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Minutes: Chris Tucker Met Weird Al (04/08/15)

April 11, 2015

Editor’s note: Yes, a lot of wonderful things happened in this meeting, but none were as memorable and weird as Chris Tucker describing meeting Weird Al and Dana shouting, “Weird Al sort of knows I exist!!!”

Invocation: Janet Napier
Pledge: Sandra O’Meara
Raffle: Judith McCaffrey brought a bottle of Carr wine and two tickets to the Parks & Rec fundraiser — Magic on the Urban Wine Trail

Guests: Karin Kally


  • The first woman trustee of TRF, Carolyn Jones, will speak about The Children of Russia on April 21 from noon-1:30 PM. Cost is $25 for lunch at the Veteran’s Memorial Building with the Rotary Club of Pismo Beach.
  • The next weird dental clinic will be Friday, May 1. If you are able to volunteer and did not sign up during hte meeting, please contact Susan Klein-Rothschild.
  • Diana Washburn re-invited members to tour the SB Museum of Art’s current exhibit on Tuesday, April 14 at 11 AM. Karen Kawaguchi is waiving the entrance fee. Afterward they’ll head to Cielito for lunch.
  • Also, Figueroa Mountain will donate half the cost of their featured beers to the SB Botanical Garden. It’s the evening of Wednesday, April 15.
  • Dennis Johns invited members to join him in weed pulling at Elings Park this Saturday morning.
  • Fundraiser update: Kimberly Horn shared that we are partnering with the Vail Rotary Club to offer a week’s vacation in SB and a week’s vacation in Vail. We hope to begin putting the package together in the next couple of months. You buy a ticket for one or the other, or a reduced price for both.
  • We are holding at 79% for foundation pledges this year. Contact Janet Napier with questions or money.
  • Dana Goba honored three members with a Paul Harris Fellow award: Janet Napier (+6), David Velarde (+2), and Tom Putnam (+1) to the podium. Each of them were awarded a Paul Harris Fellow.
  • Joe Weiland reported that the golf committee is forming. It will meet at 5:30 PM at Wildcat on April 15. The event will be July 30, as a kickoff to Fiesta, at the Montecito Country Club.
  • Dana Goba announced the upcoming speakers.
  • Next week’s duties were announced. Please confirm that you can service with Lucille Ramirez.
  • David Velarde announced that there will be a membership seminar, including a discussion on Rotary branding, on April 18 in SB at the Braille Institute. This is different than the membership seminar from the fall. All members are invited, but please register in advance on the District Website or get the link from David Velarde.
  • Janet Napier announced that three members of the foundation board will exit this year. They are looking for nominations of people interested in serving on the board. They will need two people to serve a 3-year term and one person to serve a 1-year term. We will have an election in May. Qualifications: Have been a Rotary member for 3 years; past presidents preferred. Int’l Service chair, immediate past president, and community service chair have 1-year terms on the board.
  • The International Committee’s district grant request was approved and will lead to cleaner water in Nicaragua!
  • In honor of Weird Al, we watched Smells Like Nirvana.
  • Pay and Tell with Sgt at Arms Bob McPhillips.
  • See Scott Burns tonight on Channel 18 at 6:30 PM talking about organ donation.
  • Susan Klein-Rothschild won the raffle.
  • Little known facts: This Rotarian was a camp counselor in a drought year where rattlesnakes came to the creek and she killed 7 with hos and shovels: Pat Hardy. They skinned them, saved the skins, and studied the snake entrails.
  • In 1976, when I was 29, we were in the middle of our African adventure. They cleared customs just before Michael York. He was kissed by a woman thinking he was Michael York: Bill Abel.

Program: Bill Boyd introduced Ruth Alpert, a clogging performer. She’s been dancing since 1959. We know her for her Appalachian flat-foot dancing.

  • She demonstrated dancing!
  • She described it as foot percussion.
  • The history is a bit unknown, but a book will be published this July describing the tradition and its evolution. It’s likely some combination of Highlands dance coming from Ireland, and Native American and African slave dance. The Highland dance style is to dance up — off of wooden floors. The African style was still more in the dirt, so she described it as Highlands dance getting grounded.
  • Tap dancing came out of this tradition. It evolved with vaudeville and the emergence of jazz.
  • She thinks of the variations as different dialects of the same language. Buck dancing / clogging / flat footing. The name buck dancing comes from the name “buck” for black male slaves. Flat footing you typically stay in one place. You have special shoes.
  • She demonstrated more, accompanied on banjo by Gary Jensen. She will soon release an instructional DVD.
  • In honor of our dancing speaker, the club will donate 15 dictionaries to third graders in her name.
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