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Minutes: The Thank You Meeting (06/18/2014)

June 18, 2014

​Invocation:  Steve Kally 
​Flag Salute:  Jim Ruh
​Raffle:  Joe Clark brought wine and a $50 gift certificate to Fresco

​Kule Club uke group played Hawaiian songs.

​Guests: Pam

President’s Announcements:

  • ​Betsy Munroe gave Joe Clark a sponsor pin from RI with a blue backing for bringing in a new member to Sunrise.
  • According to our District Gov., as of 6/11 District 5240 is #3 for total giving among the districts in Zone 26 which is one of the best zones in the world for total giving (this includes annual fund, polio, grants, and endowments). So thank you all for making this happen, let’s applaud ourselves!  For those of you who haven’t given and still want to, there’s still 1.5 weeks.
  • Reminders:  (1)  Goleta Rotary Clubs are looking for volunteers to help at their July 4th event.  The contact info is on our blogle but if you can’t find it, email Betsy Munroe.
  • Sherrie Fisher’s retirement July 17th requires an rsvp THIS WEEK.
  • Janet Napier called to order the members of the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise Foundation. The membership approved the appointment of Jim Ruh and Steve Kally to the board. The board will meet immediately following the meeting.
  • Betsy Munroe announced next week’s duties. Greeters: Claude Saks, E. Russell Smith;  Flag: Bill Boyd; Invocation: Janet Napier; Raffle: Jim Ruh; Sgt. at Arms:  Gary Jensen
  • Getting To Know You with Tom Heath and Scott Johnson. What’s something we don’t know about you? Scott said that he’s a closet Disneyland person. He reads Mice Age and he’ll go to the park to study changes they’ve made to the park. He’s an annual pass holder. Tom said he and Raquel adopted another sheltie dog last week, so they now have 3. Her name is Gigi.
  • Gary Jensen reminded the club that tThe Fiddlers committee meets tomorrow at 5:30 PM at MTD on Olive Street.
  • Pay & Tell with Sergeant at Arms Gary Jensen.
  • Raffle: They raised $75. David Velarde won.


  • Betsy invited the board members up to recognize their committee members.  Gillian Amery/Claude Saks (Membership); Diana Cecala (Club Service); Kimberly Coley (Community Service); Darren Doi/Sandra O’Meara (Treasurers); Fred Gaeden (Foundation); Tom Putnam (Vocational); Lucille Ramirez (Youth Services); Bill Ringer (International Services); Dana Goba (Secretary/Pres. Elect); David Velarde (Vice President); including Janet Napier (Foundation President). Betsy made a donation to the Red Cross in their honor.
  • Committee Recognitions:
  • Gillian/Claude​​: They thanked Scott Burns, Tom Putnam, Maurice Moreno
  • Kimberly Coley: She thanked the community service committee members, including Connard Hogan (dictionaries), Don Bennett (Salvation Army bell ringing), Bill Boyd (Elings Park work days), Tom Heath (Camp Whittier), SKR (dental clinics), Luz Maria Ortiz Smith, E. Russelll Smith, Dana Goba, Janet Napier, David Velarde, and Sandy Grasso-Boyd. She gave them Girl Scout cookies and champagne.
  • Diana Cecala: She thanked those who helped with club service. Joanne Schoenfeld Orenstein (programs chair), E. Russell Smith (setup and regular backup greeter), Liz Werhane ( takes notes and does the bloggle), Karen Kawaguchi (Club Runner), Susan Klein-Rothschild, Brooke Sawyer, Bill Abel (photographer), Tom Putnam and Scott Johnson (technical support), Fred Gaeden
  • Janet Napier: She thanked the foundation board and co-treasurer, Kimberly Coley, Tom Putnam, Tim Durnin, Don Bennett, David Velarde, Bill Ringer, Sandy Grasso-Boyd, and Darren Doi.

Lucille Ramirez and Bill Ringer will do theirs at another meeting

The Kule club played another song.

Thank you to everyone!

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