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Minutes: Lawnicide with Billy Goodnick (07/08/15)

July 8, 2015

Invocation: Scott Burns
Pledge: Diana Cecala
Raffle: Burt C. brought a bottle of wine and a $50 gift card to Fresco at Five Points

Guests: Billy Goodnick


  • Bill Ringer announced that Group 8 will have a social at the Polo fields on Sunday, Sept. 13. Don’t miss the Maserati and Pony Parade. $45 per person.
  • Golf Tournament: Joe Weiland sent a PDF of the brochure to all members as well as the registration form. Joe thinks this is going to come together, but it’s not there yet. “The people you know who are golfers, they like to golf,” he said. So send them the PDF and an invite in an email and follow up with a phone call. Members, consider this your invitation. If you don’t golf, you can still register for dinner. Deliver some of the printed brochures to people. We have about 30 confirmed golfers, but we need at least 70, and we’d like to have at least 100. We also need more silent auction items. Deliver auction items to Bill Boyd.
    Montecito: John Brinker
    Downtown: Steve Kally
    Carp Morning: Joe Weiland is doing one of the Carpinteria ones.
    Carp Evening:
    Goleta Evening: David Velarde
    Goleta Noontime: Bob McPhillips
    SB North: Bob McPhillips
  • Jody Dolan Holehouse said Tuesday, July 28 at noon at Steve Kally’s office, there is a RCSBSCF Board meeting.
  • Treasurer Sandra O’Meara reminded members that invoices were sent out two weeks ago, so please pay soon.If you have any questions, please talk with Sandra or Darren Doi.
  • Diana Washburn thanked the people behind the scenes for club service: Richard Redmond (attendance), Karen Kawaguchi (attendance training), Tom Putnam and David Velarde and Gary Jensen (AV), Liz Alves, Steve Boehm, David Vo (scribe), Joanne Schoenfeld Orenstein (programs), E. Russell, Chris Baxter (room setup).
  • Our club’s board will meet at the back table immediately following this meeting.
  • Pay and tell with Sgt at Arms Andrew Chung.

Program: Joanne Schoenfeld Orenstein introduced Billy Goodnick to present “Drought Strategies (or intentional lawnicide).”

  • He shared his lawn decision tree. If you choose yes,what quality does it need, what’s the right size,what are the best practices? what’s the right location?, and should you go faux?
  • Once you get rid of your lawn, you can use that space for decorative plants, growing food, and increasing your outdoor living.
  • Ways to kill your lawn: peel it off or churn it up, spray roundup, spray horticultural vinegar, sheet mulch, solarize, or train your gophers.
  • Water management: Get a water checkup from your water agency to review your system. They may check for leaks, adjust the water percentage, or check the direction the water is spraying. Also manage your gardener.
  • Low cost ways to manage water: switch to drip irrigation, mulch, install smart controllers, and use a pool cover to minimize evaporation.
  • The City of Santa Barbara is offering up to $1,000 rebates for drought landscaping. The money may be spent on plants, sprinklers, smart controllers, drip and efficient sprinklers and permeable surfaces. The Goleta Water District may begin offering incentives again soon.
  • The design process (in short): Analyze desires and conditions; Define what it all means; and Take action.
  • Make it beautiful, useful, and sustainable.
  • Needs assessment: what do you want to do outside — which verbs? What do you like and dislike? What styles do you like? What are the must-have plants? Are there any black holes — as in maintenance issues? Do you have what you need for mojitos?
  • Think about the shapes of your yard. It doesn’t need to be all angular, modular squares. Lines can meander, and be organic.
  • Additional site work includes soil, retention, permeability, and storage. When it comes to water, slow it, spread it, and store it.
  • When buying plants, think about function (shade, windbreak, slow erosion, privacy, etc.). Think about size: tree, high, medium, or low. Think about growing conditions. Think about appearance, but don’t do this first!
  • ET = evapotranspiration rate.
  • Visit to potentially save 30% of your landscaping water use.
  • Drip irrigation has many advantages, including efficiency, fewer weeds, reduced disease, and better distribution on slopes.
  • If nothing else, visit
  • In honor of our speaker, we will donate 15 dictionaries to third graders.

Minutes: A Morning with Mr. Hollister (07/01/2015)

July 2, 2015

Thank you to scribe Steve Boehm.

