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Minutes: Bedrock Anthem (10/01/2014)

October 4, 2014

Visiting Rotarians: David Gore

Guests: Diana Washburn, Sergio Castellanos, Joshua Ford, Carmen Munoz, Andrew Reynoso, Andy Doerr, Caryn Kally, James Bedard


  • Susan Klein Rothschild introduced the Student of the Month from La Cuesta, Andrew Reynoso. His teacher James Bedard thanked the club for recognizing students and shared why Andrew was selected as student of the month.
  • Happy 50th birthday to Chris Baxter.
  • Happy Rotary anniversary to Richard Redmond and Kimmie Coley.
  • Fiddlers’ Festival: Andy Doerr asked members to please volunteer. We need help on Friday and Saturday bringing items to the grounds. You can also help raise money. We’re still selling ad space in the program. We’re selling tickets. We’re also selling sponsorships of the contest categories. Let people know it’s a music AND arts festival. Bill Boyd needs 2-4 more pop-ups tents. We also need a truck to transport supplies. Gary Jensen and Andy have extra posters, so help hang them around town. Thanks to Maurice Moreno for donating some raffle items. We also have donations from Folk Mote and other local shops. Robin Cederloaf of the Stow House is going to do a d-chord sponsorship. Sandy Grasso-Boyd will be giving photos to CASA. We’ve sold some tickets online and hope to sell more. The event was listed in Westways magazine.
  • Sandy Grasso-Boyd invited us all to Brooke’s celebration on Oct. 26.
  • Our holiday party will be Dec. 13.
  • Save the date for March 7 at Lobero Theatre from 6-9 PM for our club’s 30th anniversary. Thanks to Lucille Ramirez for organizing it.
  • The team of 7 has returned from Nicaragua. Thanks to Chris Baxter, Bill Boyd, Connard Hogan, Tom Putnam, Ted Deck, Janet Napier and Tom Heath for representing our club. Chris Baxter said they rededicated the two medical clinics there and provided a lot of medical supplies. They also learned more about what will be required for the water project working with Water Missions International. Tom Heath said the communities they’re working with are great, especially the partner Rotary club. Water Missions International will do the design and construction of the water project. It will provide water to 510 homes in 2 villages. They will have their own water meters, and a water company will be formed. Bill Boyd was impressed by the young people there, who were involved in meetings and doing the labor like painting.
  • Thanks to Geoff Rue for organizing our club’s participation in the Group 8 social at the Carpinteria Polo Fields. Bill Abel and David Velarde shared comments about the afternoon, including this sage advice: Don’t start drinking with the Rotaract Club.
    David Velarde reported on the Region 3 Membership seminar at the Braille Institute. It was good.
  • The District 5240 Conference is this weekend in Monterey.
  • Foundation seminars are coming.
  • Chris Baxter reported that Past District Governor Anil Garg will be leading a National Immunization Day (NID) trip to India in February 2015. If you are interested, contact Chris or Anil. Kimberly Coley is going. Past NID participants from our club include Bob McPhillips, Connard Hogan, Luz Maria Ortiz Smith, Janet Napier, Karen Kawaguchi and other people who sat down too fast for the scribe to get.
  • President Dana Goba enjoyed her weird wedding to Eirik Holm. The card she got from the Rotary Club was her favorite card.
  • Next week’s duties were announced.
  • The Flintstones first broadcast was on this day in 1960. In its honor, Dana Goba played the Bedrock Anthem by Weird Al in the style of Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  • Raffle raised: $84. The winner is Geoff Rue — yabba daba doo.

Program: Janet Napier and friends shared a Foundation Presentation.

  • Background: We have the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise Charitable Foundation and The Rotary Foundation (TRF). Club members asked where funds come from for activities like dental clinics in the community and international projects.
  • Luz Maria Ortiz Smith described the difference between the two foundations.
  • The Rotary Foundation works on a SHARE system — we share the resources locally and internationally. Money goes into TRF from Rotarians and non-Rotarians. For example, we can make restricted giving gifts to Polio Plus and/or Global Grants.
  • We can also give to the endowment fund, of which only the earnings are spent. There are a few ways to give to the endowment fund.
  • We can also contribute to TRF without allocating it. That goes to the annual fund. In our club, we ask each member to make a donation to the annual fund of TRF in the amount of at least $100.
  • That money is then invested, and after 3 years, 50% of the contributions go to the World fund and 50% comes back to our district to be used with District Designated Funds. We use District Designated Funds for things like Nicaragua and dental clinics. The more we give, the more we get back.
  • When you contribute to the endowment fund,  please select SHARE so that 50% of the earnings come back to the district.
  • We need money in the RCSBSCF to match district designated funds.
  • Members contribute through our annual club commitment (our pledge forms), fine cards, and fundraisers.
  • Some projects are only funded through the RCSBSCF, like our work at Elings Park and sending students to RYLA.
  • The club board runs the club. The foundation board runs the foundation. The foundation board generates a budget and discusses projects the foundation funds.
    The foundation BoD includes Janet Napier, Sandy Grasso-Boyd, Tom Putnam, Betsy Munroe, Chris Baxter, Bill Abel, Steve Kally, JIm Ruh, Tim Durnin, Fred Gaeden (TRF representative).
  • For RCSBSCF budget information, contact one of the board members. [Scribe note: These numbers are not included here as the minutes are public.]
  • It’s pledge form time! Each member received a pledge form. Please complete one and donate your money soon. There are multiple categories. President Dana Goba‘s goal is $150/member to the annual fund of TRF. You also select an amount to give to the RCSBSCF. Recommended donations are $200-$600, but do what makes sense for your family. You also select how much to contribute in unrestricted funds via the fine cards and restricted funds for RCSBSCF for polio eradication or the Nicaragua project. You can also donate appreciated stock. Please complete your form by Oct. 31 and pay at least half of your pledge. You can pay the other half of your pledge in 2015.
  • The RCSBSCF also has an endowment. Per tradition, any memorial contributions to our club’s charitable foundation go to our endowment fund.
    The TRF endowment fund is not on the pledge form, but you can do it directly through the Rotary site.
  • If you donate securities, you are not subject to capital gains tax. You get a tax deduction for the fair market price.
  • You can give to the bequest society, putting Rotary in your will. The minimum is $10,000. You know what makes it fun? You get a button.
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