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Minutes: “Sir Isaac Newton vs. Bill Nye” (11/05/2014)

November 6, 2014

Invocation: Steve Boehm
Flag Pledge: Scott Burns
Raffle: Diana Cecala brought fancy spreads, crackers and olive oil.
Sgt. At Arms: Andrew Chung

Guests of Rotarians: Boris Alves, Karen Stevens, Sandy (the furry one)


  • Weird Club Events: Rotary Holiday Party will be Saturday, December 13 at Ennisbrook. Watch for an evite. In place of a gift exchange, there will be an ornament exchange.
  • Liz Alves attended the PR webinar, “Incorporating New Rotary Branding Materials into Clubs.” It was a good reminder that we have lots of resources available to help us publicize our club.
  • There’s a Foundation Webinar on Thursday, November 6, 6 – 7 PM. “Lighting up the World through Your Gift to the Annual Fund” is hosted by PDG Wade Nomura and PDG Frank Ortiz. Please register at
  • Chris Tucker and Kim Coley will travel to participate in the National Immunization Day trip to India in February.
  • Sandra O’Meara reminded us that we’ve received our quarterly bills. Thanks to those who have already paid. You can use a credit card at 2.75%. You may have also received a bill on Tuesday. If so, that’s a former bill and past due.
  • Bob McPhillips invited members to participate in the annual Salvation Army bell ringing. We have 4 Saturdays to ring the bells outside Nordstrom.
  • Dana Goba announced next week’s duties. Greeters: Fred Gaeden, Sandy Grasso-Boyd. Invocation: Susan Klein-Rothschild. Flag Pledge: Darren Doi (sub needed); Raffle: Tim Durnin;  Sgt. At Arms: Richard Redmond
  • Weird Rotarian November Anniversaries: Jody Holehouse – 20 years, Luz María Ortiz Smith – 20 years; Tom Heath – 22 years; Susan Klein-Rothschild – 4 years; Diana Cecala – 5 years; Jim Ruh – 5 years; Ted Deck – 1 years; Graham Guess – 8 years.
  • Jeff Boehm is leaving the Club.
  • Darren Doi will be on a leave of absence until Dec. 31.
  • David Vo, Dana Goba, and David Velarde welcomed Diana Washburn as a new member to the club. Diana’s sponsor will be Sandy Grasso-Boyd. Dana asked Diana to wear the Weird Al wig (’cause that’s weird).
  • Foundation update about pledges: Last week we were at 11% participation, and this week we are at 35%. Please submit pledges to Janet Napier.
  • Goal is $150 per member to The Rotary Foundation Suggest $200 to $600 per member to TRF.
  • Our club’s 30th birthday party will be Saturday, March 7 from 6 – 9 PM at Lobero Theatre with a totally ’80s theme.
  • Pay and tell with Sgt at Arms Andrew Chung.
  • Weird Al Video: Epic Rap Battles of History: Sir Isaac Newton vs Bill Nye.
  • Raffle Results: Maurice Moreno won

Program: Bill Boyd introduced Karen Stevens and her dog Sandy “Animals + Reading = Fun” — ARF

  • She’s the author of two books, including “Animals Have Feelings, Too”
  • Reading is essential to learning.
  • More than 20 percent of the adult population continue to read so poorly that they cannot fill out an application, read a food label or read a story to a child.
  • All for Animals is a nonprofit dedicated to creating a compassionate world.
  • ARF is a key program that helps kids become better readers. They read out loud out a dog.
  • In 1999, a group in Salt Lake City started a read-to-a-dog program at the public library. It was hugely successful. Now there are thousands of read-to-a-dog programs worldwide.
  • The results: Children gain confidence and self esteem; they volunteer to read aloud in class; they’re absent less often; they develop empathetic relationship with animals.
  • The pilot started 2 years ago at Hope Elementary School.
  • Last week they started their 17th therapy dog training course. The trainer is Andrea Bratt. It’s a 5-week class. And then an independent evaluator assesses the dog.
  • Children get BFFs (best furry friends)
  • They take kids through a “may I pet your dog?” exercise. They help kids address fears of dogs.
  • They have 25 volunteers in the program.
  • They partner with many community organizations.
  • The two biggest certification agencies are Therapy Dogs International and Love on a Leash.
  • There are many physical and mental health benefits to having dogs.
  • In recognition of the speaker, the club will donate 15 dictionaries to 3rd graders in her honor.
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