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Minutes: Updates and a Club Assembly (05/20/15)

May 27, 2015

Invocation: Chris Baxter

Flag salute: Fred Gaeden
Raffle: Sandy Grasso-Boyd brought liquor she was introduced to in South Africa and glasses to drink it from.

Guests: Suzanne Valenzuela, Maricela Gonzalez, Ana Karen Lozano, Norma Lule, Charly, Ole


  • David Velarde introduced the student of the month from La Cuesta, Ana Karen Lozano. Congrats, Karen! One of her teachers, Norma Lule, spoke about why she honored Ana. Ana’s mentor Suzanne Valenzuela, brought her flowers.
  • Dana Goba shared an article Diana Washburn shared from the LA Times about the avian flu, which has been found at some Iowa farms. This may be of interest to those who attended Scott Ramsdell’s presentation about his egg farms in South Dakota and Santa Maria.
  • Scott Burns made sure the wine was drunk at the Rotary social last night. Gary Jensen reported that the Windrun wine was excellent and Lisa Burns then gave a great presentation about Old Mission Santa Barbara and its demonstration garden. It features many native plants that the Chumash people relied on and plants that the Spanish missionaries planted for their use.
  • YSE student Charly shared stories from attending his first American prom. Yes, there will be a second one.To ask his date, he baked a cake and wrote “Prom?” on the frosting. In Belgium, they have a similar dance, but there is less fanfare — pre- andpost-parties, etc.
  • Children’s Library: Diana Washburn arranged for our members to help move books into the new Children’s Library on Saturday, June 20. This date is still tentative as the library is under construction.
  • The next Golf Tournament planning meeting will be Wednesday, May 27 at 5:30 PM at El Paseo. The tournament is Thursday, July 30 at the Montecito Country Club.
  • Janet Napier announced that we will hold an election for new board members for the RCSBS Foundation on Wednesday, May 27. We also need to send final payment in May to be counted for this year. We want 100% participation, and we are at 87%. The money from the Foundation goes to International and Community Service projects. You can also donate to the foundation and designate which program you want to fund. Make check payable to Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise Charitable Foundation, and specify the program in the memo field. Programs include Nicaragua, City of the Children, Dental Clinic, Dictionaries, Camp Whittier, Elings Park, and filtrones for Nicaragua.
  • The Rotaract Club of Santa Barbara will have a team at Relay for Life and we wanted to invite your clubs to participate with us. The team name is SB Rotaract.  It’s free to register, and you can set up an individual fundraising goal ($100 gets you a free t-shirt). We also set a team goal of a $1,000 but that’s adjustable.  The event is at Bishop Garcia Diego High School on Saturday June 6th beginning at 10 AM. Relay for Life is a relay with a team of individuals walking or running the track for 24 hours straight to raise money for the American Cancer Society. If you’d like to participate, please shoot Rachel Ponce an email and let her know what time of day works best for you. Ideally, she would like to set up shifts for everyone but we need to know how many people are going to participate before we get that set up.  You can register on the website. Our team name is SB Rotaract.
  • Upcoming speakers:
    May 27 — American Red Cross “Home Fire Preparedness Campaign”
    June 3 —  Sandy Grasso-Boyd “South Africa Adventure”
    June 10 — Chris Tucker “My National Immunization Day Experience in India”
    June 17 — SB Sunrise Board “Avenues of Service Recognition”
    June 24 — One Weird President “Dana Goba’s Stepdown”
  • Next week’s duties were announced.
  • Rotarians Helping Rotarians: Dennis Johns said it’s kind of working. Graham Guess has baby clothes and supplies, and he’s looking for a place to donate them.
  • In honor of Bob Dylan’s 74th birthday, we watched Weird Al’s Bob.
  • Ole said thank you and goodbye for at least the next eight years. He’ll be studying French and German law.
  • At this point, the meeting transitioned into a Club Assembly. Notes from the club assembly will be sent to members. Dana will send the presentation and notes to all members. 73% of members completed the survey.
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