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Minutes: Get to Know Kimberly H. and Suzette (03/19/2014)

March 19, 2014

Invocation: Luz Maria Ortiz Smith
Pledge: Geoff 
Raffle: David Vo brought a mug, fine sipping chocolate and $30 to C’est Cheese

Guests: Micah Deck, Laura Corona, Melissa, Julio Rea, Kim Ortega, Frann Wageneck, Suzanne Valenzuela, Mwei Banks


  • TRF Gala for Women in Rotary in Westlake: Joanne Schoenfeld Orenstein reported it was a fabulous event, and Luz Maria Ortiz Smith and Karen Kawaguchi were beautifully attired. Dr. Ann Matthews was the keynote speaker.
  • Fireside chat will be April 17 from 6:30-8 PM at Betsy Munroe‘s house. Please RSVP to Betsy, Gillian Amery or Claude Saks. Newcomers will get an overview of Rotary.
  • District Assemblies are coming. Find all the details in recent emails and minutes. It’s just a half day!
  • District Governor Jack’s demotion luncheon is June 28, 11-2 in Oxnard. Register online.
  • David Velarde presented the students of the month from La Cuesta. Congratulations to Julio Rhea and Laura Corona!
  • Don Bennett reported progress in the club’s polio eradication campaign. Donations now total $7,500.  Our End Polio Now goal is $12,000. Bob Putney gave a great program last week. He sent Don a note, saying he felt right at home in our club. He will donate $120 to End Polio Now directly because of the reception he got from this club. He did a drawing from the people who donated last week. Kimberly Horn and David Velarde.
  • Bill Boyd invited everyone to participate in the Elings Park work day this Saturday, starting at 8 AM. Find the group at the Rotary picnic area. You access it from Cliff Drive, not the main entrance. Some food will be provided. Please bring weeding tools, kneepads, gloves, wheelbarrows, etc.
  • Getting to know you with Chris Baxter, Bill Ringer and Luz Maria Ortiz Smith. Bill Ringer‘s bucket list includes a visit to Myanmar (Burma). Burma and North Korea are the two places he has not been in Asia. Luz Maria Ortiz Smith would like to travel to China. Chris Baxter‘s bucket list includes buying an airplane and getting his pilot’s license.
  • Diana Cecala announced next week’s duties. Greeters: Steve Boehm, Suzette Cobb, Pledge: Kimberly Horn; invocation: Lucille Ramirez; raffle: Mark Reinhardt; Sgt at Arms David Velarde
  • Pay and tell with Sgt at Arms David Velarde
  • Raffle results: Susan Klein-Rothschild won

Program: Craft talks with Kimberly Horn and Suzette Cobb.

Kimberly Horn:

  • Kimberly introduced the love of her life, Buddy the cat. AKA Sebastian. AKA a few other names.
  • She grew up in Agoura, CA., where she participated in track and field and Brownies.
  • Sports were a big part of her family. She played tennis, softball, soccer, track, basketball and more.
  • Travel: She enjoys travel. She did a yoga and surf camp in Costa Rica. She’s also traveled to Europe, Mexico, Thailand, Hawai’i and Costa Rica.
  • Endurance sports: She competed in the Rock n Roll Marathon in 2009. This was in Phoenix. She also competed in San Diego’s CAF Half Ironman Triathlon. It fundraised for prosthetics for athletes.
  • Service: She has volunteered with Music Academy of the West, Kathryn Harvey Fellows, CASA SB, Fast Pitch SB, Partners in Education and, of course, Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise.
  • Vocation: Growing up, Kimberly remembers going to banks and watching her totals. One time she asked her dad where her drawer was with her money at the bank. She was appalled to learn that banks loan her money to other people. So for many years, she stored all of her money at home in a drawer. She always wanted to work for herself and make her own businesses. She now works at Monarch Wealth Strategies.
  • She moved to SB in 2003.

Suzette Cobb :

  • Most of her career has been in state government. Her classification is government analyst.
  • She was always involved with employer groups.
  • Her early years were in South Carolina, where her father was a Lutheran minister. She was raised with the idea that we are here to give back and provide service to people.
  • She has twin brothers living in the Bay Area.
  • Her daughter, Samantha, is an estate planning attorney in SF. She also has a grandson.
  • From SC, her family moved to London where her dad was doing missionary work. Refugees from Hungary lived with them.
  • There was a a lot of discrimination against Americans. She had to go to 4 different schools, including one where a teacher picked her up and put her in a trash can for answering a math questions wrong.
  • She frequently traveled around Europe with her family.
  • After 3 years they returned to South Carolina, relocating to Charleston.
  • College part 1: Next they moved to La Canada. She enrolled in Cal Lutheran University, which was then a college. Their classrooms were literally chicken coops. She earned a bachelor’s in psychology and interned at Camarillo State Hospital.
  • She worked with autistic and schizophrenic youth.
  • Next, she became a counselor in a residential facility in San Francisco.
  • College part 2: At San Francisco State University, she earned a master’s of arts in counseling education and a people personnel credential. She can be a counselor for kindergarten through junior college.
  • She got a job as an employment counselor with EDD.
  • She gave inmates at San Quentin job counseling.
  • Believe it or not: Charles Manson wanted help writing a resume, and she turned down that assignment.
  • In Sacramento, she put her training skills to use to become a member of the capacity building team under the umbrella of the Workforce Investment Act. She trained staff in working with clients who had multiple barriers to employment.
  • Then she moved to Santa Barbara. She wanted to continue giving back. She became a consultant with the Department of Rehabilitation.
  • Current vocation: Now she’s completing training as a certified senior adviser to be an advocate for them. She wants to help prevent elder abuse. She will also be able to serve as a conservator.
  • There are only 4 kinds of people in this world: those who have been caregivers, those who are currently caregivers, those who will be caregivers and those who will need caregivers.
  • In recognition of our speakers, the club will donate 15 dictionaries to third graders in Santa Barbara.
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