Flag salute: Chris Baxter
Raffle: Ken Beisser ($70 gift certificate to El Paseo Restaurant)
Guests: John Brinker (Montecito Club), Viki Collins


  • New president Bill Ringer unveiled this year’s banner with the theme “Be a gift to the world.” He wants members to enjoy Rotary, which should help everything else happen. It’s our year, not Bill’s year. He will be freeing us from PowerPoint. He encourages networking, including our socials, concerts, and other activities.
  • July 7 social: Tue 5-7 PM at El Paseo. Note: Happy hour specials end at 6 PM.
  • Club Service Director Diana Washburn is looking forward to many events, including Elings Park and bocce ball. She also thanks the children’s library crew, who moved so many books.
  • July 4: David Velarde mentioned that Goleta is looking for more volunteers for the Fireworks event. Just show up.
  • The Rotary Fiesta float is still under review by the area club presidents.
  • Dennis Johns updated us on Elings Park.
  • Diana Cecala is packing the golf goody bags and requested items and helpers to pack them.
  • Joe Weiland spoke about the Golf Tournament. We still need (1) Sponsors, (2) Golfers, and (3) Auction items. Steve Kally, Bob McPhillips, and John Brinker will announce the tournament at the Downtown, Goleta, and Montecito clubs respectively.
  • July 11: Gillian Amery requested golf auction items by this date.
  • Pay and Tell: Sandy Grasso-Boyd photos will be part of the photo club exhibit at Goleta Library during July. David told us something about Tri-Tip fund raising success. Dana Goba was on Wallstreet and participated in the opening bell and when her husband Eirik’s company, AppFolio, was listed. Joanne Orenstein pointed out her husband Stuart’s painting hanging in the SB Club. They have an event sharing SB Club members’ art. There were several summer time travel permits requested.

Program: Joanne Orenstein introduced J.J Hollister to present “Tales about his early ancestors in relation to settling in Santa Barbara County.”

  • We were led on a journey as Stanford graduate and founding partner of Hollister & Brace shared with us about his family settling in California.
  • It started with W.W. (William Welles) Hollister’s scouting trip from Ohio by horseback in 1851 to California, buying of land in San Benito County, then later returning from Ohio (land settled by the family before Lewis and Clark’s journey) with 6,000 sheep to begin the sheep operation.
  • J.J. shared about the rough and dangerous nature of the times. There was a problem removing settlers from the land. A relative died in a gun fight, dealing with the problem of settlers.
  • Vigilantes were hired to handle the issue. Another problem was that cattle were free ranging and sheep were not. W.W. was chased down and nearly hung for the plans he requested of the cattle association. There was also a bear problem, which didn’t work out well for the bears.
  • Despite all this, W.W. decided to bring out 12,000 more sheep from Ohio. Imagine the difficulty of this journey, including carrying the sheep individually across one river.
  • The Civil War came, and clothing soldiers was an economic boom for the sheep ranchers.
  • It wasn’t until 1888 that the family began cattle ranching. J.J shared about the relationship with the Dibblee Brothers as partners and further ranch land acquisition and division. The family built many things, including the towns of Hollister, Lompoc, and the Arlington Hotel. Glen Annie was W.W’s wife. Our thanks to J.J. Hollister for a fascinating program.

Minutes: Still Weird (6/10/2015)

June 10, 2015

Thank you to scribe David Vo.

Invocation: Dennis Johns
Flag salute: E Russell Smith
Raffle: Sandra O’Meara ($50 gift certificate to Via Maestra, small bag of bocce chocolates)




