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Minutes: Money for Nothing (10/08/14)

October 10, 2014

Invocation: Jim Ruh
Pledge: E. Russell Smith
Raffle: Tom Heath brought two bottles of Paso Robles wine

Visiting Rotarians: Simon Yates, Diane Yates (Rotary Club of Crewe and Nantwich Weaver)

Guests: Diana Washburn, Cherie Topper, Charly Monoyer, Todd Moleski, Andy Doerr, Sherri Fisher


  • Tara Stoker invited members to the Celebration of Life for Tara’s boyfriend Mark Noble on Saturday, October 11 at11 AM at El Montecito Presbyterian Church
  • Youth Exchange Student Charly Monoyer shared a video about Belgium
  • Fiddlers Festival on Oct 12 from 10 AM to 5 PM at Rancho La Patera.
    – Don’t forget to sell your 10 tickets. You can also still help get sponsorships for contest prizes.
    – We have 3 donors over $1,000 each this year.
    – We still need volunteers. We need a volunteer for backstage at the event. We need more volunteers for the food booth during the 11-2 rush. Mark Reinhardt will coordinate the volunteers.
    – Encourage people who come to the event to do the Stow House tours
    – Help needed on Friday at 3 PM to move things from storage to the grounds. Help also needed on Saturday, starting at 8 AM on the grounds.
    Sandra O’Meara said the raffle booth will be a happening place. There are 11 fabulous prizes. You can purchase tickets with cash or credit cards. Raffle prizes include things like ukeleles, jewelry, quilt, apron, painting, fruit basketand more.
    Bill Abel got 7 volunteers from Goleta Noontime.
  • Social for Brooke Sawyer on Oct 26 from 3-6 at Valle Verde. Scott Burns announced the committee meeting at 8:30 AM. Sandy Grasso-Boyd sent an evite to club members.
  • Rotary Holiday Party on Dec. 13 at Ennisbrook
  • The club’s 30th Birthday Party will be March 7 from 6-9 PM at Lobero Theatre
  • Dana Goba announced October 22 duties. Greeters: Chris Tucker and David Velarde; Invocation: David Vo; Flag salute: Joe Weiland; Raffle: Liz Alves; Sergeant at arms: Lucille Ramirez
  • Weird Al Video: In honor of the 52nd anniversary of the first broadcast of Beverly Hillbillies, we watched Weird Al’s Money for Nothing.
  • Little Known Fact: This Rotarian was a home economics major in college. The person made wedding gowns, including one with 7 layers of silk. It was Sandra O’Meara.
  • Raffle Results:  The raffle raised $96 and Bill Ringer won.
  • Pay and Tell with Sgt at Arms E. Russell Smith.

Program: “Ask Susan — an update on Public Health” with Susan Klein-Rothschild.

  • Let’s talk ebola. It transmits easily. Our county is preparing extensively, communicating with more than 1,000 health care providers, the airport, etc. They plan for how to best identify, transport, test, and treat people. Even waste management becomes a big issue. For example, if a patient is in a room, they want most things in that room to be burnable.
  • They’ll be doing their annual drill in late November to practice what to do for an emergency. Their drill was planned to be an infectious disease, so they will practice with imaginary ebola. Even media is part of the drill.
  • How to ID. The symptoms and signs of ebola are similar to other illnesses. But they also look at things about where you’ve traveled — and more questions have been added to electronic intake systems.
  • Ebola is a virus, not bacterial.
  • Enterovirus 68. This is a serious virus affecting children, and it is in California. Some children have died from it. You can find information about what to look for so it doesn’t slip through the cracks. We do not yet have any cases identified in Santa Barbara County. One scary side effect is some paralysis.
  • Flu season is coming! Flu ills about 30,000 people every year. Annual flu vaccinations are recommended. For people age 2-49, you can also get a flu mist — a nasal spray. Each year they decide what to put in the vaccine. They see what the flu looks like in Asia, and then they create the vaccine to prevent that strain. When you have more than one option for the vaccination, one probably includes more strains than others.
  • Why is flu a season? The hypothesis include: They start in Asia because of the high density of people and animals. There’s a season because at a certain point people spend more time indoors.
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