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Minutes: The Facts from Al Gore Are Never a Bore (10/2/2013)

October 3, 2013

Greeters: David Velarde, David Vo

Sergeant-At-Arms: Bill Ringer

Invocation: E. Russell Smith

Flag Salute: Ken Beisser

Raffle:  Sherrie Fisher brought succulent plant plus $50 gift certificate to OSH

​Guests: Alex Pujo, Maria Gloria Roman, Katie Davis – speaker


  • Joe Weiland was sporting a change in footwear — some sort of medial boot. President Betsy Munroe asked him what was up. Joe shared that he was on a backpacking trip in Mineral King. At the end of one of the days, Joe fell on the side of his leg. He heard a pop in his leg. Like the trooper he is, he shook it off and continued hiking for 2 days. After his return he visited the doctor who said his fibula was broken. Joe will be wearing his boot for 2 weeks.
  • ​​Happy birthday to Graham Guess, Mark Reinhardt, Gary Jensen, Ed Flemming, Ken Beiser, Luz Maria Ortiz Smith, Bill Ringer and Steve Mascagno.
  • Happy anniversary to Kim Coley, Andy Doerr, Richard Redmond
  • We have an exchange student from Ecuador named Maria Gloria Roman. She goes by Gloria, and she is here for a year. She is a senior at San Marcos High School. Gloria said school here is different: One can choose the classes they take and may have classes with students who are not also seniors. In Ecuador your class curriculum is set for you, and all classes are with other seniors. After high school she wants to go to college in San Francisco to study Architecture. Her 20-year-old brother is studying Digital Animation. Gloria said she likes Santa Barbara, in particular she likes downtown. Scott Burns will send Gloria’s contact info for members so they may invite her to events. Gloria presented a banner from her host club to President Betsy
  • Fiddler’s Fest: Gary Jensen reported we have 1 ½ weeks to go. Members should solicit ads for festival program. Members may sponsor competition prizes or solicit sponsorships. Checks shall be made out to RCSBS Charitable Foundation. Members should sell the packet of tickets they have received. Gary would like a volunteer to be his assistant during the day of the festival. Janet Napier asked for help shopping for food booth. Joanne asked for an assistant in the ‘Green Room’ helping the bands. Andy Doerr noted that the Green Room  job is to host the performers not police them. Andy reminded everyone that the advertising is an opportunity for sponsors to place ads that will be seen by over 800 people. Day of event volunteers are asked to help in the afternoon, more people tend to volunteer in the morning and more are needed in the afternoon. Andy will be at Stow House at 5 PM on Thursday. Volunteers: make sure Mark Reinhardt has your volunteer contact info.
  • Betsy announced next week’s duties. Greeters: Lucille Ramirez, David Vo;  Flag: Don Bennett; Invocation, Colin Stephens; Raffle: Graham Guess; Sgt. at Arms:  Bill Ringer
  • Getting To Know You with Joe Weiland:  Joe attended University of Wisconsin, Madison. He was born in WI, and his parents said they  would pay for an in-state college. There are several UW schools but Joe considers Madison best UW. Joe got his Degree in Psychology and Journalism.
  • Rotary Minute about the RI Convention.
  • Joe Weiland won the raffle. Turns out that October 2nd is National Joe Weiland Day, or at least Local Joe Weiland Day.
  • Pay & Tell​​

​Program: Katie Davis, a vice president at Citrix, spoke on Climate Change

  • A photo illustrates that 1/2 of Arctic present in 1980 was gone by 2007.
  • In 2007 she saw “An Inconvenient Truth” and got her dedicated to doing something about climate change.
  • Last year Katie trained with Al Gore on climate change.
  • There are greater extremes in weather now. Climate change is being observed; it is real.
  • Carbon Dioxide : CO2 concentration is followed by the Earth weather temperatures. Next few decades are critical to reducing the climbing temperatures. Over 4,000 daily heat records were set in the summer 2012. Historically there has been a 1:1 ratio in heat to cold records being set. For every new high temperature there was a low temperature record exceeded. In 2012 that ratio was 5:1. Five heat records to every cold record.
  • In 2012, 362 high temperature records were broken, zero cold temperature records were broken.
  • As temperatures increase, oceans evaporate more moisture into the sky. Extreme flooding events have been seen in recent years.
  • Locally the ocean is 8″ higher in Santa Barbara in last decade compared to previous decade.
  • Extreme drought in Syria contributed to uprising in that country.
  • In 2010 Western Russia stopped exporting grain due to drought, food prices spiked.
  • In 2012 droughts in the U.S. caused increase in food prices.
  • 32 states were declared disaster areas in 2012.
  • CA produces 1/2 the country’s fruit. Drought will cause prices of CA produce to increase.
  • There has been an increase in fires. Fire season is now days 78 days longer. Recent fires have been more severe.
  • Global Systems Vulnerable to Climate: Food Supply; Water; Global Health.
  • Mosquitoes, which carry disease, thrive in warming climate. Tropical diseases are increasing globally.
  • California is on target to hit 20% renewable energy by 2020.
  • World production of photovoltaics is going up, and cost going down.
  • Katie declares: Time for Action is Now.
  • In honor of the speaker, the club will donate 15 dictionaries to third graders.
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