  • There was Rotary District 5240 appreciation for those who have served in the armed forces: Bill Ringer, Brooke Sawyer, Chris Baxter, Connard Hogan, Jim Ruh, Michael Young
  • Joe Weiland and Bob McPhillips provided updates about the Pre-Fiesta Golf Tournament. It will be Thursday, July 30 at the Montecito Country Club. You can help provide: Sponsors  * Golfers * Auction items
  • Diana Washburn invited club members to volunteer with the Santa Barbara Public Library’s Children’s Library when it moves on  Saturday, June 20 (also Solstice day). There are volunteer slots from 8-10 AM, 10 AM-noon, noon-2 PM, and 2-4 PM. Volunteers will move books from the children’s area at the Central Library to the new Children’s Library. Throughout the day, they’ll offer breakfast treats, lunch, and snacks to the volunteers.
  • Thank you to Chris Baxter, who successfully closed out the 2014-15 International Service District Grant project. The Rotary Club of Ciudad Sandino and the communities of Trinidad Central and Cuajachillo No. 2 recognized the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise for the renovation work of two rural health clinics performed under this grant that benefited from our club’s financial contributions and hands-on support.
  • Rotarians Helping Rotarians. Dennis Johns reported.
  • KEYT ran a news story about Scott Burns and his transplant.
  • Upcoming speakers:
    June 17 – SB Sunrise Board “Avenues of Service Recognition”
    June 23 (TUESDAY) – One Weird President “Dana Goba’s Stepdown“ from 6 – 8 PM at Mulligans. There will be heavy appetizers covered by regular meal fee. No host bar.
    June 24 — Dark
  • Next week’s duties: Greeters: Luz Maria Ortiz, Tom Putnam; Invocation: Lucille Boss Ramirez; Flag salute: Richard Redmond; Raffle: Bill Ringer; Sergeant at arms: Joanne Schoenfeld Orenstein
  • Dennis Johns invited everyone to help restore the Elings Park picnic area with weeding this weekend. He’s looking for volunteers on Sunday, June 14. Watch for an email for official date and time.
  • In honor of the 22nd anniversary of Jurassic Park, we watched another Weird Al video.
  • Kim Horn won the raffle.  

Program: Bill Boyd introduced Chris Tucker for “My National Immunization Day Experience in India.”

  • India is a fascinating place and constantly changing. You see cows walking, even in the cities. There are monkeys roaming around. Compared to his visit 25 years ago, he did not see as many cases of polio. Past District Governor Anil Garg trained and prepared the group on the trip, and he encouraged everyone to bring something local to share. A member of the group decided that beef jerky was an ideal gift!
  • The group went in the coolest month of the year so they had to wear their Polio jackets. They attended many events and met the governor of Uttar Pradesh (which would be ranked 16th in population if cities were ranked as countries). The population is Hindi and Muslim.
  • They are attempting to vaccinate 35M children under the age of 5. Ladies carry a cooler that holds just a small amount of oral vaccines. There is a hierarchy of how this is organized. Chris was skeptical when he heard what they were trying to accomplish. The infrastructure of the cities and streets are very chaotic. Groups of ladies manage groups of volunteers and report to their supervisors above.
  • The Iman of the region they were in supported the efforts by appearing on television with Rotarians to tell his people about the vaccinations. It’s difficult to keep the excitement and energy high since these immunization days happen fairly frequently. Even though there is “no” Polio left in India, they have to keep vaccinating to prevent it from returning (especially since they share borders with countries that still have the disease).
  • Worldwide, three countries (Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria) are still endemic with Polio. There are over 6000 reporters all over the country keeping watch for infections.
  • Less than 1.5% children are found unvaccinated after immunization events.
  • There is continued vaccination along the UP-Nepal border. They’ve setup booths along border transit points.
  • Government has “SWAT” teams that go out and respond to any reports of Polio. They go out and do “mop-ups”. An “X” is placed on the front door, in chalk, of homes where they could not vaccinate (whether the family was not home or they refused vaccination). In subsequent immunization days, they focus on converting those homes.
  • On the February 22, 2015 National Immunization Day, they reached 35M children.
  • The club will donate 15 dictionaries to local 3rd graders in Chris’s honor.

Minutes: Disaster tips from the Red Cross (05/27/2015)

May 27, 2015

Visiting Rotarians: Paul Jeffrey, Sig Wathne, Barbara Mullen,
Guests: Joan Calder, Rebecca Anderson


