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Minutes: Still Weird (6/10/2015)

June 10, 2015

Thank you to scribe David Vo.

Invocation: Dennis Johns
Flag salute: E Russell Smith
Raffle: Sandra O’Meara ($50 gift certificate to Via Maestra, small bag of bocce chocolates)




  • There was Rotary District 5240 appreciation for those who have served in the armed forces: Bill Ringer, Brooke Sawyer, Chris Baxter, Connard Hogan, Jim Ruh, Michael Young
  • Joe Weiland and Bob McPhillips provided updates about the Pre-Fiesta Golf Tournament. It will be Thursday, July 30 at the Montecito Country Club. You can help provide: Sponsors  * Golfers * Auction items
  • Diana Washburn invited club members to volunteer with the Santa Barbara Public Library’s Children’s Library when it moves on  Saturday, June 20 (also Solstice day). There are volunteer slots from 8-10 AM, 10 AM-noon, noon-2 PM, and 2-4 PM. Volunteers will move books from the children’s area at the Central Library to the new Children’s Library. Throughout the day, they’ll offer breakfast treats, lunch, and snacks to the volunteers.
  • Thank you to Chris Baxter, who successfully closed out the 2014-15 International Service District Grant project. The Rotary Club of Ciudad Sandino and the communities of Trinidad Central and Cuajachillo No. 2 recognized the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise for the renovation work of two rural health clinics performed under this grant that benefited from our club’s financial contributions and hands-on support.
  • Rotarians Helping Rotarians. Dennis Johns reported.
  • KEYT ran a news story about Scott Burns and his transplant.
  • Upcoming speakers:
    June 17 – SB Sunrise Board “Avenues of Service Recognition”
    June 23 (TUESDAY) – One Weird President “Dana Goba’s Stepdown“ from 6 – 8 PM at Mulligans. There will be heavy appetizers covered by regular meal fee. No host bar.
    June 24 — Dark
  • Next week’s duties: Greeters: Luz Maria Ortiz, Tom Putnam; Invocation: Lucille Boss Ramirez; Flag salute: Richard Redmond; Raffle: Bill Ringer; Sergeant at arms: Joanne Schoenfeld Orenstein
  • Dennis Johns invited everyone to help restore the Elings Park picnic area with weeding this weekend. He’s looking for volunteers on Sunday, June 14. Watch for an email for official date and time.
  • In honor of the 22nd anniversary of Jurassic Park, we watched another Weird Al video.
  • Kim Horn won the raffle.  

Program: Bill Boyd introduced Chris Tucker for “My National Immunization Day Experience in India.”

  • India is a fascinating place and constantly changing. You see cows walking, even in the cities. There are monkeys roaming around. Compared to his visit 25 years ago, he did not see as many cases of polio. Past District Governor Anil Garg trained and prepared the group on the trip, and he encouraged everyone to bring something local to share. A member of the group decided that beef jerky was an ideal gift!
  • The group went in the coolest month of the year so they had to wear their Polio jackets. They attended many events and met the governor of Uttar Pradesh (which would be ranked 16th in population if cities were ranked as countries). The population is Hindi and Muslim.
  • They are attempting to vaccinate 35M children under the age of 5. Ladies carry a cooler that holds just a small amount of oral vaccines. There is a hierarchy of how this is organized. Chris was skeptical when he heard what they were trying to accomplish. The infrastructure of the cities and streets are very chaotic. Groups of ladies manage groups of volunteers and report to their supervisors above.
  • The Iman of the region they were in supported the efforts by appearing on television with Rotarians to tell his people about the vaccinations. It’s difficult to keep the excitement and energy high since these immunization days happen fairly frequently. Even though there is “no” Polio left in India, they have to keep vaccinating to prevent it from returning (especially since they share borders with countries that still have the disease).
  • Worldwide, three countries (Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria) are still endemic with Polio. There are over 6000 reporters all over the country keeping watch for infections.
  • Less than 1.5% children are found unvaccinated after immunization events.
  • There is continued vaccination along the UP-Nepal border. They’ve setup booths along border transit points.
  • Government has “SWAT” teams that go out and respond to any reports of Polio. They go out and do “mop-ups”. An “X” is placed on the front door, in chalk, of homes where they could not vaccinate (whether the family was not home or they refused vaccination). In subsequent immunization days, they focus on converting those homes.
  • On the February 22, 2015 National Immunization Day, they reached 35M children.
  • The club will donate 15 dictionaries to local 3rd graders in Chris’s honor.
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