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Minutes: Revel in This Christmas Performance (December 9, 2015)

January 24, 2016

Greeter – Bruce Belfiore
Flag Salute – E. Russell Smith
Raffle – Diana Washburn brought a certificate to the salt caves. Tom Putnam won.

* We are dark on December 16 (the night of our holiday party) and December 23.
* Bring an wrapped ornament to the holiday party on December 16.
* We are not dark on December 30!
* We collected for the Santa Barbara Club staff today.
* Rotary make-ups – Go to
* Tomorrow there is a tour of Franklin Elementary School. This is part of the community service initiative to support a needy school. If you want to go, contact Sandy Grasso-Boyd.
* Bell ringing – For the first few weeks our bell ringers have collected $448 and $342. There are two more weekends for collections.
* Holiday party – It is scheduled for December 16. There are 45 people signed up.
* The Rotary Group 8 bus trip for decorating the Rotary float for Pasadena is scheduled. It is $35 per person.
* The first happy hour after the beginning of the year will be at Cafe Stella.
* Steve Kally is scheduling an outing to play frisbee golf at Lake Casitas on a Saturday in January. Those interested are asked to sign-up with Steve.
* Tom Heath updated the club on the progress at Camp Whittier. There are many improvements and the camp is very grateful.
* Dennis Johns informed members that his boat is in the Canary Islands. They will be landing in Martinque and then they will come home, Dennis will get new knees and stay local for awhile.
* Connard shared something about his life. Born in 1948. He became interested in becoming an astronaut. He studied Russian. He got into ROTC. He had challenges with the psych test, needed glasses, and had other challenges so he dropped out, got drafted and went to Vietnam.
* Our meeting presenter is Susan Keller from Santa Barbara Revels. This year they are celebrating the holiday season with the traditions of Spain. The goal is to create a quality production honoring the culture of Spain. This year the show is on December 19 and 20.

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