  • Paul Jeffrey presented a club flag from the Rotary Club of Toowoomba, which features a local plant, to President Dana Goba. His club has 34 members and was formed in 1971. He and his wife have been touring the U.S. and Canada for a month.
  • Susan Klein-Rothschild provided an update on the Refugio oil spill. There are now opportunities to volunteer. Trainings are Thursday morning and afternoon. There will also be an open house from 11-2 at the Elks lodge in Goleta (day?) for people to learn about the event. There is also a website where community members can comment. Five agencies are in charge of the oil spill: EPA, CA Fish and WIldlife, U.S. Coast Guard and more.
  • Speaking of Coast Guard, the Coast Guard picked up Scott Burns from Santa Cruz Island to bring him to Cedar Sinai for a new kidney.  Hurrah! In the spirit of Rotarians Helping Rotarians, Scott needs someone to board his 15-year-old cat for 90 days.
  • Our club will help move books to the new Children’s Library on Saturday, June 20. They need 13 volunteers per shift — 8-10 AM, 10-noon, noon-2, 2-4 PM.
  • Our club’s Golf Tournament is Thursday, July 30 at the Montecito Country Club. Join the planning meeting on Wednesday, May 27, at El Paseo at 5:30 PM. Every member can help provide golfers ($200 each), auction items, and sponsors!  If you have questions, contact Joe Weiland or Bob McPhillips.
  • Janet Napier led the confirmation of new board members for the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise Charitable Foundation. Bruce Belfiore, Luz Maria Ortiz Smith, and Jody Dolan Holehouse have volunteered. Joanne Schoenfeld Orenstein made a motion to approve, David Velarde seconded, the ayes have it. They will join the board July 1.
  • Upcoming speakers:

    June 3 —  Sandy Grasso-Boyd “South Africa Adventure”
    June 10 — Chris Tucker “My National Immunization Day Experience in India”
    June 17 — SB Sunrise Board “Avenues of Service Recognition”
    June 24 — One Weird President Dana Goba‘s Stepdown

  • Dana Goba announced next week’s duties.

    Greeters: Steve Kally, Charly
    Invocation: Karen Kawaguchi
    Flag salute: Susan Klein-Rothschild
    Raffle: Steve Mascagno
    ergeant at arms: Gary Jensen

  • David Velarde announced that planning has begun for the step-down. There will be a meeting next Tuesday to help plan it.
  • Chris Baxter shared Sandy Grasso-Boyd‘s brochures about the clean water project in Nicaragua. Members made more donations to purchase filtrones.
  • In honor of Star Wars, we watched Weird Al’s The Saga Begins.
  • Bill Abel won the raffle — a $50 gift certificate to Whole Foods. Thanks, Kim Horn!


  • Kimberly Coley introduced the speaker, Rebecca Anderson, from the American Red Cross to present”Preparing for a Disaster: Together We Prepare.”
  • The Red Cross aims to alleviate human suffering in the face of emergency. The organization does much more than just respond to major newsworthy disasters.
  • During an earthquake, drop, cover your head, and hold. If you’re in a bed, cover your head with a pillow. If you’re in a wheelchair, lock the wheels and cover your head with a book, pillow, etc.
  • Fire is a major threat to Santa Barbara. It’s the most frequently occurring type of disaster the Red Cross responds to. Fires kill more people annually than even major disasters like Hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy, or the 2011 tornadoes in Oklahoma.
  • The Red Cross has a 5-year home fire preparedness campaign, aiming to reduce the deaths and injuries due to home fires by 25%. They check and install smoke detectors.
  • Home fire risks: electricity, gas heating, fireplaces, space heaters, candles, cooking in loose clothing or sweaters, and more. Keep heat sources away from flammable materials.
  • A few tips: Install all-purpose fire extinguishers in your home. Sleep with your door closed. Inspect extension cords for frayed or exposed wires or loose plugs — make sure there’s no gap between the plug and outlet. Clear at least 100 feet of defensible space around your home, especially now that vegetation is much drier than usual with the drought.
    If you are on fire, stop, drop, and roll. If you are in a burning structure, get out of it as quickly as possible. Do not open a hot door. Crawl low to access the coolest and least toxic air.
  • Once you have exited a burning building, do not go back in. Call 911.
  • Preparation can minimize the negative impact a disaster has on you and your family.
  • 1. Be informed. 2. Make a plan. 3. Build a disaster supply kit. 4. Maintain your plan.
  • The Red Cross offers a 20 Weeks to Preparedness brochure.
  • For the water in your disaster supply kit, the Red Cross recommends 1 gallon per person per day, and you want 5 days worth of water.
  • Don’t forget to replace expired items in your disaster kit.
  • The Red Cross sells disaster supply kits.
  • The Red Cross is 100% funded by donations and primarily run by volunteers.
  • For volunteer opportunities, contact Jonathan Rosenthal.

