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Minutes: Saluting Our Veterans (November 11, 2015)

January 24, 2016

Rotary Greeters: Diana Washburn, E. Russell Smith
Flag Salute: Joe Weiland
Raffle: Sandra O’Meara brought a gift certificate to a nail salon

* NID – A trip will be made to India next February for a polio related mission. It is expected to fill up rapidly. If you are interested, respond soon.
* Bowling – The bowling outing is scheduled for this Friday night. We will be eating and drinking before bowling.
* Food Drive – The Community Service Committee initiated this food drive. The first two Wednesdays in December Rotarians are asked to bring in cans of vegetables etc. to donate. This food will be delivered to the Unity Shop.
* Ralphs – For those who shop at Ralphs grocery store, scan your letter so our Foundation receives donations automatically.
* Camp Whittier Work Day – Camp Whittier Work Day will be on November 21. This will be fun and anyone who wants to volunteer can contribute. Tom can find a good match for everyone.
* Salvation Army Bell Ringing – Rotarians are asked to sign up for bill ringing.

Veterans Day Program
* November 11, at 11:00 am – This was Armistice Day for World War I. We celebrate and appreciate our veterans on November 11.
* Each of our Rotarians who served in the military was honored and provided brief information to the club about their service. This included Brook Sawyer, Burt Chortkoff, Bill Ringer, Jim Ruh, Connard Hogan, Bob McPhillips, Bill Abel, and Chris Baxter.
* Some Rotarians also spoke briefly about family members who served including Joanne Schoenfeld, Diana Washburn, Jeff Boehm, Jim Ruh, Janet Napier, Sandra O’Meara, Bill Boyd

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