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Minutes: “It’s All About the Pentium” (10/29/2014)

November 6, 2014

Invocation: Bill Abel
Flag Pledge: Gillian Amery
Raffle: Chris Baxter brought a gift certificate to Il Fustino
Sgt. At Arms: Ken Beisser

Guests: Boris Alves, Tom Heath, Kim Ortega, Juliette Kojima, Suzi Kojima, Sergio Castellanos, David Spievak, Andy Doerr


  • Susan Klein-Rothschild honored Juliette Kojima as Student of the Month from La Cuesta High School. Her teacher spoke of Juliette’s intelligence, compassion, kindness, and drive. Juliette is interested in a career in forensic society to bring justice to families that need it.
  • Youth Exchange Student Autusa Pardisi sent some photos of her time in Trieste, Italy. She sends her thanks to the club for our support.
  • Weird International Event: There will be a National Immunization Day trip to India in February 2015. Chris Tucker is going. Kimberly Coley hopes to go.
  • Chris Baxter spoke about World Polio Day, which was October 24. Chris will present about polio in early December
  • Weird District Events: Foundation Webinars
    • Thursday, October 30, 6– 7 PM enjoy “Your Rotary Legacy – Doing Good beyond your lifetime” with Michael Dunlap – Major Gift Officer, Zone 26 TRF Staff – and PDG Brenda Cressey – TRF Endowment Major Gift Adviser – Zone 26. Register at
    • Then, Thursday, November 6, 6 – 7 PM join “Lighting up the World through Your Gift to the Annual Fund” with PDG Wade Nomura and PDG Frank Ortiz.
    • The PR Webinar will be November 4 at 5 PM. It’s titled “Incorporating New Rotary Branding Materials into Clubs” and hosted by Brian Rocha – District PR Chair. Register at
  • Weird Club Events: Thanks to the planning committee and everyone who attended the social for Brooke Sawyer. He looked great in his Cal bow tie. Members got to meet some of his family and some of his other fans from the Maritime Museum and SB Museum of Natural History.
  • The Rotary Holiday Party will be December 13 at Ennisbrook. Thanks, Ed! More details and signups will follow. If you have questions or want to help, contact Lucille Ramirez or Steve Kally.
  • We’ll celebrate the club’s 30th Birthday Party at the Lobero Theatre in the spring.
  • Andy Doerr thanks everyone for helping the Fiddlers’ Festival be a success. Andy said we made a lot of people happy at the event. He received a lot of positive feedback. We’re waiting to hear feedback from the Goleta Valley Art Association (GVAA). He particularly thanked Gary Jensen, who stepped in as a key leader this year. He thanked Tom Putnam (website and onsite), Bill Boyd (logistics), Sandy Grasso-Boyd (video and photography), Bill Abel (year-round support, drinks, permits), Ken Beisser (vendors – position open for next year), Mark Reinhardt (volunteer coordination), Janet Napier (food booth, finances), Liz Alves (publicity), Kim Horn (fundraising), Sherrie Fisher (permitting), Dana Goba (presidential), and Anne Anderson (of GVAA), and ALL volunteers. Pat Hardy shared that the leftover food from the Fiddlers’ Festival went to Transition House.
  • Andy Doerr will become a Rotarian again. He’s been visiting the Rotary Club of Los Olivos. They’re an afternoon wine club … need he say more?
  • Weird Foundation: Only 11 people have submitted their form. Goal is 100% participation, and we are only at 18%. Those who have pledges are exceeding the goals for each member. Goal is $150 per member to The Rotary Foundation. Suggest $200 to $600 per member to TRF.
  • Dana Goba announced next week’s weird duties: Greeters: Suzy Cobb, Kimmie Coley; Invocation: Steve Boehm; Flag Pledge: Scott Burns; Raffle: Diana Cecala; Sgt. At Arms: Andrew Chung
  • Weird Al Video: For our speaker, we watched It’s All About The Pentium
  • Raffle Results: Graham Guess won the raffle.
  • Pay and Tell with Sgt at Arms Ken Beisser.

Program: Bill Boyd introduced Jason Spievak, CEO of Invoca, and his program “Mad Men to Math Men: how programmatic advertising technology has taken over Madison Avenue”

  • Invoca was named the fastest growing company in the the Central Coast last year.
  • He got his BA from UC Santa Barbara and his MBA from Northwestern.
  • He has an entrepreneurial track record, with at least 3 of them going IPO. In SB, you may know him from CallWave or RingRevenue.
  • Invoca has delivered 1200% revenue worth the past 3 years. This growth is driven by internet advertising and the innovative ways companies are using your online data.
  • Advertising is transitioning to math — computer formula-based solutions are taking over for gut feel. Which ad runs where, and what color is the button, and where is the button?
  • Marketing automation: It’s software tools that marketing departments use to manage marketing channels. It provides statistics/tracking about the audience’s behaviors and interactions with the marketing materials.
  • In other words, it’s tools that automate the redundant repeated part of marketing processes and show what’s working and what’s not. For example, Salesforce.
  • Vocab: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems
  • For big ticket items — car insurance, cable TV, travel, cars — most people don’t click “buy it now.” They research online and then pick up a phone and call someone. Online tracking tools lose the scent.
  • Invoca picks up the trail using “technical magic.” They track the transactions once someone picks up the phone so offline sales can be tracked. You’ll see how online spend drives offline behavior.
  • Since you asked, magic includes millions of unique phone numbers that follow you online.
  • Invoca also interacts with other systems to pass the data through. They can also pass through user data based on your phone number.
  • More vocab: Retargeting partner.
  • Jason shared some great stories and examples of how data is tracked.
  • As a token of our appreciation, the Club will donate 15 dictionaries to local 3rd graders in Jason’s honor.  We have a book plate with your name on it that will be placed into the dictionaries.
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