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Minutes: It’s Fiddlers’ Fest, Let’s Do Our Best! (10/09/2013)

October 11, 2013

​Invocation:  Colin Stephens
​Flag Salute:  Don Bennett
​Raffle: Graham Guess brought a $50 gift card to Lark. Janet Napier brought two tickets to Bus Stop at SBCC.

Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests: Ted Deck, Rossanna Sing, Robin Elander


  • SB Open Streets: Robin Elander invited the club to join the fun on Cabrillo Boulevard on November 2 from 10 AM – 4 PM.
  • Sandra O’Meara announced that the club now accepts credit cards for Rotary payments. This is a pretty big deal. “We’re real cool now.” 2.7% fee. You can pay at a meeting, give her your credit card number over the phone, or write down your card info in an email or on paper. There are so many ways to pay!
  • Lucille Ramirez invited members to Career Day from 8-12 at La Colina Junior High. Also, La Cuesta chose its first student of the month, and we will meet him or her in one of the coming weeks.
  • Fiddlers’ Festival: 

Bill Boyd will be contacting those who are helping on Friday and Saturday. They could use more card tables and more folding 6-ft’ tables.

Andy Doerr thanked volunteers, especially Bill Abel who has recruited 18 additional volunteers by speaking at other Rotary clubs; and Mark Reinhardt‘s company for donating $400 . They need additional people to help on Saturday. If you are volunteering, please stick around after the festival. They need more people at the end of the day and on Monday.

Mark Reinhardt is coordinating the volunteer signups. If you have not signed up yet, there’s still a need for you. If you are one of the volunteers, please take a volunteer card from Mark, which you can use to get a Tshirt for $10.

Gary Jensen announced that there are still available awards for sponsorships.

  • Time to pledge donations to the foundations:

Janet Napier, president of the RC of SB Sunrise Foundation, re-introduced the foundation committee, Sandy Grasso-Boyd, Andy Doerr, Fred Gaeden, David Velarde, Kimberly Coley, Bill Ringer, Tim Durnin. (Thanks to you all.) It’s that time of year for the pledge forms.

Fred Gaeden described the role of The Rotary Foundation (TRF). The funds there are used to support district giving and grants made by TRF. After 3 years, 1/2 of all the money from a given year are allocated back to districts for use on grants. Each member is requested to contribute at least $5, but we prefer that each member contribute at least $100. All contributions qualify for Paul Harris Fellow recognition points. This money is also used for Polio Plus. We also have an endowment fund. These contributions do not qualify for Paul Harris points. If you want to contribute directly to TRF, you can go to the Rotary International website and contribute directly. You do not need to go through our foundation.

Time: The sooner the better. Consider paying before the end of the year for tax reasons. Janet would like pledge forms by October 31. The first money in will be used for the annual fund for TRF.

David Velarde spoke about the club’s own foundation. It has an endowment — currently about $93,000. Our foundation enables us to do projects as a nonprofit foundation. 1/3 international. 2/3 community projects. Our international project is primarily Nicaragua. You can designate funds to specific projects. You can pledge now and pay in multiple installments.

Janet Napier explained that our club’s polio fundraising efforts began 25 years ago with Don Bennett as the lead. Don Bennett will be leading this year’s efforts to fundraise for polio. Stay tuned for a program. We will likely be making a separate polio push in early 2014. Don wants to see polio fully eradicated while he’s still standing up.

Reminder: You can now pay by credit card.

  • Coastal Quilters are again donating a quilt to the Fiddlers’ Festival. It will be one of the raffle items. The quilt was revealed. It’s lovely! Buy raffle tickets.
  • Connard Hogan reminded members to enroll in the Ralphs rewards program.  The  $11 we made in the past quarter buys nearly 6 dictionaries. This year we are expanding to 4 more schools. We may be donating about 850 books, and we hope to deliver before the end of the year.
  • Raffle: Ted Deck won the gift card to Lark. Joe Weiland won the tickets to bus stop.

Program: Betsy introduced Geoff Rue for his Craft Talk and Ken Beisser for his hobby presentation.

Craft talk with Geoff Rue

  • LEED AP, CSBA (certified sustainable building adviser)
  • Framed Openings windows and doors was their business for 25 years in Hermosa Beach. They sold it and moved to Santa Barbara.
  • They moved here because his wife was offered a job up here. And one of his vendors based up here changed his business to a retail operation, where Geoff now works.
  • He’s been married for 28 years. He has a 26-year-old daughter.
  • He did Landmark education and strongly recommends it.
  • Big idea: By 2030, a healthy world, all people thriving in livable communities that contribute to the planet and each other.
  • He shared some projects he’s been involved in. Some homes are “net zero” homes: homes that are entirely self-sufficient in terms of energy.
  • He and his wife are fond of animals and usually have dogs. When his daughter was young, she had dogs named Prince Charming and Snow White.
  • He had a mustache.
  • He has a good, playful relationship with his daughter. She’s 26 and works for an advertising company in Marina Del Rey.
  • He sails an 18′ Hobie Cat.
  • His family enjoys traveling, and he shared some photos.
  • Window technology has really evolved — film on windows, insulation, sliding panels with minimal frames, super efficient…
  • Geoff is studying to get his real estate license.
  • He was in Kiwanis in the ’70s and ’80s, and he joined RC of Manhattan Beach in the ’90s. He loved it.

Ken Beisser shared his hobby: restoring a 1955 MG Magnette

  • For the past three years, he’s been working on a 1955 MG Magnette.
  • It’s a British car and doesn’t have a good reputation for its reliability. He admires the wood dash, polished leather and how it handles the curves.
  • These cars were built from 1954 – 1959. 36,000 were built. It was often used by police departments. Designed by Gerald Palmer. He also designed the Jowett Javlin in 1950.
  • There were different Magnette styles in the ’60s.
  • 4 cylinder, 60 horespower, 4-speed. Top speed 79.7, and he’s been able to push it to 70. It gets 20 mpg.
  • One enthusiast spent 23 years restoring a Magnette.
  • He has only driven his as far as Carpinteria.
  • He was not a mechanic, but it’s a simple car: no plastic, no electronics.
  • He found help from the original manual (which was missing some updates) and from Magnette enthusiasts online.
  • He shared photos of his Magnette, describing all the changes he’s made. [Editor’s note: Impressive.]
  • He’s also in a surf band that he started when he was 40: Surfer Ken and the Swell Tones. He’s played acoustic instruments throughout his life. He plays at the Unitarian Society.
  • In appreciation of our speakers, the club will donate 15 dictionaries to local 3rd graders in their honor.

No meeting on October 16.

On Oct. 23 Dr. Daniel Jurewitz will talk on “Ya Gotta Have Heart and How To Care For It”, a program brought to Sunrise by Dana Goba.

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