Minutes: Updates and a Club Assembly (05/20/15)

May 27, 2015

Invocation: Chris Baxter

Flag salute: Fred Gaeden
Raffle: Sandy Grasso-Boyd brought liquor she was introduced to in South Africa and glasses to drink it from.

Guests: Suzanne Valenzuela, Maricela Gonzalez, Ana Karen Lozano, Norma Lule, Charly, Ole


  • David Velarde introduced the student of the month from La Cuesta, Ana Karen Lozano. Congrats, Karen! One of her teachers, Norma Lule, spoke about why she honored Ana. Ana’s mentor Suzanne Valenzuela, brought her flowers.
  • Dana Goba shared an article Diana Washburn shared from the LA Times about the avian flu, which has been found at some Iowa farms. This may be of interest to those who attended Scott Ramsdell’s presentation about his egg farms in South Dakota and Santa Maria.
  • Scott Burns made sure the wine was drunk at the Rotary social last night. Gary Jensen reported that the Windrun wine was excellent and Lisa Burns then gave a great presentation about Old Mission Santa Barbara and its demonstration garden. It features many native plants that the Chumash people relied on and plants that the Spanish missionaries planted for their use.
  • YSE student Charly shared stories from attending his first American prom. Yes, there will be a second one.To ask his date, he baked a cake and wrote “Prom?” on the frosting. In Belgium, they have a similar dance, but there is less fanfare — pre- andpost-parties, etc.
  • Children’s Library: Diana Washburn arranged for our members to help move books into the new Children’s Library on Saturday, June 20. This date is still tentative as the library is under construction.
  • The next Golf Tournament planning meeting will be Wednesday, May 27 at 5:30 PM at El Paseo. The tournament is Thursday, July 30 at the Montecito Country Club.
  • Janet Napier announced that we will hold an election for new board members for the RCSBS Foundation on Wednesday, May 27. We also need to send final payment in May to be counted for this year. We want 100% participation, and we are at 87%. The money from the Foundation goes to International and Community Service projects. You can also donate to the foundation and designate which program you want to fund. Make check payable to Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise Charitable Foundation, and specify the program in the memo field. Programs include Nicaragua, City of the Children, Dental Clinic, Dictionaries, Camp Whittier, Elings Park, and filtrones for Nicaragua.
  • The Rotaract Club of Santa Barbara will have a team at Relay for Life and we wanted to invite your clubs to participate with us. The team name is SB Rotaract.  It’s free to register, and you can set up an individual fundraising goal ($100 gets you a free t-shirt). We also set a team goal of a $1,000 but that’s adjustable.  The event is at Bishop Garcia Diego High School on Saturday June 6th beginning at 10 AM. Relay for Life is a relay with a team of individuals walking or running the track for 24 hours straight to raise money for the American Cancer Society. If you’d like to participate, please shoot Rachel Ponce an email and let her know what time of day works best for you. Ideally, she would like to set up shifts for everyone but we need to know how many people are going to participate before we get that set up.  You can register on the website. Our team name is SB Rotaract.
  • Upcoming speakers:
    May 27 — American Red Cross “Home Fire Preparedness Campaign”
    June 3 —  Sandy Grasso-Boyd “South Africa Adventure”
    June 10 — Chris Tucker “My National Immunization Day Experience in India”
    June 17 — SB Sunrise Board “Avenues of Service Recognition”
    June 24 — One Weird President “Dana Goba’s Stepdown”
  • Next week’s duties were announced.
  • Rotarians Helping Rotarians: Dennis Johns said it’s kind of working. Graham Guess has baby clothes and supplies, and he’s looking for a place to donate them.
  • In honor of Bob Dylan’s 74th birthday, we watched Weird Al’s Bob.
  • Ole said thank you and goodbye for at least the next eight years. He’ll be studying French and German law.
  • At this point, the meeting transitioned into a Club Assembly. Notes from the club assembly will be sent to members. Dana will send the presentation and notes to all members. 73% of members completed the survey.

