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Minutes: “The Saga Begins” (07/02/2014)

July 2, 2014

New president Dana Goba called the meeting to order with a loud clang of the bell.

Invocation: Chris Baxter
Flag Salute: Ken Beisser
Raffle: Bruce Belfiore brought a $50 gift certificate to Via Maestra and a bottle of Barolo
Sgt At Arms: David Velarde

Presidents announcements:

  • Dana Goba (she’s the new president!) announced the new Rotary theme: “Light Up Rotary.” Lucille Ramirez passed out theme pins.
  • Dana Goba reminded members to volunteer at the Goleta 4th of July fireworks at Girsch Park. It runs 4-9:30. There’s music and fun.
  • Sgt at Arms David Velarde passed out the new fine cards — when he felt like it.

Club Announcements:

  • Bill Ringer presented his International Committee thank yous from the prior Rotary year. This includes: Sandy Grasso-Boyd, Bill Boyd, Janet Napier, Connard Hogan, Luz Maria Ortiz Smith, E Russell Smith, Karen Kawaguchi, Chris Baxter, Tom Heath, Bill Abel. He presented them with Vaseline lip therapy.
  • Janet Napier thanked those who helped with the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise Foundation: Don Bennett, Bill Ringer, Sandy Grasso-Boyd, Darren Doi. She gave them thank you notes.
  • Claude Saks announced that he’s resigning from the club.
  • Betsy Munroe, wearing Disney mouse ears, shared that she went to District Governor Jack M’s stepdown. Our club was honored with a presidential citation from RI President Ron Burton; the Rotary District 5240 Gold Club of Distinction 2013-2014; Sunrise was in the top 10 for Polio Plus contributions and the top 15 for total of all funds; District 5240 is #3 in the zone for Polio Plus contributions; $1.3 million raised for polio from our district so far.
  • Raffle: Bruce collected $114. Chris Tucker won.
  • Concerts in the Park start tomorrow evening with the Sgt. Pepper Band.
  • Pay and tell with Sgt at Arms David Velarde.
  • Next week’s duties: Greeters: Steve Boehm and Scott Burns. Invocation: Diana Cecala. Flag Pledge: Andrew Chung. Raffle: Suzette Cobb. Sgt. At Arms: Kimberly Coley.

Program: Dana Goba “Keeping Sunrise Weird”

  • The weirdness began in Michigan, where Dana was born and raised.
  • Her father is a retiree living in Florida. Her brother is in Ohio. No two relatives live in the same state, and they all get along well.
  • She credits her father with getting her into volunteering and service.
  • She went to Central Michigan University, studying logistics, marketing, and management information systems. Dana recently earned her MBA through Cal State Channel Islands.
  • Work history: SupplySolution. She then moved to Santa Barbara and began working for United Way. She also worked in community relations at the Santa Barbara News-Press — for a month. She then returned to nonprofits, working as the Community Health Administrator at Cottage Health System.
  • She and her fiance, Eirik Holm, recently honeymooned in Australia and New Zealand. They’re getting married on September 20.
  • Her Rotary history begins with Rotaract. She was an officer in Rotaract. She particularly enjoyed getting to know the local Rotary clubs and Rotarians. She went on a Group Study Exchange trip to Thailand (2009). While there, she got to visit a Sunrise water project in Lampang. Then she joined RC of Santa Barbara Sunrise. She enjoyed the RI Convention. It was inspiring.

1. Have fun. This includes our club’s 30th birthday, more social activities, and fun programs.
2. Get to know each other. Encourage more family and friends at projects and events. Sen Dana a couple of little-known facts about yourself. For example, Dana has drank champagne out of the Stanley Cup.
3. Better communication. Check out the new calendar link on the Blogle. We’re also working on digital file storage so that we don’t lose continuity of information.

THEME: “Keep Sunrise weird.”

Dana explained: “That is the reason why I joined Santa Barbara Sunrise — all the weird people in the room. … We can do anything we want this year as long as it’s weird.”
She also has a fixation with Weird Al. The new fine cards show each of the 14 albums he’s released. (FYI, he has a new album coming out July 15.)
For those unfamiliar with Weird Al’s art, Dana played “White and Nerdy.”

She thanked her weird board, insisting they’ve been stepping up — even though they’ve been in office two days.

The meeting ended with a sock off among David Vo, Graham Guess, and E. Russell Smith.

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