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Minutes: This Is the Life (09/10/2014)

September 21, 2014

Invocation: Lucille Ramirez
Flag Pledge: Lucille Ramirez
Raffle: Lucille Ramirez
Sgt. At Arms: Fred Gaeden

Visiting Rotarians: To be updated

Guests: To be updated


  • Weird meeting location. The  SB Club is under construction. Sept 10, 17, Nov. 5, 12, 19.
  • Weird Rotary anniversaries: Colin Stephens 15, Karen Kawaguchi 15, Dennis Johns 14, Bruce Belfiore 8, Liz Alves 4, Maurice Moreno 2
  • Dana Goba honored Karen Kawaguchi and Don Bennett with a Paul Harris Fellow. The presentation of Paul Harris Fellow recognition is The Rotary Foundation’s way of expressing its appreciation for a substantial contribution to its humanitarian and educational programs. As we know, it is named for our founder, Paul Harris, who started Rotary International in 1905. We had the pleasure of recognizing Karen and Don as Paul Harris Fellows for their time, talent, and treasure. Karen is a PHF +7. Don Bennett is a PHF +5.
  • Don Bennett is resigning from the club after more than 28 years. He spoke about his time in the club. He was particularly involved in the Polio Plus campaigns, Salvation Army bell ringing, and Ole jokes.
  • Our Rotary Youth Exchange Student Autusa arrived in Trieste, Italy. She is determined to learn Italian. In the photos from the airport you can see her hosts, Massimo, Lucia, and their 2 daughters Rachele and Laura and my family with Samuele and Patrizia. The president of Rotaract Club of Trieste, Marianna, also welcomed her. The president of Rotary Trieste, Fabio Santorini, and the tutor of Autusa, Alberto Pasino, send their greetings to our club. The news was provided by  Marino Predonzani, president of the Commission for Future Generations of Rotary Club Trieste.
  • Upcoming Weird Club Events: (1) International Committee Trip (2) Fiddlers Festival on Oct. 12. (3) Social for Brooke Sawyer on Oct. 26 from 3-5 PM. (4) Rotary Holiday Party
  • Upcoming Weird Group 8 Events: (1) Rotaract Miniature Golf Tournament on Saturday at the Courthouse from 10-4. (2) Group 8 Social at the polo fields on Sept. 28.
  • Upcoming Weird District Events: (1) Membership Seminar on Sept. 20 from 9-11 AM at the Braille Institute. (2) District Conference the first weekend of October in Monterey. PRLS opportunities are coming up.
  • Weird Personal Event: President Dana Goba won’t be checking emails much in the next couple weeks because she’s getting married!
  • Lucille Ramirez announced next week’s duties. Greeters: Kimberly Horn and Graham Guess; Invocation: Pat Hardy; Flag Pledge: Tom Heath; Raffle: Connard Hogan; Sgt. At Arms: Jody Dolan Holehouse
  • Weird Al Video: In honor of Michael Keaton’s 62nd birthday, we watched This Is The Life.
  • Fiddlers’ Tickets are now available for  pre-sale through Eventbrite. $18 adult ticket until October 10. $20 after October 10 and at the door.  Net $16.02. Senior, student, and child tickets at the door. Optional donation field.  Help spread the word. Fiddlers’ Posters.  Signs at the event to educate people on Rotary and RCSBS projects.
  • Richard Redmond would like help with the vendors
  • Little known fact: This Rotarian built an X-ray machine for a science project, and was then required to turn it off when they realized he was radiating people. It was Tom Putnam.
  • Raffle Results: Connard Hogan won.
  • Pay & Tell with Sgt at Arms Fred Gaeden.

Program: Sandy Grasso-Boyd and Andy Doerr presented regarding Fiddlers’ followed by guests from Puerto Vallarta

  • Sandy Grasso-Boyd introduced club members to the Fiddlers’ website. She shared an overview video. You can watch it any time from her photo website.
  • Andy Doerr, former member of this club and director of the Fiddlers’ Festival, described the festival, what it’s about, and why we do it.
  • The festival was started in 1972 on the lagoon lawn at UCSB. We owe this festival to the Rolling Stones and Hell’s Angels. He’s not saying why.
  • It was founded by Peter Feldman to provide a place for musicians at all levels to come together, compete, and share the music they love. For the contest, the music should date before 1940, which is about when Bluegrass came on the scene.
  • The Stow House venue is time appropriate.
  • This event attracts some of the best musicians in these genres.
  • It raises an average of $10,000 each year. He thinks we should be able to raise more. Help Kimberly Horn with fundraising and invite people!

Representatives from the Rotary Club of Puerto Vallarta Sur shared a video about their community.

  • There is great need in Puerto Vallarta. One of the club’s top priorities is to provide a community center and shelter for families who currently wait outside the hospital while their loved ones get service at the hospital. It would also include education and training. One training program will be a 6-month sewing program. They will also have a water purification system.
  • Gil shared that the project is 14 million pesos, or $1.1 million.
  • They have a 30-year lease from the city, as well as the permits and licenses.
  • The hospital expects to grow 40% starting next year, making the need to support the families even greater.
  • They have partnered with many other clubs and organizations — at least 10 different clubs.
  • He will leave our club with lots of information about the projects.
  • Dana Goba exchanged Rotary banners with representatives from the clubs.
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