Minutes: How Our Club Changes the World (05/13/15)

May 13, 2015

Invocation: Andrew Chung
Flag Pledge: Bruce Belfiore
Raffle: Kimberly Coley brought “Save Water, Drink Wine” napkins and two bottles of red wine
Sgt. At Arms: Steve Boehm  

Guests: Randal Avolio, Jimena Acevedo


  • The District 5240 Awards & District Governor Step-Down will be Saturday, June 27, 20 11:30 am – 1:30 PM at the Radisson Hotel in Santa Maria. Register atwww.rotarydistrict5240. Special room rate of $110 if you call 805-928-8000 and ask for the Rotary room block or go to and use promo code ROTARY.
  • Rotary EClub of One World fundraiser: Forward a photo of yourself with the city, state and country to  A member’s father is a famous sketch artist. He will provide an image of the sketch to you that you can then print.The dollar amount you choose to donate is up to you, with a suggestion of $50. Just click the “Yes, I’d like to donate” button on the EClub home page, www.oneworldrotary.orgIf you want the original painting, which is 16”x12”, you buy it directly from EClub member Nik for $120. He helps his dad pay for the supplies and shipping to the recipient, and then a part of those profits will go toward his roller hockey project for kids in Russia to buy helmets, sticks, and clothes for kids. He wants kids to do more sports to keep them away from smoking and drugs. EClub president, Dawn O’Bar, got a wonderful sketch with the palm trees and Santa Barbara Mission in the background.  
  • Bob McPhillips wore a sombrero and carried a big club. The club’s golf tournament is July 30 at the Montecito Country Club. Every member is on the committee, and members can help us get GOLFERS— $200 each (get at least 2), SPONSORS, and AUCTION ITEMS. Right now is the time to line up sponsors to get them publicity starting in June. President Dana Goba has drafted a sponsorship document, which should be ready next week. This will help kick off Fiesta week. Wednesday, May 27, at 5:30 PM El Paseo there will be a golf committee meeting. Joe Weiland would like to raise $10k-$15k.

A brochure will come soon outlining the sponsorship levels. They might be:

bronze — a foursome plus tee sign — $1500
silver — foursome plus logos — $2500
gold — title sponsor — $5000

  • It’s time to send donations to The Rotary Foundation and our club’s foundationWe want 100% participation, and we are now at more than 87%! The money from the Foundation goes to International and Community Service projects.
  • Janet Napier reported on behalf of the RCSBS Foundation. She reminded us that on Wednesday, May 27, at the regular club meeting we will hold elections for new board members to the club’s Foundation Board. The 2015/16 Board will include: Steve Kally, Tom Putnam, Jim Ruh, Dana Goba, Lucille Boss Ramirez, Bill Boyd. Let Foundation Board President, Janet Napier, know if you are interested. A few candidates came forward at the meeting: Bruce Belfiore, Luz Maria Ortiz Smith, and Jody Dolan Holehouse.
  • Dana Goba announced the upcoming social on behalf of Scott Burns. It will be Tuesday, May 19 at 5:30 PM. Meet at his house and then walk over to the Santa Barbara Mission.
  • Vote for Sandy Grasso-Boyd‘s lioness photo by May 31
  • Dana Goba asked the club members to complete the membership survey and submit it to her by Friday, May 15. Look for it on meeting tables and in your email.
  • Upcoming programs:

May 20 — Dana Goba “Club Assembly on Membership”
May 27 — American Red Cross “Home Fire Preparedness Campaign”
June 3 —  Sandy Grasso-Boyd “South Africa Adventure”
June 10 — Chris Tucker “My National Immunization Day Experience in India”
June 17 — SB Sunrise Board “Avenues of Service Recognition”
June 24 — One Weird President “Dana Goba’s Stepdown”

  • Dana Goba got volunteers for next week’s weird duties: Greeters: Darren Doi, Dennis Johns; Invocation: TBD; Flag Pledge: Fred Gaeden; Raffle: Sandy Grasso-Boyd; Sgt. At Arms: Chris Baxter
  • Rotarians Helping Weird Rotarians: Dennis Johns got David Velarde’s help with a video of a kimono dragon attacking a water buffalo. It’s now on YouTube. $50 will go to the foundation. David Velarde and his new dog also dogsat for Barley. Bill Boyd may make a donation to the foundation for this.
  • Weird Video: McDonald’s was founded May 15, 1940, and today’s Weird Al song is homage to the hot coffee lawsuit
  • Raffle Results:  Bill Abel won.

