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Minutes: A Morning with Our District Governor (09/16/2015)

September 16, 2015

Visiting Rotarians: District 5240 Governor Jim Bell, Angela Pesce, Kim Bish, Rainer Zumbach, Kathy Scroggs, Bob Braitman, John Brinker


  • Angela Pesce invited members to the Rotaract Club’s Miniature Golf at the Courthouse event to benefit the Santa Barbara Courthouse Legacy Foundation. Join for community day on Sept. 20 for community day from 10 AM to 2 PM. All kids play for free. Adults should donate at least $5. They will also have a prize drawing for a girl’s bike and a boy’s bike. Then, on the 26th of September, Rotaract will have a team in the Heart Walk. If you’re interested in either event, please contact Angela.
  • Sandy Grasso-Boyd said former member Bill Wilmer has evacuated his home in the western Sierras due to the fires, and he thinks his home is ok unless the fire backtracks. The fire passed closely by his house. Janet Napier said the American Red Cross has begun deploying volunteers up there, too.
  • Lucille Boss-Ramirez said the first Community Service meeting will be Thursday, Sept. 24 at 7 PM at her house. There will be some new ideas in addition to the usual of Camp Whittier, dental clinics, and dictionaries for third graders.
  • Diana Washburn talked about the Group 8 polo event and said it was a great event and everyone looked wonderful. Weekly happy hours continue at Endless Summer on Tuesday evenings. October 10 is the club BBQ at Goleta Beach.
    The club’s holiday party will be Dec. 16 at Harry’s. Save the date.
    Coming next year: bowling and maybe lawn bowling.
  • Bill Boyd provided an update on the international service committee. The water filtrones should be manufactured by early November, and members may be able to go to Nicaragua to help distribute them. The long-term water project remains in flux. The committee approved a $500 donation to the Rotary Club of Montecito to support its project in Congo. American Riviera Bank donated $1,000 for the filtrones. Thank you! He invited Darren Doi and Jody Holehouse up for a check presentation to the club’s foundation.
  • Kim Bish helps raise money for a scholarship by selling a truckload of firewood. If you want to buy a truckload of seasoned oak wood for $200, let him know! For $250, he’ll throw in his BBQ.
  • Gary Jensen said the Fiddlers’ Festival is on its way. Tomorrow he’s transferring some of the festival equipment from the club’s storage container to the Goleta Valley Historical Society at about 1 PM tomorrow and could use some help. Please join him. And the festival is October 11!
  • Karen Kawaguchi thanked Chris Tucker for stepping up to be the La Cuesta Student of the Month chair.
  • Pay and tell with Sgt. at Arms Eric Ryan.
  • Tara Stoker brought a $30 gift certificate to Via Maesta for the raffle and Rainer won.

Program: Group 8 Assistant Governor David Velarde introduced District 5240 Governor Jim Bell.

  • He and his wide Donna live in Bakersfield. He joined the Bakersfield Breakfast Club in 2004. He served as charter secretary of Bakersfield Twilight. He is a member of the Paul Harris Society and Bequest Society and Master PRLS graduate.
  • Our district has 74 clubs with roughly 3,600 Rotarians. He is at club meeting #40.
  • His talk is called, “Chiefs, Indians, and Rhinos” and he directs it to members of less than 3 years. He thinks many clubs has lots of chiefs and not that many indians because it’s a group of leaders. He says it’s ok to be an indian. Rhino, actually RINO, is Rotarian in Name Only. It’s also OK to be a RINO as long as you stick with that club for a long time.
  • He told a story about a small town in Colorado with 1,200 residents that has two Rotary clubs — each with about 60 members — 10% of the town!
  • One of the unspoken benefits is that Rotary is an economic powerhouse in the community. It’s a way to do business with people you like and trust.
  • The pitch to join Rotary: Get you out of your office, gives you variety, you get to hear great presentations on a wide range of topics, a chance to serve others, a way to meet cool people, and generally a decent weekly meal.
  • In addition to the big projects — like polio eradication — think about the little acts of kindness. If each club has even 10 small projects, think of the number of small acts of kindness that happen as part of each of those projects. That could be about 3.4 million small acts of kindness per year. But it’s even bigger than that because it spreads.
    RI President’s theme is Be a gift to the world. Jim’s theme is Enjoy Rotary. You can enjoy being a gift to the world!
  • He encouraged all members to attend the Rotary 5240 District Conference. It will be Oct. 2 – 4 in the Bakersfield Marriott at the Convention Center. It will be more fun than the law allows.
  • PRLS is evolving. More details to follow. Wade Nomura is leading that effort.
  • Look for the monthly email newsletter from the district.
  • In honor of our District Governor’s visit, we will donate dictionaries to 15 third graders.
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