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Minutes: “Making a Difference Every Day” (02/18/15)

February 22, 2015

Visiting Rotarians: Tom Sheehan from Rotary Club of Edmonds Daybreak

Guests: Brian Jordan


  • Diana Washburn announced that the dictionary deliveries to third graders are going great! She has enough volunteers to complete the deliveries.
  • The Dental Clinic will be Friday. SKR thanked all the volunteers who signed up to help.
  • The club’s 30th birthday party plans have changed! Forget everything you read before except the 30 years and ’80s part. We will now be celebrating on March 6 at SOhO. The cover charge is $8, and guests will be asked if they want to round up to $10 for Rotary. If you’d like to have dinner there, make a reservation for sometime between 7 and 10 PM. Graham Guess‘s totally awesome band, I Want My 80’s, will perform from 9 PM to midnight. All entry fees that are above the band’s fixed cost will be donated to our club’s foundation.
  • Bill Abel reminded members they are still invited to the service trip to Mexico. He’s organized a trip from April 15-23 that will include helping at eye surgeries in Celaya, Mexico, with SEE International. Seven people have signed up so far.
  • As of Feb. 17, 75% of club members have made a donation to the foundation. It would be fantastic if that number went up — even small donations help. Please talk with Janet Napier if you have questions.
  • Here are the duties for Feb. 25. Greeters: Lucille Ramirez and E. Russell Smith. Invocation: David Velarde. Pledge: David Vo. Raffle: Luz Maria Ortiz Smith. Sgt at Arms: Liz Alves
  • In honor of the 33rd anniversary of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It,” we watched Weird Al’s Eat It.
  • Pay and tell with Sgt at Arms Joe Weiland.
  • Raffle results: Sandra O’Meara won the gift certificates to the noodle place and Rori’s ice cream in the Public Market.

Program: Lucille Ramirez introduced Brian Jordon, owner of South Coast Karate.

  • Brian Jordan has been running South Coast Karate for 23 years. For the past four years, it won Best Karate School from the Independent’s Readers’ Choice awards.
  • His personal goal is to make a difference every day, and he says it’s easy. Little acts can make a difference.
  • He spoke about offering safety seminars at elementary schools. They are about peaceful conflict resolution, which also helps kids learn how to deal with bullies.
  • Once, following a large presentation at an elementary school, a junior high principal asked him to lead a similar activity with a junior high class. Compared to his usual seminars, this would be older kids, a smaller class, and about twice as long. He has concerns, but he accepted.
    He learned that the class he’d be presenting to had a high-level bully in it, but he didn’t know which kid it was. As one of his activities, he pulled two kids up to role play a bullying situation. Shoes were insulted.
    The bullied kid was taught to hold up a hand and say, “Stop! That hurts my feelings.” When it continued, he was taught to hold up his hand and say, “Stop! I’m going to report you.” When the role playing bully heard this, he asked the teacher if he was going to get in trouble again. Brian had picked the actual bully to be the bully. And the activity made it clear that the bully respected and feared the teacher.
    As the activity continued, they learned that the bully fit the classic bully profile — having been bullied by an older brother and having a difficult home life.
    Brian ended up bringing his program to that entire school one class at a time.
  • He spoke about how being proud of someone makes them bigger, and he found some examples from the audience about things that made them proud.
  • The program continued with a lively discussion and question-and-answer session.
  • In honor of the speaker, the club will donate 15 dictionaries to third graders with his name in them.
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