, they built two large aviaries with pools to rehab seabirds. They also have a 24′ by 24′ building for seabirds too weak to be outdoors. It includes a kitchen, washing station, laundry station and other facilities.
  • Members can watch live video footage of the birds.
  • In April 2012, all operations moved to 1416 N. Fairview in Goleta. There are 5 flight aviaries. It’s a 1.5 acre property and still only partially developed.
  • The natural seeps harm seabirds. When they get oiled, there are specific cleaning processes — beginning with taking blood to see if the bird is healthy enough to withstand about 20 minutes of cleaning.
  • Some of the animals in their care: herons, raccoons, song birds, water turtle, cormorants, skunks, opposums etc.
  • Why animals go to them: cat attacks, hit a window, hit by a car, orphaned birds etc.
  • Some birds need to be fed every 30 minutes.
  • She shared the story of birds from nestlings to fledglings to mature.
  • Species are kept together so that birds have companions/family.
  • It’s illegal to have wildlife in your home, punishable by fines — like a $5,000 fine for keeping a crow.
  • There are approximately 100 permitted wildlife rehab centers in California.
  • In SB, they take in more than 3,000 animals per year. In spring, they are flooded with baby animals.
  • Last year, the late arrival of bait fish affected the birds that feed on them. The pelican population was particularly affected.
  • Word of the day: Pelagic
  • They have a Sept 15 fundraiser — a sunset cruise on the Channel Cat.
  • Tips if you don’t want to attract animals: Don’t leave pet food or water bowls out at night. Water your lawn in the morning instead of the evening. Protect new lawns with netting from raccoons. Pick up fallen fruit. Close garage doors before dusk.
  • It’s illegal to capture wildlife. Keep in mind that if you clear out an animal that has claimed your yard as a territory, many more animals may move in to claim that territory.
  • Don’t mess with a murder.
  • More tips to help wildlife: Trim your trees in fall and winter to avoid nesting birds in the spring. Do not to fumigate or paint during nesting season.
  • This year they received a praying mantis, a tree frog, a blind lizard, an injured butterfly and a few other interesting critters.
  • As a token of our appreciation, the Club donates 15 dictionaries to local 3rd graders in our speaker’s honor.

Next Week’s Program:  John Reed on renewable energy

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