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Minutes: First Five (August 26, 2015)

August 26, 2015

Invocation: Bill Boyd
Pledge: Scott Burns
Raffle: Connard Hogan brought a handmade teapot and tea.

Visiting Rotarians: Rainer Zumbach

Guests: Scott Johnson, Andres Fairbain, Ben Romo


  • President Bill Ringer presented Eric Ryan with a Paul Harris Fellow +5.
  • Dark days for this year will be Oct. 14, Nov. 25, Dec. 16 (holiday party night), Dec. 23, Dec. 30 maybe, May 11
  • Janet Napier invited members to join the Ralphs community contribution program. If you have a Ralphs card, you can associate your card with the club’s foundation. It is free to you. If you shop at Ralph’s grocery store — even now and then — please contact Janet for instructions of how to have a small portion of your purchase go toward othe foundation.
    Janet will also email out the information.
    Please sign up before Sept. 1.
  • Diana Washburn  invited members to some upcoming social events. Sundowner wine tasting event will be Wednesday, Sept. 2 from 5 PM to sunset. Bring your favorite SB County wine and an appetizer (if you can). We’ll meet at our Rotary picnic park area at Elings Park South. You can bring friends. There will not be a Tuesday evening happy hour next week.
  • Scott Burns has offered a couple of bottles of Windrun wine that will be raffled to help with social expenses.
    The following Tuesday, the happy hours will resume at Endless Summer.
  • Club BBQ will be in early October. It’s a great time to bring people you’d like to spend more time with — at Rotary. Invite guests.
  • Save the date for the holiday party on Dec. 16.
  • Steve Kally won the raffle.
  • The Group 8 social is Sept. 13 at the polo fields.
  • Pay and tell with Sgt at Arms Darren Doi.

Program: David Velarde introduced Ben Romo, to present “It’s All About That Brain: Building a Community of Support for the Healthy Development of Children in the First Five Years.”

  • Ben is the executive director of First 5.
  • At age 8, Ben attended his first Rotary meeting in Iowa at a club that one of his relatives formed in 1917.
  • First 5 spends cigarette tax in each county to benefit child development. They fund outside agencies to support families in need. They provide $1.7 million in grants. They also spend about $1.2 million on preschool and child care — improving quality and creating new spaces.
  • The first 5 years are citical to the success of children. First 5 works to help parents know what they need ot do to help their children develop. They also provide health, social service, and family support programs.
  • When we talk about brain development, we’re not talking about brain cells: we’re talking about the wiring, the synaptic connections.
  • 80% of the brain is developed in the first 3 years of life. 90% is developed by age 5.
  • Fathers and mothers build different parts of the brain.
  • “Half the achievement gap in 4th grade exists when students walk in the door in kindergarten.”
  • They created a kindergarten student entry profile. They can see how early experiences ready a child for kindergarten. And they can follow those cohorts through school.
  • In our county, there are about 30,000 children age 0-5. We need more than 13,000 pre-school spaces, and we only have about 8,250 quality pre-school places.
    Pre-school can cost $800 to $1,200 per month.
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