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Minutes: Craft Talks with Sandy and Pat (01/15/2014)

January 19, 2014

Invocation: Sherrie Fisher
Pledge: David Vo
Raffle: Chris Tucker brought an orchid basket created by the residents of Garden Court. Jody Dolan-Holehouse won.

Visiting Rotarians: Gloria
Guests: Charlie Schweppe, Kimberly Horn, Suzette Cobb, Melissa Cohen


  • Steve Kally has Fine cards and district pins for people who missed last week’s meeting
  • At the past Board meeting, the decision was made to discontinue the golf tournament fundraiser due to the club vote and lack of additional leadership.
  • There’s another board meeting tomorrow at 7:20 AM at the same location.
  • Betsy Munroe, Dana Goba and Bill Ringer attended mid terms meeting in Oxnard.
  • Don Bennett reported on the 25th anniversary of the first Polio Plus campaign. RI published a report about where polio still exists — 3 endemic countries and a few countries where it still appears. We have to continue the battle to eradicate it. The Bill Gates Foundation offers a 2:1 matching in this final push.
  • Fred Gaeden talked about our club’s contributions to the club foundation and TRF. He’s putting stickers on the badges of people who made their donations.
  • Steve Kally invited members to a bike ride to Ojai on Feb. 1. You can start at different points along the route depending on your fitness. He even has spare bikes, so no excuses! Email Steve if you plan to join or have questions.
  • Liz Alves reminded people they can find the minutes here at The minutes are why you may see her, David Vo or Susan Klein-Rothschild on their devices during meetings.
  • Connard Hogan said we distributed 885 dictionaries to schools by 11 members, Gillian Amery, Bill Boyd, Bill Abel (9 schools!) Pat Hardy, Scott Burns, Gary Jensen, David Velarde, Scott Johnson, Janet Napier, Liz Alves, Connard Hogan
  • Andy Doerr said the first fiddlers meeting of the year is coming soon. New committee members welcome.
  • Susan Klein-Rothschild said there’s a Feb 7 dental clinic. Volunteers needed. Spanish-speaking volunteers particularly needed.
  • Next week’s duties: Greeters: Darren Doi. Eric Ryan. Pledge: Joe Weiland Invocation: Fred Gaeden Raffle: Joe Clark sgt Steve Kally
  • Scott Burns invited members to a church fundraiser with a Via Maestra dinner on Anapamu. $25 each benefitting Imagine No Malaria.
  • Then he read the Rotary Minute about RI offices.
  • Getting to Know You with Susan Klein-Rothschild. What’s on her bucket list? To go places she hasn’t been.
  • Pay and tell with Sgt at Arms Steve Kally.

Program: Betsy Munroe introduced Sandy Grasso-Boyd.

  • Sandy Grasso-Boyd shared her career path for teaching to aerospace to nonprofits.
  • Photography began when she was a child and got a Viewmaster.
  • Her first husband was a photographers, and after carrying his equipment around, she really didn’t want to get into photography.
  • When she married Bill and they began traveling extensively, she started taking photos more often. Still, she didn’t know how to use the manual settings.
  • She’s now taken 7 photography classes at Santa Barbara City College.
  • She shared photos showing her progression as a photographer and the concepts she experimented with.
  • She also learned to use photoshop.
  • It changed the way she sees the world and what she notices.
  • For her portfolio class, her theme was Old Is Beautiful.
  • She enjoys taking portraits.
  • Bill Boyd learned how to frame and partners with her.

Betsy Munroe introduced Pat Hardy to do her craft talk.

  • Pat Hardy said change is part of life and how we handle change is key to who we are.
  • She was a goody two shoes.
  • She considers herself a change agent.
  • Her family is entrepreneurial, college educated, and upper middle class — even if she didn’t realize it earlier in her life. They had small families.
  • Her mother taught her to look at situations from more than one viewpoint to accomplish your goals sometimes.
  • She was married at age 22 and had children. After 15 years, her marriage ended. She lated met the woman she has spent more than 30 years with.
  • She has been to more than 40 countries and 48 states.
  • Like Middle Eastern food? Talk with Pat.
  • Her dad told her she needed a skill that she’s great at. She didn’t think she had one. Eventually her daughter showed her that her skill is as a leader of organizations.
  • She and Joy opened a bed and breakfast in Santa Barbara that grew from 4 rooms to 8. They then started a national trade association for bed and breakfast inns. They owned Innkeeping newsletter. They started with 125 initial members, and when ey sold it 12 years later there were 3,500 members.
  • They retired, but then she got involved with Alternatives to Violence Project California.
  • She wrote and published “So You Want to Be an Innkeeper”
  • She manages 3 newsletters
  • Her writing also includes way too many grant proposals
  • Some of her other enjoyments are cooking, short time with her grandchildren, scuba diving, Rotary
  • With Rotary, she feels she has come home because we share her desire for change in the world.
  • In honor of the speakers, the club will donate 15 dictionaries to local third graders.

Next week’s speaker: Gloria

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