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Minutes: Find the Foundry at the Funk Zone Boundary (12/4/2013)

December 6, 2013

​Invocation:  Sandra O’Meara
​Flag Salute:  Jerry Smith
​Raffle: Richard Redmond

Guests: Lexi Rothschild


  • ​Dec. Birthdays:  Andrew Chung, Burt Chortkoff, Tom Putnam, David Velarde, Susan Klein-Rothschild, Kim Coley.
  • Dec. Anniversaries:  Don Bennett, Scott Burns, Claude Saks, Julie Stilwell, and Chris Tucker.
  • Next week and the following (12/11 & 18), we will be passing the hat to collect money for the holiday annual thank you to the Santa Barbara Club chefs and staff. We’ll bring the staff out 12/18 so everyone can meet them. This is the crew who gets here every Weds. at 5 AM to make us the delicious breakfast buffet.  I know they will all appreciate what we can give them, thank you!
  • ​If you would like to meet the current RI President, Ron Burton, and wife, they will be guests of honor at the Rotary Rose Parade Float Celebration dinner on 12/30 at the University Club in Pasadena.  Past District Gov. Wade Nomura chairs the Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee this year.  There will be a live and silent auction to benefit the Rotary float.  There are flyers on each table, and this information is in the Blogle.  The District is hoping for a good turnout to welcome the Burtons and support the float committee.
  • ​Jim Ruh shared the fundraising ballot results. 47 club members voted. No clear direction on 1 versus 2 fundraisers.

– Golf: There were no votes to keep it as is. With additional leadership, we could do the golf event one more time in May without a dinner. However, Andrew Chung and Darren Doi said the golf tournament will not happening 2014.
– Fiddlers: 74% voted for continuing it with some changes. Common theme was that the event is well-run, but it could use more fundraising support. The ad hoc fundraising committee will work with the Fiddlers committee to look for opportunities to raise more money at the event.
– As for other fundraisers, most people didn’t feel they had enough information to make an informed recommendation.
– 46 out of 47 people said they would help with fundraisers.

  • Janet Napier:  Philippines typhoon disaster relief, collected $1,054 from Club, matched by Foundation for a total of $2,108 that went to Rick Zanders Foundation in Solvang. Janet passed out receipts for the donations.
  • Diana Cecala announced that the holiday party is now full. If you are interested in participating in the gift exchange, please bring a wrapped gift valued at no more than $25. It begins at 5:30 PM at Ennisbrook in Montecito. Consider bringing a flashlight to walk from your car to the club. Ladies, please avoid pointy heels, which are bad for the floor.
  • Don Bennett shared that Salvation Army bell ringing is underway. Thanks to the volunteers. We collected $311 in the first day. Happy ringing, all.
  • Scott Johnson asked for help with setting up the audio for every meeting because Tom Putnam is away. Let him know if you will help.
  • Susan Klein-Rothschild talked about the meningitis outbreak at UCSB. Currently there are four confirmed cases, and it can be 10-20% fatal. This particular outbreak is not covered by the current vaccine. More than 700 students will likely get a preventative treatment this afternoon. They’re trying to get a vaccination currently used in Europe. Smoking, drinking alcohol and sharing bodily fluids are high-risk activities. Symptoms can include intense headaches, vomiting, a very stiff neck, and a rash.
  • Welcome back, Tim Durnin.
  • Getting To Know You with Burt Chortkoff: what he liked best about his hometown was leaving. He was born in Brooklyn, NY. One block is your life: fruit, laundry, candy store. His first year of high school he had to leave the gang he grew up with, but he moved to LA. They moved because of his brother’s bad asthma.
  • Connard Hogan announced that we’re halfway through with dictionary deliveries. There are still delivery opportunities available. Washington School has sent some thank you notes. Bill Boyd really enjoyed his visit.
  • Pay & Tell with Sergeant at Arms Jody Dolan-Holehouse.
  • ​Raffle Results: Susan Klein-Rothschild won

Program:Joanne Schoenfeld Orenstein introduced Jenny Roberts and Lindsay McTavish, SB Arts Foundry.

  • About 20 years ago, Lindsay started working with artists making bronze sculptures. Then they met Frog, who was the first person who paid cash up front.
  • The foundry is located at 120 Santa Barbara St. in the Funk Zone.
  • Thatcher created a mural for their building starring Foundry Man.
  • They have two warehouses, one is a gallery and one is an exhibition foundry.
  • Her philosophy is to have a gallery full of things that make you happy. They are a tasting room for Fox wine, which is produced by Blair Fox — the winemaker behind Fess Parker, Blair Fox and Epiphany.
  • They’re offering Barrels and Bronze and Blossoms and Bronze events.
  • Bronze is heated to 1800 degrees to pour it.
  • Lindsay shared some frogs.
  • Her 18-year-old son designed Key to My Hearth series of fireplace keys.
  • The Art Foundry will host a block party on December 15 from 1-4 PM.
  • They can host events. They have two media rooms.
  • In January, the Sunday artist series begins.
  • There will be a Cowboy poetry jam at the end of January.
  • They do flat art, too, not just bronze.
  • Bronze is made up of Copper, tin and zinc
  • This is an exhibition foundry for small items. Their main larger foundry is in Ventura.
  • Frogs are the most collected thing in the world. Turtles and pigs are also popular.
  • They have their first intern coming in to work with them from Crane School.
  • They poured the John Wayne at the John Wayne airport. They poured horses 17′ by 12′ each in Hong Kong.
  • As a token of our appreciation, it is the Club’s practice to donate 15 dictionaries to local 3rd graders in your honor.  We have a book plate with your name on it that will be placed into the dictionaries.

Next Week’s Program:  Dr. Charity Thoman will speak on public health issues and influenza update

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