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Minutes: Birds of a Feather Breakfast Together (01/14/2015)

January 14, 2015

Scribe’s note: The scribe reserves the right to discontinue using Weird Al song titles as the headlines for our minutes. Being inconsistent is weird, and therefore good. Welcome to 2015.

Greeters: Diana Washburn & E. Russell Smith
Invocation: Sandy Grasso-Boyd
Flag Pledge: Bruce Belfiore
Raffle: Sandra O’Meara
Sgt. At Arms: Diana Cecala

Guests:  Cherie Topper

Club announcements:

  • Diana Washburn invited people to her home on the 20th at 4 PM for dictionary labeling.
  • Joanne Schoenfeld Orenstein invited the Women of Rotary to her home on January 21 at 6 PM at Joanne’s home. Bring an appetizer, side dish, or a dessert and a drink. It will be an Asian buffet. You can even stop by your favorite takeout and bring something.
  • Steve Kally re-invited club members to join him for a hike in Ojai. Sign up.
  • Scribe’s note: Look at all these fellowship opportunities above!
  • President Dana Goba announced next week’s duties. Greeters: Connard Hogan, Jody Holehouse; Invocation: Kimberly Horn; Flag Pledge: Graham Guess; Raffle: Pat Hardy; Sgt. At Arms: Tom Heath
  • Our weird president played Weird Al’s Charles Nelson Reilly

Program: Bill Boyd introduced Cherie Topper, the executive director of the Santa Barbara Audubon Society.

  • The Santa Barbara Audubon Society, which was founded in 1963, is a chapter of the National Audubon Society. The local chapter has its own 501c3. It has 1,203 members in Santa Barbara.
  • The mission: To help conserve and restore the earth’s natural ecosystems. To improve biodiversity, especially in the Santa Barbara area. To connect people with birds and nature, through education, science-based projects, and advocacy.
  • They offer free Friday bird walks the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month. They have field trips. They offer a free program the 4th Wednesday of every month at Farrand Hall at the Museum of Natural History at 7 PM.
  • They host the winter bird count for kids.
  • They lead the Eye in theSky raptor education program. This is their signature program. They invite people to interact with rehabilitated raptors at the Museum of Natural History each day from 2-4, and they have a related curriculum they bring to local schools.
  • They do a variety of conservation advocacy and restoration work.
  • The Christmas bird count is the longest running Citizen Science program in the nation. This year was the 115th Audubon Christmas Birdcount with more than 250 participants identifying 214 species. Our count was the first in California and the second in the nation! Thanks, Frank Chapman for starting the tradition of counting instead of killing!
    She shared excerpts from the Audubon Society’s Climate Change report. You can view the report at
  • Many wintering birds have shifted their winter home northward. Their ranges are migrating north because they don’t have to go as far south to find the ideal warmth.
  • The Audubon Society prepared estimates of how climate change could affect bird habitats in the future. They examined it under three scenarios of CO2 emissions.
  • Only nine species of bird have gone extinct over the past four centuries. But now, the Audubon Society reports 314 species are now threatened by climate change.
    Consider having a bird feeder or a bird bath at your home.
  • Coal Oil Point is an Important Bird Area (IBA).
  • Cherie asked members to share the story with others.
  • Upcoming events: Jan. 24 winter bird count for kids 9-12 at Lake Los Carneros.
    Birdathon fundraiser: Screening of Pelican Dreams on March 29 at the New Vic at 1 PM and 4 PM. There will also be an April 4 trip to Anacapa Island to see one of the only brown pelican rookeries in the United States.
  • In honor of our speaker, the club will donate 15 dictionaries to third graders in her name.

Fundraising update:

  • President Dana Goba shared examples of projects that our fundraising supports, including City of the Children, Nicaragua projects, dictionaries for third graders, Camp Whittier, preserving the Elings Park picnic area, and dental clinic.
  • Update on SB Dream Vacation event: It is more complex than we anticipated, and we are working through legal issues. We need to continue raising money until the raffle is ready.
  • There’s a questionnaire at the tables (which will also be emailed to members). Please return your questionnaire to Dana Goba by Jan. 22. Results will be shared on Feb. 4.
  • What’s new with this questionnaire: a 3-year commitment, your name, selecting an option.
  • We have volunteers to lead the events. Tom Putnam agreed he would lead Fiddlers’ Festival. Joe Weiland and Bob McPhillips agreed they would lead the golf tournament. Thank you, gentlemen!
  • Discussion followed.
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