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Minutes: Get Smarter About Public Health (05/28/2014)

May 30, 2014

Greeters:  Claude Saks, Tom Putnam 
Invocation:  A shared club affair
Flag Salute:  Judith McCaffrey
Raffle:  Joanne Schoenfeld brought summer fun including a cooler and drinks for picnics.  Judith McCaffrey was the winner.

Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests: Karen, Steve’s Kally’s wife

* Claude Saks was recognized with a first time sponsoring a member pin.  Rotary International started a new program if a Rotarian brings a new member into the club.
* Scott Burns received a Paul Harris fellow +3.  He does many things behind the scenes for our club, such as RYLA.
* The Goleta Rotary Clubs are looking for volunteers for the 4th of July Fireworks event.  There are information sheets on our tables.
* President Betsy Munroe reminded Rotarians of Sherri Fisher’s retirement party.  Please see Betsy for invites/rsvp’s.
* Maria Gloria, our exchange student, spoke a bit about RYLA.  Gloria learned about leadership.  It have been an awesome year!  She remembers Scott and his big hat when she arrived at LAX.  Gloria stayed with Scott Burns and his family.  Then she moved to Judith McCaffrey’s home.  Gloria said it has been one of the best experiences of her entire life!
* Dana Goba asked members to look at the many ways Rotarians can be involved in the next Rotary year.  There is an individual handout for each person to sign up.  There are a number of club members who are interested in doing different things, so don’t assume the same Rotarians will do the same things they always have.  Dana asked each club member to consider signing up in three areas.
* Next week assignments:  Greeter – Scott Johnson, Flag – Bob McPhilips, Invocation – Kim Coley, Raffle – Darren Doi, Sargent in Arms – Gary Jensen

Speaker:  Susan Klein-Rothschild on Public Health

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