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Minutes: Disaster tips from the Red Cross (05/27/2015)

May 27, 2015

Visiting Rotarians: Paul Jeffrey, Sig Wathne, Barbara Mullen,
Guests: Joan Calder, Rebecca Anderson


  • Paul Jeffrey presented a club flag from the Rotary Club of Toowoomba, which features a local plant, to President Dana Goba. His club has 34 members and was formed in 1971. He and his wife have been touring the U.S. and Canada for a month.
  • Susan Klein-Rothschild provided an update on the Refugio oil spill. There are now opportunities to volunteer. Trainings are Thursday morning and afternoon. There will also be an open house from 11-2 at the Elks lodge in Goleta (day?) for people to learn about the event. There is also a website where community members can comment. Five agencies are in charge of the oil spill: EPA, CA Fish and WIldlife, U.S. Coast Guard and more.
  • Speaking of Coast Guard, the Coast Guard picked up Scott Burns from Santa Cruz Island to bring him to Cedar Sinai for a new kidney.  Hurrah! In the spirit of Rotarians Helping Rotarians, Scott needs someone to board his 15-year-old cat for 90 days.
  • Our club will help move books to the new Children’s Library on Saturday, June 20. They need 13 volunteers per shift — 8-10 AM, 10-noon, noon-2, 2-4 PM.
  • Our club’s Golf Tournament is Thursday, July 30 at the Montecito Country Club. Join the planning meeting on Wednesday, May 27, at El Paseo at 5:30 PM. Every member can help provide golfers ($200 each), auction items, and sponsors!  If you have questions, contact Joe Weiland or Bob McPhillips.
  • Janet Napier led the confirmation of new board members for the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise Charitable Foundation. Bruce Belfiore, Luz Maria Ortiz Smith, and Jody Dolan Holehouse have volunteered. Joanne Schoenfeld Orenstein made a motion to approve, David Velarde seconded, the ayes have it. They will join the board July 1.
  • Upcoming speakers:

    June 3 —  Sandy Grasso-Boyd “South Africa Adventure”
    June 10 — Chris Tucker “My National Immunization Day Experience in India”
    June 17 — SB Sunrise Board “Avenues of Service Recognition”
    June 24 — One Weird President Dana Goba‘s Stepdown

  • Dana Goba announced next week’s duties.

    Greeters: Steve Kally, Charly
    Invocation: Karen Kawaguchi
    Flag salute: Susan Klein-Rothschild
    Raffle: Steve Mascagno
    ergeant at arms: Gary Jensen

  • David Velarde announced that planning has begun for the step-down. There will be a meeting next Tuesday to help plan it.
  • Chris Baxter shared Sandy Grasso-Boyd‘s brochures about the clean water project in Nicaragua. Members made more donations to purchase filtrones.
  • In honor of Star Wars, we watched Weird Al’s The Saga Begins.
  • Bill Abel won the raffle — a $50 gift certificate to Whole Foods. Thanks, Kim Horn!


  • Kimberly Coley introduced the speaker, Rebecca Anderson, from the American Red Cross to present”Preparing for a Disaster: Together We Prepare.”
  • The Red Cross aims to alleviate human suffering in the face of emergency. The organization does much more than just respond to major newsworthy disasters.
  • During an earthquake, drop, cover your head, and hold. If you’re in a bed, cover your head with a pillow. If you’re in a wheelchair, lock the wheels and cover your head with a book, pillow, etc.
  • Fire is a major threat to Santa Barbara. It’s the most frequently occurring type of disaster the Red Cross responds to. Fires kill more people annually than even major disasters like Hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy, or the 2011 tornadoes in Oklahoma.
  • The Red Cross has a 5-year home fire preparedness campaign, aiming to reduce the deaths and injuries due to home fires by 25%. They check and install smoke detectors.
  • Home fire risks: electricity, gas heating, fireplaces, space heaters, candles, cooking in loose clothing or sweaters, and more. Keep heat sources away from flammable materials.
  • A few tips: Install all-purpose fire extinguishers in your home. Sleep with your door closed. Inspect extension cords for frayed or exposed wires or loose plugs — make sure there’s no gap between the plug and outlet. Clear at least 100 feet of defensible space around your home, especially now that vegetation is much drier than usual with the drought.
    If you are on fire, stop, drop, and roll. If you are in a burning structure, get out of it as quickly as possible. Do not open a hot door. Crawl low to access the coolest and least toxic air.
  • Once you have exited a burning building, do not go back in. Call 911.
  • Preparation can minimize the negative impact a disaster has on you and your family.
  • 1. Be informed. 2. Make a plan. 3. Build a disaster supply kit. 4. Maintain your plan.
  • The Red Cross offers a 20 Weeks to Preparedness brochure.
  • For the water in your disaster supply kit, the Red Cross recommends 1 gallon per person per day, and you want 5 days worth of water.
  • Don’t forget to replace expired items in your disaster kit.
  • The Red Cross sells disaster supply kits.
  • The Red Cross is 100% funded by donations and primarily run by volunteers.
  • For volunteer opportunities, contact Jonathan Rosenthal.
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