Program:  Bill Boyd introduced Chris Baxter and Tom Heath to share “Making a World of Difference” about the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise’s International committee.

  • The Rotary wheel was spinning, people!
  • Chris recognized the international service committee members.
  • They meet the second Tuesday of each month in the morning at the Santa Barbara Club. For more information, please contact Chris.
  • International Service is about promoting peace and understanding. We sponsor and/or volunteer on international projects, often partnering with other Rotary clubs, nonprofits, and NGOs.
  • Our club has served in 21 countries.
  • We have donated approximately 14,000 wheelchairs around the world.
  • Members from our club have helped with National Immunization Days in India, Nigeria, and Ghana.
  • We have completed cataract eye surgeries in partnership with SEE international.
  • Some other projects: Kitchen upgrade, bus donation, and choir support at Ciudad de los Ninos; medical clinic in Celaya, Mexico; ultrasound equipment for Mansa General Hospital in Zambia; tools and vocational equipment for a high school in the Philippines and disaster relief folliwng typhoons and tsunami; tsunami relief efforts, clean water, books and computers in Thailand; water treatment project in Peru; and more in Brazil.
  • We have 4 sister clubs.
  • Tom Heath described our projects in Nicaragua. Prior to 1993, our Rotary club did not do any international projects. Dr. Doug Katsev, a former member, brought the club into international service. His work with SEE International inspired him. Tom Heath credited E. Russell Smith for getting our club into international projects.
  • Rotary International’s guidance was to begin investing in a major, longer-term project. Although we have relationships in many countries, the committee wanted to start somewhere new and someplace that’s not too far away (to allow for travel). Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in the Americas, and we were invited to see what Jan Lindsey and GoCare were doing in Nicaragua.
  • The community that we support has to travel 4 hours to get water (using an oxcart and big 50-gallon drums), and the water is still contaminated. There are 512 households in the two communities we’re supporting. While the water infrastructure project is in development, we’re working to provide portable water filters (Filtron — $23 each) for each home. We’ve received a matching grant and district designated funds to help pay for the water project. It begins July 1.
  • They have renovated two medical clinics and provided supplies.
  • Volunteer “promotores” are trained as health promoters and know how to use first aid. They will also know how to use the filtrones.
  • Tom has made four trips to the villages.
  • We partner with GoCare.
  • We’re still estimating the costs of the large infrastructure water project. We’re also still looking for ways to break the project into smaller projects to address it piece by piece. It will likely require some non-traditional fundraising methods.
  • Repeat: You can sponsor a water filter with a $23 gift to the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise Charitable Foundation and put filter in the memo.
  • As a token of our appreciation, the club will donate 15 dictionaries to local 3rd graders in their honor.

Minutes from an Eggcelent Meeting (04/15/2015)

April 17, 2015

Greeters: Tom Putnam, Lucille Ramirez

Invocation: Richard Redmond

Flag Pledge: Bill Ringer

Raffle: Joanne Schoenfeld Orenstein

Sgt. At Arms: Luz Maria Ortiz Smith brought a bottle of wine as well as a cheese and knife set.

Visiting Rotarians: Jackson Moss – PE, Rotary Club of Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas, District 5840, just outside of San Antonio, 45 members, Youth Exchange Students: Julia Pinho (Brazil); Scooter Pinkerton (Italy); Magda Guzewicz (Poland)

Guests of Rotarians: Bobbie Ruh


  • Eight people are leaving today to help with an eye surgery clinic with SEE International in Celaya, Mexico. Thank you to Bill Abel, Janet Napier, Connard Hogan, Colin Stephens, Angela Stephens, Dennis Johns, Virginia Johns, and Robert Cullom for representing the club.
  • SKR reminded the club that the Dental Clinic will be at the Eastside Dental Clinic on Friday, May 1. Talk with Susan to sign up. There are open spots 8:30-4:30. Thanks to Eric Ryan, Sandra O’Meara, and Bruce Belfiore, who have already signed up.
  • The Weird Golf Committee will meet Wednesday, April 15 at 6 PM at Wildcat. Joe Weiland will lead.
  • We want 100% of club members to make some donation to The Rotary Foundation and the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise Foundation. We now have 86% participation.  The money from the Foundation goes to International and Community Service projects.
  • David Velarde announced the District Membership Action Rally will be Saturday, April 18 from 9 AM to noon at the Santa Barbara Braille Institute. It’s free, and light refreshments will be provided. Registration is limited to 100 people. Once it’s full, there will be a webinar option for people to watch. People on the webinar will be able to participate and ask questions. The Zone Membership Team will be conducting a special membership training referred to as “New Focus.” Presenters include PDG Shirley Grace and PDG Larry Sundram. At this seminar we will hear about the research conducted on behalf of Rotary International and how RI has responded to the findings. This seminar is designed to promote recruitment and retention of club members with training that will help each attendee better understand why people join Rotary and what keeps them in Rotary. Register at
  • Upcoming  programs:

