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Minutes: Rotary Is Magic (3/18/15)

March 22, 2015

Invocation: Fred Gaeden
Flag Pledge: Sandy Grasso-Boyd
Raffle: Joe Weiland brought bottles of Cowboy and Cowgirl wine

Visiting Rotarians: Todd Smith, RC of Austin; +1
Guests: Boris Alves, Mark Collier


  • Dana Goba asked the members to review the revisions to the Bylaws, which they received via email on March 17. There will be a vote on April 1, and we need 2/3 of members to vote. These include changing the address to Sandra O’Meara’s office; increasing the number of Board members; and adding the 5th Avenue of Service – Youth Service.
  • Dana recognized our charter members as we celebrate our 30th anniversary: Brooke Sawyer; E Russell Smith; Fred Gaeden;  Steven Boehm; Steven Mascagno
  • This month we celebrate the Rotary anniversaries of: Bill Ringer (12); Bob McPhillips (12);  David Velarde – (10); Edward Fleming (7); Eric Ryan (7)
  • Graham Guess announced that the band covered its cost and will be able to donate $1,000 to the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise Foundation. Thank you, Graham!
  • Dana Goba announced that the Goleta Valley Historical Society will take on the Fiddlers’ Festival! Volunteers can still help with the event. We need a few volunteers to help go through our storage container and identify which supplies should be transitioned to the society.
  • We want 100% participation in annual donations to the RC of SB Foundation. We are at 79%. The money from the Foundation goes to International and Community Service projects.
  • We looked at the budget for Community Service, which includes Camp Whittier, Dental Clinics, the Dictionary Project, Elings Park, Salvation Army bell ringing.
  • Dana Goba said the next Dental Clinic will be on Friday, May 1 at the Eastside Dental Clinic on Milpas.
  • Tom Heath shared that the canopy at Camp Whittier had become downright tattered. We purchased a new canopy for the facility.
  • Dennis Johns reported on the work at the Elings Park picnic area work day. We had 21 people (and two dogs) show up. We will likely continue with another work day later this year. Following the work, there was a nice social event. Lots of ho jokes followed.
  • Youth Exchange Student Autusa is in Italy. She reports that her Italian is improving.
  • Upcoming speakers:
    March 25 – Charlie Monoyer “Discovering the Western Hemisphere”
    April 1 – Irene Rinta “Kids Engineering Program 101”
    April 8 – Ruth Alpert “The Joy of Clogging”
    April 29 – Dr. Winifred Leung “History of Imaging: From Early X-RAYS to Tomosynthesis”
  • Lucille Ramirez announced next week’s duties: Greeters: Tom Heath, Connard Hogan; Invocation: TBD; Flag Pledge: Kimberly Horn; Raffle: Graham Guess; Sgt. At Arms: Pat Hardy
  • Bill RInger shared that the District Assembly will be March 28 in Oxnard. It’s a half day with programs on each area of service. In the afternoon, they’re offering Potential Rotary Leadership Seminar (PRLS).
  • Joanne Schoenfeld Orenstein put Darren Doi on the spot to talk about his new baby, Kylie. She shared that we have a club tradition to support Kylie. We will pass a basket to collect money. We ask the parents to match it. And we ask the grandparents to match it. And then we recommend that the money begin a college fund.
  • Diana Washburn said she has a good friend who’s a docent at the SBMA, and there a If people are interested in going on a tour and having lunch, she’ll put one together for our group. Tours at at 11 and 2.
  • Janet Napier said we’re going to do a tour of the Unity Shoppe on Tuesday, March 24, at 4:30. Many members of the Community Service committee will be going. Please RSVP to Janet. Following that, they’ll go to the restaurant Benchmark for happy hour — which will likely be at 5:45.
  • Bill Boyd and Sandy Grasso-Boyd shared stories of their travels in South Africa. For 17 days, they were hosted by Rotarians. Sandy spoke at two meetings doing a program about our club and Santa Barbara. They are part of the Rotary Home Hosting Fellowship. Along the way, they collected a few club banners.
  • We watched a Weird Al video, which may have inspired a few Rotary Wheel tattoos.
  • Raffle Results: Bill Abel won.

Program:  Bill Boyd introduced magician Mark Collier, who won Strolling Magician of the Year in 2005 and Most Creative Magician of the Year.

  • He started magic at age 26.
  • “Magicians guard an empty safe.” The secrets are out there. The books are published.
  • Good magic is designed to fool highly intelligent people. He performed at a holiday party for the Institute for Theoretical Physics, and he knew he could fool them. Magic has nothing to do with intelligence, but it’s tricky to make them ok with it. “I’m not trying to make you think I found some loophole in the laws of physics.”
  • Magic is academic. You have to practice and study.
  • He started as a street performer juggler. He and his friend called themselves Circus Minimus.
  • He’s had a few weird gigs, including wedding proposals, a funeral, Thanksgiving dinner at the Veterans’ Hall, weddings, events for billionaires, and some pretty amazing parties.
  • The Isla Vista Juggling Festival is one of the longest-running festivals in North America held in the same place. It benefits the Rape Crisis Center.
  • He’s the house magician at The Palace, which he’s been doing for about 18 years. He does a show at the Alisal Ranch Rodeo each summer.
  • His first (of hundreds) of magic books was about coin tricks. He showed us the first tricks he learned.
  • Magic pushes on people’s comfort zones. But Mark doesn’t want to push too far.
  • In honor of our speaker, we will donate 15 dictionaries to third graders in his name.
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