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Minutes: Kidz Are Smart (April 1, 2015)

April 6, 2015

Invocation: Susan Klein Rothschild
Pledge: Chris Baxter
Raffle: Gary Jensen brought two bottles of wine and a $40 gift card to La Arcada Bistro

Guests: Irene Rinta, Zhansu Rinta


  • Dana Goba announced Rotary anniversaries: Gary Jensen (28), Janet Napier (22); Judith McCaffrey, Joe Weiland (15), Ken Beisser (5)
  • Bill Ringer announced the 2015-2016 Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise board of directors. His year will be less weird and more “Don’t worry, be happy.”
    Fundraising: Kimberly Horn
    International Service: Bill Boyd
    Club Service: Diana Washburn
    Co-treasurer: Sandra O’Meara, Darren Doi
    Youth Services: Karen Kawaguchi
    Community Service: Lucille Ramirez
    Membership Services: Tom Putnam
    Secretary: Chris Baxter
    Past President: Dana Goba
  • Dana Goba shared the 3 proposed changes to the club bylaws: the address, the number of directors on the board (to at least seven), and the addition of youth service as an avenue of service. Andrew Chung made a motion to approve the changes. David Velarde seconded the motion. The bylaws passed unanimously.
  • Janet Napier was featured in the GoCare newsletter for her work with the club in Nicaragua.
  • Janet Napier reminded the club to make their donations to the RC of SB Sunrise Foundation before June 30. We have 79% participation, and would like 100%.
  • Dana Goba asked the club its opinion on whether or not the Group 8 Rotary clubs should continue to support the Rotary Fiesta Float. It costs about $10/member. The float has been about $2,500 each year. If we do not support the float, how else might we want to spend that budgeted money? Group 8 funds have been used for other programs throughout the years, like the zoo day, supporting the Rotaract club, or doing a joint service project — like the pallet jack for the Foodbank. Members shared additional context and opinions. The club may reserve judgment until they find out if the new parade organizer will allow Rotary to publicize itself more visibly with the float. It offers great fellowship. It supports a historic tradition. There was a Rotary float in the first Fiesta parade in 1924. There was a gap in float service, but it was renewed around 2000. Some say everything we do should be promoting Rotary. There are other ways to decorate the float, too.
  • Upcoming speakers and duties were announced.
  • Diana Washburn organized a museum tour for the SB Museum of Art’s Masterpieces of Italian Painting. It will be Tuesday, April 14 at 11 AM. They will follow with lunch at Cielito. Please sign up if you can join. If you are unable to make a day tour, please express if you’d be open to an evening tour — perhaps on a Thursday.
  • Diana Washburn also passed around thank you notes for dictionaries from students at Peabody Charter School.
  • We watched a Weird Al video: I Lost on Jeopardy.
  • Irene Rinta won the raffle.

Program: Bill Boyd announced Irene Rinta to speak about Kidz Engineering 101.

  • Five years ago Irene founded Kidz Engineering 101.
  • The program shares career options in science, technology, engineering, project management, and math. They focus on architecture, engineering, and project management. The work is mostly hands-on, not lecture.
  • Early exposure to career options is critical. It’s powerful to help children understand how lessons matter in real life.
    They talk about infrastructure, including roads, bridges, the city grid, waste and water treatment, fire department, police, hospitals, schools, etc. They design a community and build a Lego community.
  • They learn about supply and demand, contract administration, estimates, patents, feasibility studies, space planning, building permits, electricity, plumbing, and collaboration.
  • More advanced classes study structural engineering (like homes), solar energy, and mechanical engineering (like cars and elevators), land surveying, polymer science.
  • Even kindergarten students can learn some physics and geometry!
  • Kidz Engineering 101 has 5 board members and is supported by industry professionals. They need volunteers and donations.
  • Camps are available in Santa Barbara and Buellton this summer. See her schedule on the website.
  • In honor of our speaker, we will donate 15 dictionaries to third graders in Santa Barbara.
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