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Minutes: Welcome Suzette, So Glad We Met (02/19/14)

February 21, 2014

Invocation: Bob McPhillips

Pledge: Chris Tucker

Raffle: Geoff brought a bottle of wine and a $50 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble.

Visiting Rotarians: Katerina Zamyatina, Dan, Paul Jaconette

Guests: Suzette Cobb


  • Betsy Munroe presented a 10-year pin to Bill Boyd to celebrate his decade in the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise. Thank you for your service.
  • Pat Hardy earned her blue member badge. Welcome again, Pat!
  • Gillian Amery, Claude Saks, Joe Clark and Betsy Munroe inducted Suzette Cobb into the club. Joe Clark is Suzette’s sponsor and mentor. Sandra O’Meara presented Suzette with her first bill.
  • Betsy Munroe invited Diana Cecala (+1), Fred Gaeden (+4), Bob McPhillips (+3), Mark Reinhardt (+3) and Connard Hogan (+2) to the podium to honor each of them with Paul Harris Fellow recognitions. When an individual earns a PHF by their financial contributions, they can honor someone else with a PHF.
  • There will not be a meeting on February 26.
  • It’s not too late to attend the Women in Rotary gala in Westlake on March 15. If you want to take the bus, please let Betsy know today. It’s less than $9 per person to take the bus.  Tickets are $60 per person for the event.
  • Luz Maria Ortiz Smith visited a Rotary club in Nicaragua in January. She presented a banner from that club to president Betsy Munroe.
  • Dana Goba will attend PETS (which I think stands for President Elect Training Seminar) this weekend. It’s the one requirement of Rotary International to become a club president.
  • Diana Cecala announced duties for March 5. Greeters: Liz Alves, Mark Reinhardt  Invocation:  Gary Jensen Flag pledge:  Richard Redmond Raffle: Kim Coley  Sgt at Arms: Andy Doerr
  • Andy Doerr thanked those who have taken over check-in duties from Brooke Sawyer.
  • Steve Kally announced a group hike to a secret waterfall in Ojai. It will be an all-day hike – from 8 AM to 4 PM on Saturday, March 8. He’ll send out a signup sheet at the next meeting.
  • Getting to know you with Lucille Ramirez: Who inspired you and why? Rosa Parks. She learned about her from a Neville Parks song and then from her parents. She admired her strength and conviction.
  • Pay and tell with Sgt at Arms David Velarde.

Program: Bill Ringer introduced the program, Katerina Zamyatina and Paul Jaconette from the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Downtown, who will speak about the Global Grant project in Nicaragua.

  • Paul took us on a tour of what was accomplished in August-September 2013.
  • They started in Managua.
  • Go Care, one of the project partners, welcomed the delegation with a party. Go Care was founded by Jan Lindsay, a past Rotary district governor.
  • In Nicaragua, there are no street signs and no addresses. You just get directions and ask for guidance.
  • They met the world’s greatest grandpa at the paint store, where they got supplies to refurbish two health clinics.
  • They planned for the projects at the Jubilee house site.
  • They painted a clinic. The inside still needs full renovation. It does not have electricity or water. The second clinic was similar. It needed electrical and plumbing work. They got a toilet working. The clinic did not have much equipment at all. They added bars to windows and doors to prevent theft. Some locals helped with the painting.
  • They brought some medical equipment and medicine with them.
  • The club members paid their own way on the trip.
  • Local villagers provided food for their work breaks. Food was usually rice, beans, some meat and vegetables. They drink a lot of sugar water juice. The diet includes a lot of sugar.  There are a lot of health issues related to diet, including diabetes and obesity.
  • They also worked at a local school, and the work was followed by a fiesta – including a piñata contest and much dancing.
  • They managed two health clinic days – once at Jubilee House and once in a woman’s living room. On each day, they saw about 25 people in 6 hours. They tested many people for diabetes. They saw a lot of parasites, bronchitis, malnutrition, contraceptive issues, one man who had had a stroke and more.
  • Most households get water by traveling to a common well and filling large open barrels of water that they take home. This is not particularly sanitary.
  • One of the projects being considered includes developing new wells and potentially piping water to some of the homes.
  • They met with a local Rotary club. They visited a firehouse, the mayor’s house the Go Care Education Center, a local school, a chocolate factory, a volcano and more.
  • They learned about eco stoves, another Rotary project in the region. The stoves are clean burning. They use less fuel and burn cleaner than what most families use to prepare food.
  • Janet Napier announced that these projects were made possible by a grant paired with contributions from the Rotary Clubs of Santa Paula, Santa Barbara Sunrise and Santa Barbara Downtown.
  • Bill Ringer announced that if you have the time and money, you are invited and encouraged to experience firsthand this work in Nicaragua.
  • In appreciation for the speakers, the club will donate 15 dictionaries to third graders.
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