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Minutes: How Much Do You Know about TR? (03/26/2014)

March 30, 2014

Greeters: Steve Boehm, Suzette Cobb
Sergeant-At-Arms: David Velarde
​Invocation: Lucille Rameriz
Flag Salute: Kimberly Horn

​Raffle: Mark Reinhardt brought a $40 gift card to Fresco and a bottle of Crema de Macademia; Judith McCaffrey added two tickets to a wine tasting fundraiser for Parks & Rec

Visiting Rotarians: Paul Jaconette
​Guests: Laura Polito, Heidi Kaiser, Mya Doerr, David Rader


  • Bill Boyd described the work day at Elings Park. We took out the old irrigation system and installed three new lines of irrigation. On April 26, we will return for Rotarians at Work Day. The photos from the work day are now available on the RC of SB Sunrise Flickr site.
  • Scott Burns described the inbound/outbound Youth Exchange Students for 2014-15. Our outbound is Autusa Pardisi, a 9th grader at SB High School. We also expect to have an inbound student and are looking for club members who could host a high school student for about 3 months.
  • Don Bennett and Foundation President Janet Napier provided an update on the polio fundraising campaign. We have now reached $9,360 of the $12,000 goal. The annual fund total is still short of its goal by $1,810. Nineteen of our longtime members have not yet made a pledge. We’d like 100% donation, even if you’re only donating $5.
  • Joe Clark got “stepped up” by the Elks last night. He’s now a lecturing knight. One of the Elings family is an Elks member, and he was impressed by the work our club does at the park. They may be interested in partnering on the project.
  • Betsy Munroe announced next week’s duties. Greeters: Gary Jensen, Maurice Moreno; Flag: Jacqueline Duran; Invocation: Connard Hogan; Raffle: Eric Ryan; Sgt. at Arms: Joe Weiland
  • Getting To Know You with Fred Gaeden, Andrew Chung and Judith McCaffrey. Judith would love to go to Ecuador and South America as a whole. Fred would like to go to Beaune, France, to meet his wife’s relatives. Andrew chose Santa Barbara because he and his wife enjoyed their visits here during their courtship. They moved here in 1995.
  • Pay & Tell with Sgt at Arms David Velarde.
  • Jerry Smith announced it will be his last meeting with the club. When he went to the first meeting of the club 29 years ago, he met a lot of really bright young men. And he wanted to be a part of that. It’s been a challenge to keep up with the energy in the club. He didn’t want to ever be a knife-and-fork Rotarian, and he fears he’s close to that. He’s been proud to be part of this club, and we’ve been proud to have him.
  • Raffle Results: Joe Clark won BOTH items! ​

Program: Joanne Orenstein introduced David Rader to speak about Teddy Roosevelt (TR).

  • TR was a Republican. David recommends a new book about TR called “Bully Pulpit” by Doris Kearns Goodwin (who also wrote “Lincoln”).
  • Ken Burns will release three Roosevelt films.
  • TR assumed the presidency from the VP role when President William McKinley was shot. McKinley survived the shooting, but gangrene set in after they removed the bullet — and that killed him. In the following election, TR ran and won in his own right.
  • TR was the youngest president at age 42.
  • He left the White House in 1908. Taft followed him as president. TR didn’t approve of Taft’s direction, so he returns in the next election to run again. He beat Taft, but not Woodrow Wilson.
  • TR was shot on his way to speak at a big event during the campaign. He asked the shooter, who had been stalking him through eight states, “What were you doing?” He wanted to kill him because there was a stigma against running for a third term. Also, McKinley had appeared to the shooter in a dream and told him TR killed him. TR went to give his talk instead of going to the hospital. He spoke for 90 minutes before going to the hospital. He didn’t have the bullet extracted — after what he saw happen to McKinley.
  • He persevered through adversity. As a boy, he was scrawny and had asthma that nearly killed him.
  • He lost his mother and his wife on the same day, just days after his child was born.
  • After that he goes on to live “the strenuous life” and becomes incredibly fit.
  • He explored Brazil. He climbed the Matterhorn. He died at 60.
  • More books: “The 7 Lives of TR,” “The Wilderness Warrior,” “The Big Burn”
  • David shared a short video about TR.
  • As a token of our appreciation, it is the Club’s practice to donate 15 dictionaries to local 3rd graders in your honor. We have a book plate with your name on it that will be placed into the dictionaries.
  • Next Week’s Program: Madeline Ward from the City of SB with her talk “Saving Water During the Drought.”
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