April 22 — Scott Burns “Organ Donation Program”

April 29 — Dr. Winifred Leung “History of Imaging: From Early X-RAYS to Tomosynthesis”

May 6 — Beverly Schwartzberg & Guen Wagy “Santa Barbara Public Library Children’s Library Project”

May 13 — Chris Baxter, Tom Heath & Janet Napier “Santa Barbara Sunrise Rotary International Service”

May 20 — Dana Goba “Club Assembly on Membership”

May 27 — American Red Cross “Home Fire Preparedness Campaign”

June 3 —  Sandy Grasso-Boyd “South Africa Adventure”

June 10 — Chris Tucker “My National Immunization Day Experience in India”

June 17 — SB Sunrise Board “Avenues of Service Recognition”

June 24 — One Weird President “Dana Goba’s Stepdown”

  • Next week’s duties are: Greeters: Eric Ryan, Diana Washburn; Invocation: E. Russell Smith; Flag Pledge: TBD; Raffle: TBD; Sgt. At Arms: Jim Ruh
  • Scott Burns is doing a fundraiser on April 26 to raise money for his church friend. They are forming groups to run 26 miles on the San Marcos track.
  • The club watched Weird Al’s Craigslist 
  • Pay and Tell with Sergeant at Arms Luz Maria

Program:  Dana Goba introced Scott Ramsdell to speak about the “American Egg Board.”

  • Scott Ransdell is a 5th generation farmer, and is President and CEO of Dakota Layers.
  • Along with the rest of America’s egg farmers, Scott is committed to caring for his animals and providing nutritious, affordable eggs.
  • Scott earned a B.S. from South Dakota University and has served actively in egg organizations to ensure access to the latest research and information available about egg production.
  • Scott is here today as part of the Good Egg Project, a two-pronged effort by America’s egg farmers, to educate you about how eggs travel from egg farms to your plate and to fight childhood hunger.
  • He took over his father’s operation that was started over 60 years ago. His ancestors started farming in South Dakota and he still considers it home. His second home is in San Luis Obispo. His CA operation is called Rosemary Farms and was started in Santa Maria.
  • His operation in South Dakota is considered a factory farm. He doesn’t consider it a bad thing. He needs to keep the chicken in a controlled environment to help with things like salmonella or protect from wild predators like coyotes.
  • Birds went from 48” to 116” space which is being required in California. He’s only been in the industry for 12 years. He is open to the idea that birds should have open areas but it’s also very impractical to produce enough eggs. After 90 weeks, birds are sent to the soup factory. Farmers trick the birds into thinking it’s Spring for 90 weeks so it will keep producing eggs. They expect 8.5 eggs every 10 days.
  • In every building, the chickens have to be the same age. Each barn has 135,000 to 194,000 chickens.
  • Rosemary Farms use different farmers around the Central Coast. These birds are truly free roaming. They have to come back to the coup at night to sleep. These are called pasture raised. It costs 4 times as much to grow an egg in this manner versus the South Dakota operation. An egg from SD is never touched. Within 24 hours it’s packaged and within 3 days it’s in California. An egg in California can sit in storage for 29 days then an additional period up to 60 days before it’s packaged and sold as fresh. People don’t like the Dakota Layers eggs because they won’t peel (eggs need to be old to be peeled).
  • Only in the United States do we think we are smarter than the chicken. Eggs can be stored on the counter for weeks because there is a natural sealant that’s on the egg. In the U.S., we wash off the sealant and then it immediately needs to be refrigerated.
  • In SD, they sell the chicken litter to farmers as commercial fertilizer.
  • In honor of the speaker, the club will donate 15 dictionaries to local 3rd graders.