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Minutes: How Our Club Changes the World (05/13/15)

May 13, 2015

Invocation: Andrew Chung
Flag Pledge: Bruce Belfiore
Raffle: Kimberly Coley brought “Save Water, Drink Wine” napkins and two bottles of red wine
Sgt. At Arms: Steve Boehm  

Guests: Randal Avolio, Jimena Acevedo


  • The District 5240 Awards & District Governor Step-Down will be Saturday, June 27, 20 11:30 am – 1:30 PM at the Radisson Hotel in Santa Maria. Register atwww.rotarydistrict5240. Special room rate of $110 if you call 805-928-8000 and ask for the Rotary room block or go to and use promo code ROTARY.
  • Rotary EClub of One World fundraiser: Forward a photo of yourself with the city, state and country to  A member’s father is a famous sketch artist. He will provide an image of the sketch to you that you can then print.The dollar amount you choose to donate is up to you, with a suggestion of $50. Just click the “Yes, I’d like to donate” button on the EClub home page, www.oneworldrotary.orgIf you want the original painting, which is 16”x12”, you buy it directly from EClub member Nik for $120. He helps his dad pay for the supplies and shipping to the recipient, and then a part of those profits will go toward his roller hockey project for kids in Russia to buy helmets, sticks, and clothes for kids. He wants kids to do more sports to keep them away from smoking and drugs. EClub president, Dawn O’Bar, got a wonderful sketch with the palm trees and Santa Barbara Mission in the background.  
  • Bob McPhillips wore a sombrero and carried a big club. The club’s golf tournament is July 30 at the Montecito Country Club. Every member is on the committee, and members can help us get GOLFERS— $200 each (get at least 2), SPONSORS, and AUCTION ITEMS. Right now is the time to line up sponsors to get them publicity starting in June. President Dana Goba has drafted a sponsorship document, which should be ready next week. This will help kick off Fiesta week. Wednesday, May 27, at 5:30 PM El Paseo there will be a golf committee meeting. Joe Weiland would like to raise $10k-$15k.

A brochure will come soon outlining the sponsorship levels. They might be:

bronze — a foursome plus tee sign — $1500
silver — foursome plus logos — $2500
gold — title sponsor — $5000

  • It’s time to send donations to The Rotary Foundation and our club’s foundationWe want 100% participation, and we are now at more than 87%! The money from the Foundation goes to International and Community Service projects.
  • Janet Napier reported on behalf of the RCSBS Foundation. She reminded us that on Wednesday, May 27, at the regular club meeting we will hold elections for new board members to the club’s Foundation Board. The 2015/16 Board will include: Steve Kally, Tom Putnam, Jim Ruh, Dana Goba, Lucille Boss Ramirez, Bill Boyd. Let Foundation Board President, Janet Napier, know if you are interested. A few candidates came forward at the meeting: Bruce Belfiore, Luz Maria Ortiz Smith, and Jody Dolan Holehouse.
  • Dana Goba announced the upcoming social on behalf of Scott Burns. It will be Tuesday, May 19 at 5:30 PM. Meet at his house and then walk over to the Santa Barbara Mission.
  • Vote for Sandy Grasso-Boyd‘s lioness photo by May 31
  • Dana Goba asked the club members to complete the membership survey and submit it to her by Friday, May 15. Look for it on meeting tables and in your email.
  • Upcoming programs:

May 20 — Dana Goba “Club Assembly on Membership”
May 27 — American Red Cross “Home Fire Preparedness Campaign”
June 3 —  Sandy Grasso-Boyd “South Africa Adventure”
June 10 — Chris Tucker “My National Immunization Day Experience in India”
June 17 — SB Sunrise Board “Avenues of Service Recognition”
June 24 — One Weird President “Dana Goba’s Stepdown”

  • Dana Goba got volunteers for next week’s weird duties: Greeters: Darren Doi, Dennis Johns; Invocation: TBD; Flag Pledge: Fred Gaeden; Raffle: Sandy Grasso-Boyd; Sgt. At Arms: Chris Baxter
  • Rotarians Helping Weird Rotarians: Dennis Johns got David Velarde’s help with a video of a kimono dragon attacking a water buffalo. It’s now on YouTube. $50 will go to the foundation. David Velarde and his new dog also dogsat for Barley. Bill Boyd may make a donation to the foundation for this.
  • Weird Video: McDonald’s was founded May 15, 1940, and today’s Weird Al song is homage to the hot coffee lawsuit
  • Raffle Results:  Bill Abel won.

Program:  Bill Boyd introduced Chris Baxter and Tom Heath to share “Making a World of Difference” about the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise’s International committee.

  • The Rotary wheel was spinning, people!
  • Chris recognized the international service committee members.
  • They meet the second Tuesday of each month in the morning at the Santa Barbara Club. For more information, please contact Chris.
  • International Service is about promoting peace and understanding. We sponsor and/or volunteer on international projects, often partnering with other Rotary clubs, nonprofits, and NGOs.
  • Our club has served in 21 countries.
  • We have donated approximately 14,000 wheelchairs around the world.
  • Members from our club have helped with National Immunization Days in India, Nigeria, and Ghana.
  • We have completed cataract eye surgeries in partnership with SEE international.
  • Some other projects: Kitchen upgrade, bus donation, and choir support at Ciudad de los Ninos; medical clinic in Celaya, Mexico; ultrasound equipment for Mansa General Hospital in Zambia; tools and vocational equipment for a high school in the Philippines and disaster relief folliwng typhoons and tsunami; tsunami relief efforts, clean water, books and computers in Thailand; water treatment project in Peru; and more in Brazil.
  • We have 4 sister clubs.
  • Tom Heath described our projects in Nicaragua. Prior to 1993, our Rotary club did not do any international projects. Dr. Doug Katsev, a former member, brought the club into international service. His work with SEE International inspired him. Tom Heath credited E. Russell Smith for getting our club into international projects.
  • Rotary International’s guidance was to begin investing in a major, longer-term project. Although we have relationships in many countries, the committee wanted to start somewhere new and someplace that’s not too far away (to allow for travel). Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in the Americas, and we were invited to see what Jan Lindsey and GoCare were doing in Nicaragua.
  • The community that we support has to travel 4 hours to get water (using an oxcart and big 50-gallon drums), and the water is still contaminated. There are 512 households in the two communities we’re supporting. While the water infrastructure project is in development, we’re working to provide portable water filters (Filtron — $23 each) for each home. We’ve received a matching grant and district designated funds to help pay for the water project. It begins July 1.
  • They have renovated two medical clinics and provided supplies.
  • Volunteer “promotores” are trained as health promoters and know how to use first aid. They will also know how to use the filtrones.
  • Tom has made four trips to the villages.
  • We partner with GoCare.
  • We’re still estimating the costs of the large infrastructure water project. We’re also still looking for ways to break the project into smaller projects to address it piece by piece. It will likely require some non-traditional fundraising methods.
  • Repeat: You can sponsor a water filter with a $23 gift to the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise Charitable Foundation and put filter in the memo.
  • As a token of our appreciation, the club will donate 15 dictionaries to local 3rd graders in their honor.
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