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Minutes: “If That Isn’t Love” (o8/13/2014)

August 17, 2014
Invocation: Tom Putnam
Flag Pledge: Lucille Ramirez
Raffle: Richard Redmond brought a $50 gift certificate to the movies. 
Sgt. At Arms: Bill Ringer 

Guests: Boris Alves, Jordyn Lilly, Cora Lilly, Thomas Rubio, Minette Riordan, Caryn Kally


  • Fiesta. Not that it is a competition, but… oh wait, it is! We won the Sweepstakes Prize for our Group 8 float.  Dana Goba thanked Bill Abel for all his time working on the float. Other helpers included Bill Boyd, Gary Jensen, Tom Putnam, Dana Goba, Lucille Ramirez, Janet Napier, Connard Hogan, Liz Alves 
  • Scott Burns reported on RYLA. He received a nice thank you note from Jordyn Lilly. She shared her experience with the club. Thomas Rubio, another RYLA grad, shared how influential RYLA was. It gave him confidence to pursue things he might not have otherwise. Both attended Bishop DIego High School. Thomas will transfer from SBCC to Westmont this Fall.
  • Upcoming Weird Events: Don’t forget the Rotaract Miniature Golf Tournament or International Committee Trip or the District 5240 Conference
  • Speaking of the conference… Chris Baxter invited members to participate in the Epic bike ride from Paso Robles to Monterey on Friday, Oct. 4. That’s 200k, but you could also choose to do 100k, 50k, or 30k. On Saturday, there’s a 5k/10k run/walk. There’s also a 10 mile and 20 mile poker bike ride. There will be weekly training rides. This Saturday there’s a training ride in Templeton. You can do part or all of the ride. All of these events are fundraisers for Polio Plus, and the funds will be matched.
  • Also, District Governor Loretta Butts wants to honor veterans at the conference, so please list your service on the clipboard going around the room.
  • Fiddlers’ Festival has a committee meeting on Thursday, August 14, 5:30 at MTD. Volunteers are needed to put together the program for the event and to collect raffle items. Sandy Grasso-Boyd posted videos from last year’s event on the Fiddlers’ website. We need all hands on deck.
  • Geoff Rue reminded members to RSVP by September 7 for the Group 8 Social at the Polo fields. It’s on September 28 from 12:30-4:45 PM. If you do not register, you can’t access the Rotary tent. It will be billed on your quarterly statement. It’s $30 for adults and $16 for people ages 5-15.
  • Lucille Ramirez announced next week’s duties. Greeters: Geoff Rue & Jim Ruh; Invocation: Eric Ryan; Flag Pledge: Luz Maria Ortiz Smith; Raffle: E. Russell Smith; Sgt. At Arms: Colin Stephens
  • Weird Al Video: “If That Isn’t Love” The song is about all of the extremely unromantic and sometimes misguided things that the singer does to show his love for his significant other.
  • Raffle Results: Sandy Grasso-Boyd won.
  • Pay & Tell with Sgt at Arms Bill Ringer.    
Program: Bill Boyd introduced Dr. Minette Riordan to present “Are You a Bulldozer or a Border Collie? How to Improve Your Relationships with One Easy Tool”
  • She’s also the author of “From Fizzle to Sizzle.” She’s a business coach. She’s the incoming president of the Association of Women in Communication.
  • She introduced the idea of core temperament as distinct from personality. The temperaments are bulldozer, border collie, detective, and ringmaster. 
  • Core temperament is the 30-40% of your personality that doesn’t change over time. It influences how you adapt, grow and change across your lifetime. It shows how you relate to time, tasks, people, information, and stress. 
  • Most people have different temperaments for home versus work.  
  • Understanding your core temperament and your partner’s (or co-workers’ or kids’) temperament can help make people more predictable. You can know how to talk so the other person can hear you. You can shift your focus to the needs of the other person.
  • Bulldozer: Driven achievers. They forget that anyone is following. They want to clear the way and win. They forget about the people around because they’re so focused on their goals. Michael Jordan, Donald Trump.  
  • Border collie: Adaptive supporter. Loyal and stubborn. They tend to lead from behind. They love people too much. Sensitive to criticism. Need support. They volunteer to do things. They can be great communicators. 
  • Detective: Appreciates facts and figures and research. Often they’re CPAs, accountants, financial planners, CFOs. Analysis. They’re great worker bees and team players. They’re task focused. 
  • Ringmaster: Creative influencer. They draw attention to themselves. Public speaking, artists, entertainers. They can also be introverted. Adventure seekers, travelers, trying new things. Not detail oriented. They may not get their tasks done. This type of person tends to hop through careers.  
  • Minette will email the assessment to interested people. 
  • As a token of our appreciation, the club will donate 15 dictionaries to local 3rd graders in your honor.
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