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Minutes: A Bit of History about the Wharf (05/21/2014)

May 21, 2014

Invocation:  Ken Beisser
Flag Salute:  Karen Kawaguchi
Raffle:  Kimberly Horn brought a gift certificate for “C’est Cheese.”  Chris Tucker won.

Visiting Rotarians: Bill Odwyer (Brazil), Laurene Winkler (Canada), Jennifer Goddard Cumbs (Montecito)
Guests:  Amanda Allen (speaker), Patty Deck (Ted’s wife), Neil Bruskin (business owner at Stearns Wharf)

* President Betsy Munroe thanked David Velarde and Joanne Schoenfeld for filling for her in her absence.
* President Betsy recognized Tom Putnam for bringing in a new member.  He received a new member pin.
* President Betsy recognized two Paul Harris Fellows.  Jim Ruh was recognized for Paul Harris Fellow + 1.  Chris Baxter was recognized for Paul Harris +2.
* There is a reminder for those who would like to attend District Governor’s “Demotion Luncheon”
* There is a retirement party for Sherri Fisher on July 17 as Sherri is leaving MTD after 40 years.  If anyone would like more information, please see President Betsy.
* Dana Goba announced that a Group 8 social will be held at the Polo Fields on September 28.  RSVPs and money will be needed ahead of time.  Save the Date!
* Tom Heath acknowledged those who came to help at Camp Whittier.  Tom Putnam, Bill Ringer, and Bill Boyd were daylong weed whackers.  Geoff put a door together.  Kimberly Horn and Chris Baxter became irrigation experts.  Bill Abel went out of his way to bring up beverages for the group.  There is now an outdoor washing station.
* Susan Klein-Rothschild expressed appreciation for all of those who volunteered at the dental clinic.  46 people were served (a few including a child with lice will be re-scheduled) receiving about $17,000 in dental treatment.  A big thank you to Bill Boyd, Scott Burns, Pat Hardy, Chris Tucker, and Bill Abel who volunteered at the dental clinic.  Chris Tucker spoke up and noted that many of the seniors were especially appreciative and stated it made a real difference in their health.  
* President Betsy asked Board chairs to be ready to thank their committee members.
* Getting to Know You:  Richard Redmond wanted to be a cartoonist.  Jim Ruh would like to write creatively, not like a lawyer.  

Program: Amanda Allen – Executive Director of the Ty Warner Sea Center
* Amanda is presenting on the history of Stearns Wharf.  
* Streans Wharf was established in 1872.
* John Peck Stearns was born in 1828.  With a loan from Mr. Hollister he was able to build Streans Wharf. This was needed to bring goods to land.
* A cyclone and tornado hit Santa Barbara when the wharf was only 5 years old.  Over 1,000 feet of decking were destroyed.
* It was used for fishing, bringing people ashore, and bringing goods ashore.
* The city owns the wharf now and makes sure the wharf serves the need of the community.
* The wharf is 2,300 feet long, has 2,307 pilings and 17 businesses.  It is the oldest wood working wharf in California.
*  There were fires at the wharf on 1921, 1973, 1986, and 1998.
* The wharf was rebuilt, and it’s doing better than ever.
* The merchants on the Stearns Wharf now are: Bait & Tackle, Coastal Treasures, Natures Own Gallery, Devil & the Deep Blue Sea, Mother Stearns Candy Company, Conway Family Wines Deep Sea Tasting Room, Madame Rosinka, The Great Pacific Ice Cream Company, Char West Fish and Chips, The Harbor Restaurant, Longboard Grill, Moby Dick, Santa Barbara Shellfish Company, Old Wharf Trading Company, Topside, Ty Warner Sea Center, Santa Barbara Water Taxi.
* Stearns Wharf is well visited on the Fourth of July and the Parade of Lights.  May and October are great times for locals to visit.

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