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Minutes August 28, 2013: Blowin’ In The Wind

August 29, 2013

Invocation:  Bill Boyd
Flag Salute:  Ed Fleming
Raffle:  Bill Boyd brought a variety of alcoholic beverages. Steve Kalley was the winner.

Visiting Rotarians
* Connie Green from Santa Barbara Downtown
* Rosslyn Ray from Montecito

* Ashley Putnam – Tom’s daughter
* John Reed – Speaker today
* Lulu Guess – Graham’s daughter

* Dark days – The Board has approved a dark day on October 16.  It is the Wednesday after Fiddler’s Festival.
* The Rotary Club of Carpinteria has invited us to attend a celebration in honor of the 40th year since their charter
* Foodbank Donation – The Foodbank approached Tom Heath to assist with the purchase of a new electric palette jack.  This is needed to move large amounts of food.  It became a Group 8 project.  All 8 clubs participated.  Media was provided by Noozhawk and KEYT.
* A small world – A guest of one of our Rotarians met the first program speaker at our club this year at the Santa Barbara airport. Positive things were said about Rotarians.
* Fiddler’s Festival – Claude reminded us of the upcoming Fiddler’s Festival and the importance of passing the information and selling tickets for the event.
* Alternatives to Violence Project – Pat Hardy shared information about upcoming workshops on conflict resolution.  The workshops will be September 14 & 15 and October 19 and 26.
* Rotary Minute – Scott read the Rotary minute about when women were included in Rotary, which was in 1986.
* Eric Ryan told us about his favorite foreign destination – It was Israel.

John Reed –  Founding Member of ChannelWind
* John used to work at Clipper Windpower.  He is now a budding entrepreneur.
* John moved into the wind industry in 2003.  He is very interested in all areas of renewable energy.
* The BREN School at UCSB will be studying wind energy off our shores.
* John would like to have the first offshore council meeting in our area in November of this year.
* Non-renewable energy costs too much.  Large amounts of wind energy offshore of Santa Barbara County are untapped.  People want more clean energy.
* Offshore wind technology is new and supported by regional industry.  The east coast is adding to the grid in 2014.
* Thorough analysis is needed to determine the best place to put the wind floats off our shores considering wind speed, shipping lanes, bird migration patterns, etc.   Wave energy production is synergistic with offshore wind energy.   Wave energy on the coasts is not enough to power our lives.
* The ChannelWind company looks to be an innovative leader in renewable energy.  Wind is more efficient than solar for converting to energy.
* John is looking for supporters for this exciting opportunity.  We need the people who are most excited about this to be on board.

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