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Minutes: The doctor reveals how music heals (11/06/2013)

November 7, 2013

Invocation:  David Vo
​Flag Salute:  Steve Kally
​Raffle:  David Velarde is raffling off Bruce Belfiore‘s items: red wine, white wine, vinegar and another food item in a lovely basket

​Visiting Rotarians: Dr. Hari Haran, Kevin Ryan

Guests of Rotarians: Karen Kally


  • ​Nov. Birthdays:  Karen Kawaguchi, Joe Weiland, Richard Redmond, Scott Burns, Sherrie Fisher, Andy Doerr, Pat Hardy and Claude Saks.
  • Nov. Rotary Anniversaries: Diana Cecala, Graham Guess, Tom Heath, Jody Dolan-Holehouse, Susan Klein-Rothschild, Luz Maria Ortiz Smith and Jim Ruh.
  • Don Bennett – Salvation Army Bell Ringing. Please sign up for one of the Saturdays between 10 AM and 5 PM, starting the weekend after Thanksgiving. Nov. 30, Dec. 7, Dec. 14, Dec. 21.
  • Sandy Grasso-Boyd shared the new Fiddlers’ Festival photo album that contains photos from her and the other photographers.
  • Tom Heath announced that Kimberly Coley will announce the Camp Whittier work day on Nov. 16.
  • Kimberly Coley, Community Service Chair, gave an update on her committee’s activities. Committee members include: Connard Hogan, Sandy Grasso-Boyd, Janet Napier, Luz Maria Ortiz Smith, E Russell Smith, Dana Goba, Don Bennett, Mark Reinhardt , Bill Boyd, Jeff Boehm, Susan Klein-Rothschild, and Tom Heath.
  • Camp Whittier work day is Nov. 16. Thanks to Tom Heath for coordinating. Lots of volunteers are needed.
  • Last weekend a few members spruced up the Elings Park picnic area, completing the drainage project. We expect a weeding day early next year.
  • Dictionary prep day will be Nov. 18 at Connard Hogan’s house. We’ll be giving more than 850 third grade students dictionaries! Prep includes putting Rotary and speaker stickers on each book. We hope to distribute them before winter break.
  • We will likely co-host two dental clinics in 2014. Tentative dates are Feb 7 and May 16.
  • Our club will support the Unity Shoppe Holiday Food Drive. View the items requested on the flyers, and bring food to the Nov. 20 meeting. We will also do a toy drive for the Unity Shoppe. Please bring in toys to the Dec. 18 meeting.
  • Life legacies project continues. Members and/or Rotaract and Interact members may help with the interviewing.
  • The committee is looking for new project ideas. Next meeting will be Tuesday, Nov. 12, 5-6:30 PM at Tom Heath’s office.
  • Sandy Grasso-Boyd‘s grandson got a dictionary from a Rotary Club in Berkeley.
  • Diana Cecala announced next week’s duties. Greeters: Sherrie Fisher, Jerry Smith;  Flag: Bill Ringer; Invocation, Richard Redmond; Raffle: Liz Alves; Sgt. in Arms:  Scott Burns
  • Getting To Know You with Bill Abel and Liz Alves.
  • David Velarde shared a Rotary minute about Arch Klumpf and The Rotary Foundation. It started with $26 leftover from the RI Convention. It’s more than 90 years old.
  • Joanne asked our veterans to stand and share where they served: Jerry Smith, Bill Ringer, Chris Baxter, Jim Ruh, Bill Boyd, Bob McPhillips, Brooke Sawyer, Burt Chortkoff, Bill Abel
  • Pay and tell with substitute Sgt. at Arms Eric Ryan.
  • Pat Hardy birthday on 11th
  • Jeff Boehm got married and honeymooned in the Cayman Islands.
  • Bill Boyd won the raffle.

Program: Steve Kally introduced Dr. Hari Haran from Pondicherry, India, to talk about how music affects healing.

  • The prime universal sound is “om.”
  • Music therapy uses music to aid in the achievement of specific therapeutic goals. You use music to heal the body.
  • It’s a health service similar to physical therapy or occupational therapy.
  • It can treat ailments like chronic pain, anxiety, depression, stress, etc.
  • Indian music has 7 notes that produce 66 microtones.
  • He shared before and after photos following a chakra balancing therapy.
  • Chanting can energize or cleanse your body.
  • There are mantras that target parts of the spine/nervous system.
  • The planetary alignment can affect human health, both clinical and emotional.
  • For example, he shared a sun chant that he said will restore your vision if you say it at sunrise for a few months.
  • When you listen to chants, be in a sitting position. When you’re listening to the music, be laying in bed.
  • There are two styles of music in India today, a northern style and a southern style.
  • Music prescriptions are specific to individuals.
  • He sells CDs with music therapies for specific audiences based on medical need, profession, relationship and species (ie cats, fishes and cows).
  • He’s from District 2980. His club has about 50 members.
  • As a token of our appreciation, the club will donate 15 dictionaries to local 3rd graders in his honor.
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