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Minutes: Greg Gorga returns (August 5, 2015)

August 5, 2015

Invocation: Janet Napier
Pledge: Sandra O’Meara
Raffle: Joanne Orenstein

Visiting Rotarians: Tom Sheehan, Kathy Scruggs, Greg Gorga


  • Dodger Game: Join local Rotarians and bus down to the baseball game on August 30. Contact Bill Ringer if you’re interested.
  • Visit Brooke: Tom Putnam reminded members that they can go visit Brooke Sawyer.
  • Fiesta float: David Velarde reported. Steve Kally suggested we should have a couple get married on the float. Liz Alves asked how we could make that happen. We sent out the news, got on the news, and now have couples interested in getting married on the float! Officiant wanted. You can still volunteer to help build the float. Thursday night, starting at 5 PM, show up at the carriage museum to help decorate the float with flowers.
  • Fiesta spectating: If you want to watch the parade with fellow Rotarians, join Diana Washburn across the street from Sambos. Parking WILL be bad. Plan to walk.
  • District Conference registration is now open for the weekend of October 2 in Bakersfield.
  • Golf tournament: Co-chairs Joe Weiland and Bob McPhillips thanked and congratulated everyone who helped with the tournament. It turns out that the event does not run itself. We had great participation from our club members. Darren Doi estimates that we made about $10k. The silent auction made about $2,500. Special thanks to Karen Kawaguchi (PR and a bit of everything), Diana Cecala (committee and gift bags), Diana Washburn (gift bags), Bill Boyd (silent auction), Sandy Grasso-Boyd (silent auction), Darren Doi (cashier and treasurer), Dana Goba (committee), Bill Abel (on-site support), Gary Jensen (on-site support), Richard Redmond (tee signs), Janet Napier (registration), Luz Maria Ortiz-Smith (registration), Liz Alves and Citrix volunteers (registration), Scott Burns (Fiesta connection), David Vo (raffle sales) and all the other golfers, sponsors, and people who helped spread the word.
  • Pay and Tell with Sgt at Arms E. Russell Smith.
  • Tom Putnam won the raffle.

Program: Joanne Orenstein introduced Greg Gorga of the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum to speak about “Tragedy at Honda, the U.S. Navy’s Biggest Disaster.”

  • Greg named some current local residents who are in some way linked to the tragedy.
  • On September 8, 1923, 7 naval ships of Destroyer Squadron 11 struck rocks within 5 minutes near Point Arguello off what is now Vandenburg Air Force Base.
  • They lost 23 people out of about 800 sailors.
  • On the same day, the SS Cuba had struck San Miguel Island.
  • There were a number of contributing factors to the wreck.
  • They were traveling at about 20 knots in heavy fog. The lead ship thought they hit San Miguel Island. It broke in half the next day.
  • The 4th ship hit the rock that now carries the ship’s name: Woodbury, or Destroyer, Rock.
  • The court martial findings named a several of the commanders guilty.
  • The survivors didn’t realize they were on the mainland, not San Miguel Island, until an hour or two later when they heard a train go by.
  • They spent weeks getting as much equipment off the ships as possible. The ships remain out there. Some people do dive there, but it’s very rough waters.
  • You can learn more about the tragedy and view a video about it at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum.
  • Lessons learned: You’re responsible for your ship. Know where you are — don’t assume.
  • In gratitude to the speaker, we will donate 15 dictionaries to third graders.
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