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Minutes: A Moving Program about Moving Pictures (01/21/15)

January 25, 2015

Greeters:  Connard Hogan and Jody Holehouse
Invocation: Kimberly Horn
Flag salute: Graham Guess
Raffle: Pat Hardy brought cheesecake samples, enticing people to win a cheesecake!
Sergeant at arms: Tom Heath

Visiting Rotarians: Bob Throssel from Helena, MT; Group 8 AG Paul Clayton from RC of Goleta; Andy Doerr from RC of Los Olivos

Guests: Mickey Duzvedich


  • Weird appreciation: Our club was recognized at the district midterms for iits contributions. For our efforts last year with raising funds to help end Polio. Thank you to Don Bennett for leading our efforts. Thank you to Chris Baxter for continuing to lead our efforts.
  • Weird District Events: The district 5240 foundation gala, themed “You Make A Difference!”, will be at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley on January 30, 2015. Museum tours start at 3 and dinner is at 7. At 8:15 PM Rotary International President Elect K.R. “Ravi” Ravindran will speak. For information: Brenda Cressey at (805) 238-4264 or
  • STEPS 2015: Steps to Eliminate Poverty Sustainably will be Saturday, January 31, with a theme of “Make a difference in your own backyard!” It will be at Cal Lutheran University. It will focus on successful, sustainable local projects benefitting members of our own communities. It’s free. Find more information at Keynote Speakers include Marsha Bailey, Founder of Women’s Economic Ventures (WEV) and Dorjee Tsewang of the Tibetan Aid Foundation. Breakout Sessions  include community Needs Assessments; Lives Changed with Microcredit Loans; Steps to Partnership Success; Personal Involvement and Financial Aid in Water & Sanitation; Successful Sustainable Medical Programs; Best Practices for Successful Grants;
  • Weird Grant Training: Two Club members must attend. And they did!  Only clubs that have been qualified can submit district and global grant applications. Non-qualified clubs can participate in District Grants and Global Grants but they will not be able to submit or be the Project Sponsoring Club.
    Club Qualification Webinar by visiting
  • The club has a Weird Calendar on our Blogle that lists our meetings, etc.
  • Weird Club Meetings
    January 28 – Diana Washburn “Craft Talk” & Connard Hogan “My 50 High & Low Points”
    February 4 – Chrissy and Joe Martin “The Reptile Family”
    February 11 – Sgt. Reiley Harwood “Santa Barbara Police Department Youth Programs”
    February 18 – Brian Jordan “My Experiences Teaching Karate to Kids”
    February 25 – John Woodward “The Earliest Photographs of Santa Barbara 1872 to 1879”
    March 4 – DARK
    March 11 – Edward Keller “The Geology of Santa Barbara Earthquakes”
    March 18 – Mark Collier “My Life as a Magician in Santa Barbara”
    March 25 – Charlie Monoyer “Discovering the Western Hemisphere”
    April 1 – Irene Rinta “Kidz Engineering 101”
    April 8 – Ruth Alpert “The Joy of Clogging”
    April 15 – TBD
    April 22 – TBD
    April 29 – Dr. Winifred Leung “History of Imaging: From Early X-RAYS to Tomosynthesis”
  • Weird Dictionary Project – Diana Washburn thanked all the people who helped apply Rotary stickers and speaker labels to the dictionaries we’ll be donating to 3rd graders. If you would like to join Diana for dictionary distribution, please let her know.
  • The Women of Rotary will gather at Joanne Orenstein’s house Wednesday evening at 6 PM. Contact Joanne for more details.
  • Susan Klein Rothschild announced that the next Dental Clinic will be February 20 at the Eastside Dental Clinic, 923 N. Milpas St. Volunteers needed.
  • Our club’s 30th Birthday Party will be Saturday, March 7 from 6 – 9 PM at the Lobero Theatre. Totally ’80s theme. Thanks, Lucille Ramirez!    Invite others to purchase tickets at
  • Chris Baxter invited members to participate in an international project — an eye surgery clinic, plus visits to City of the Children. It will be in Celaya, Mexico from April 17-18. Airfare costs about $400.
  • There was a good discussion about fundraising at last week’s meeting. Please return your fundraising questionnaire by Jan. 22. Results will be shared Feb. 4.
  • We want 100% participation in donations to our foundation and The Rotary Foundation (TRF). We’r at 74% (members who pledged to the annual fund)!
  • Andy Doerr and Janet Napier presented a check to the club’s foundation for the profits from the Fiddlers’ Convention and Art Festival.
  • Next week’s duties: Greeters: Karen Kawaguchi, Susan Klein-Rothschild; Invocation: Steve Mascagno; Flag Pledge: Gary Jensen; Raffle: Scott Johnson; Sgt. At Arms: Steve Kally
  • Scott Burns encouraged members to invite their friends to meetings.
  • We watched Weird Al’s “I Love Rocky Road.”
  • Bill Abel won the raffle.

Program: Mickey Duzvedich “Santa Barbara International Film Festival”

  • Mickey is a senior programmer for the SBIFF. All the films shown at the festival are chosen by Mickey and a few colleagues. Each year. there are 3,000 submissions. Committee members watch the submissions, and if they score 15 or over, Mickey will watch it and if it is approved, it will move on to the Programming Director. Two ways to get movies – either submitted or they go out to find them. The biggest trip is to the Toronto Film Festival.  Also research on the web for films to solicit.
  • This year we have a new programmer. She’s been with us since she was 17 (four years). Her first sidebar program this year – Dance and Music. A lot of people have been asking about dance and music. Hip Hop Horraytion (New Zealand) – group of dancers trying to make it to Vegas for the hip hop dance competition.
  • Nordic film – Beatle – coming of age story about four boys who listened to the Beatles one summer
  • All Oscar nominated films coming.
  • Wednesday night – 5 and 730 PM, a film is showcased that would normally not be shown in Santa Barbara
  • Now, he is the director of the Wave Film Festival. First up is a Spanish wave then another French wave.
  • Mike’s Field Trip To The Movies – bring underprivileged fifth and sixth graders to watch movies at the Arlington. After, the directors come out.
  • 10 10 10 program – for high school and college students. Allow students and professionals to work together on screenwriting. Students write a script and the filmmakers have 10 days to create a film. Then, the films are judged. Picked up a large sponsor (film school in LA)
  • Seminars – all free. Located around the Lobrero. Basic filmmaking. All at 11 AM, check schedule. Six total.
  • Free films – 30th anniversary. Mostly at 2PM at the Lobrero. Put all the high end films there. One example – Life Itself (Roger Ebert’s life). His wife will be in attendance on Thursday.
  • Citizen Four – free, director will show up.
  • Tributes – We need to host celebrities in order to get the press coverage.
  • Julia Louis Dreyfus – Documentary about her father. “Generation of I”
  • 3rd weekend – Lines have died down. Weekend after the festival (Valentine’s day weekend). All free at Riviera Theatre. First come first serve. Get to see the best of the festival.
  • Apple Box – family event, all the animated films. Popcorn and soda provided for the kids. Arlington.
  • We are starting to create an archive of which films are shown at the festival.
  • We can show pretty much anything unless it’s too political that will get protestors. One example – Palestine film that was financed by an Israeli but she doesn’t want that information known.
  • Hard to get in – not ticket based; pass based. 10 PM pass is one of the cheapest passes ($60). Many of the top films are shown at that time.
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