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Minutes: We Learn More about Ecuador (01/22/14)

January 26, 2014

View photos from January 22, 2014 meeting here.

President Betsy Munroe called the meeting to order.
Invocation: Fred Gaeden
Pledge: Joe Weiland
Raffle: $50 gift certificate to Trader Joe’s and Scott Burns contributed two passes to the Imagine No Malaria dinner by Via Maestra and the church. Maria Gloria Roman won.

Guests: Kimberly Horn, Melissa Cohen, Maria Gloria Roman, Suzette Cobb, Carin Kally, Margot McDonald, Paul McCaffrey, Lulu Guess

Visiting Rotarians: Ross Ray


  • Steve Kally will one day give new fine cards or district pins to members who didn’t get them yet.
  • District Gala: This may replace the Group 8 zoo event. It will celebrate women joining Rotary. Date under consideration is March 1 at the Elks Club. February 26 will be dark. Tickets will be $75.
  • Next week, January 28, the Rotaract Club of Santa Barbara celebrates its re-charter at the Montecito Country Club. Many notable Rotarians will be in attendance. You can give the money for the event to Ross. They’re now at 26 members. Checks are payable to Rotary Club of Montecito.
  • NFL update.
  • Susan Klein-Rothschild provided an update on the flu. The flu season started mellow in Santa Barbara County, but it has become more severe in the past couple of weeks including the death of a 20-something-year-old woman in SB County. The most common strain they’re seeing is H1N1, which is included in this year’s flu shot, so get a flu shot. Every year about 36,000 people in the world die of the flu.
  • Andy Doerr convenes the Fiddlers meeting at 5:30 PM tomorrow at MTD offices on Olive. New members particularly welcome. There is parking on Olive Street at 550.
  • Brook Sawyer has been missing some meetings because he’s been ill, and now his wife is in intensive care. They’re in our thoughts.
  • Steve Kally described the bike ride he’s organizing to Ojai on February 8. You have 3 weeks to train and tune up your bike. It’s a level bike path. There are various locations to start from, the Vons is a mile away, there’s another spot 7 miles away, 5 miles, 12 miles, 45 miles…
  • Claude Saks reminded red badge members to complete their requirements to become real members. Mentors, help your members accelerate this process.
  • Duties next week: greeters: Darren Doi and Eric Ryan; Flag: Liz Alves; Invocation: Sandy Grasso-Boyd; Raffle: Luz Maria Ortiz-Smith; Sgt at Arms: Steve Kally
  • Getting to know you with Chris Tucker: What was your best or least favorite class subject in high school? His favorite subject was oceanography. He went to HS in Connecticut. His least favorite was trigonometry.
  • Sherrie Fisher’s favorite junior high school teacher was fellow member Don Bennett.
  • Pay and tell with Sgt at Arms Steve Kally
  • Pat Hardy is working with Why Strive, which trains youth in job skills. They’ve developed small businesses for the kids to practice. They’re planning to have marketing training. If anyone is interested in helping or has marketing expertise, contact Pat.
  • Sandy Grasso-Boyd posted a whole bunch of past Rotary photos on her website. Check them out!
  • Joe Weiland and his 2011 Cowboy Syrah partner won best in class Syrah from the SF Chronicle.

Program: Scott Burns introduced Maria Gloria Roman, from Quito, Ecuador, to talk about her Rotary Youth Exchange year.

  • There are a lot of rivers, and a lot of biodiversity, including the Galapagos islands.
  • It’s a major oil exporter in South America. They also export bananas and cacao.
  • It’s known as the Half of the World.
  • There are beautiful beaches, the Andes mountains and Amazonic jungle.
  • She shared information about the traditional foods of Ecuador. Insular/coast: Ceviche, oysters, rice, plantains, fish. Andes/Amazon: potatoes, port, lentils, corn, meat
  • In Quito, the insular part, is not tropical. It’s dry and windy. It’s at 2800 meters above sea level.
  • Quito is a Cultural Heritage site per UNESCO.
  • She shared information about the seven wonders of Quito, including a train station, plazas, basilica, churches and a statue
  • Ecuador is a very Catholic nation. 95% of people are Catholic.
  • She shared photos of her family, including her mom, dad, brother, great grandmother and dog. Her dad is in the oil business, and her mom is in banking. Her brother is studying digital animation.
  • The Cohens have been her host family. Thanks, Cohens!
  • She’s had good experiences with the other RYE students from across District 5240. She surfed in Huntington and Newport beach. She sailed with Scott Burns.
  • During her exchange, she has met people from all over the world. She has five more months here.
  • She’s been learning English since second grade. She thought she was fluent before she came here, but she found there are a lot of things she doesn’t know and sometimes speaking English makes her tired.
  • When she returns home, she’ll go to university in her home town. She may study organizational communication, business administration or engineering.

See you next week!

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